Pacific Air Forces Commander Visits US Naval War College

first_img View post tag: Commander View post tag: air View post tag: forces Commander, Pacific Air Forces, visited the U.S. Naval War College Dec. 15, to address students and faculty on leadership and joint cooperation.During his visit, Gen. Gary L. North shared his views of leadership developed over two decades in the U.S. Air Force.Lectures such as this underscore the core responsibilities of the Navy’s mission outlined in the chief of naval operations’ Sailing Directions to assure joint operational access and sustain cooperative relationships.“My challenge to you is to ask yourself every day how you can make a difference and how you can contribute more,” said North, who is responsible for Air Force activities supporting 45,000 personnel serving in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Korea and Japan.Whether serving in a joint or a service command, North said there are three things that are key for a leader to succeed: understand the purpose for which the organization exists, be the expert in the workplace and be a team player.“In the military we have Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines who know their mission, but might not know everyone else’s,” said North. “It is easy for thinking to stovepipe and for leaders to only see what’s in their lane, but we all need to understand ‘jointness.’ You’ve got to know your own service, and know the other services better. That’s what’s great about being here in a joint, educational environment.”There are currently 54 Air Force officers enrolled in NWC’s ten-month tour of academic and strategic study as part of their professional military development.“The Naval War College provides an outstanding opportunity for Air Force officers to prepare for the next level of leadership by broadening their understanding of strategy, policy and war, of national security affairs, and of joint-military operations,” said Col. Phil Haun, NWC senior Air Force advisor, and one of 13 Air Force faculty and staff members. “Our officers leave here with not only a Masters of Art in national security and strategic studies, but more importantly having formed lasting professional and personal relationships across services and around the globe.”The U.S. Naval War College is accredited by the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff to award JPME Phase I credit for the intermediate program and Phase II credit for the senior program.[mappress]Naval Today Staff , December 19, 2011; Image: navalwarcollegemuseum View post tag: visits View post tag: US Back to overview,Home naval-today Pacific Air Forces Commander Visits US Naval War College December 19, 2011 View post tag: News by topic View post tag: War View post tag: Navy Pacific Air Forces Commander Visits US Naval War College View post tag: College View post tag: Pacific Training & Education View post tag: Naval Share this articlelast_img read more

HMS Somerset Prepares the Next Generation of Warfare Officers

first_img View post tag: Naval HMS Somerset has been at the centre of an advanced course for the next generation of warfare officers.HMS Somerset has spent the week at sea on complex war-fighting exercises designed to test skills of the next generation of Royal Navy principal warfare officers as the ship became a dynamic floating classroom.Under pressure students of the 13-month long course took part in the 96-hour assessment where they became extra members of the ship’s crew taking part in challenging war scenarios culminating in the legendary ‘Thursday War’.HMS Somerset’s captain, Commander Mike Smith said:It’s been an important week for developing the next generation of warfare officers, both the students and my crew gained a great deal from the time spent together in a high pressure environment.Passing on our knowledge and seeing the students’ progress has been highly rewarding.The frigate’s crew of 180 worked 24 hours a day to provide the weapons, sensors, engines and even the extra meals required to keep the training going, with many at work deep inside the ship and not seeing daylight for several days.Other Royal Naval ships and aircraft formed a training convoy escorting and protecting a cargo ship serving an imaginary country under attack. The aircraft simulate enemy jets and missiles to provide the highest degree of realism as they repeatedly attacked HMS Somerset to test her defences. The ship is also expected to ‘fight’ while dealing with simulated fire and flood war damage.The advanced phase comes at the end of the course teaching warfare officers procedures, tactics and provides technical and legal training required to operate in a multiple-threat environment.HMS Somerset now returns to patrol, protecting the UK’s national interests.Press release, Image: UK Navy Authorities HMS Somerset Prepares the Next Generation of Warfare Officers View post tag: Officers View post tag: Navy View post tag: HMS Somerset View post tag: europe Back to overview,Home naval-today HMS Somerset Prepares the Next Generation of Warfare Officers center_img November 12, 2014 View post tag: prepares View post tag: Warfare View post tag: next View post tag: generation View post tag: News by topic Share this articlelast_img read more