Uptown Village parking worries on the rise with growth

first_imgVancouver’s Uptown Village is, quite literally, on the rise.Peppered among the historic single-family homes in the Hough and Arnada neighborhoods, five multi-story apartment complexes will soon augment Vancouver’s skyline. Two — a complex at 1510 C St., with 18 total units, and a complex at 513 E. 16th St. with 48 total units — are already open. Another 233 apartments and live-work units, apartments that include a business front, will open in the coming months.And with the construction and pending population growth in Vancouver’s downtown come the usual struggle of a growing city: With more people comes more activity, and that means more traffic and cars parked on the street.“I am all for growth, the betterment of the community, the city,” said Richard McShan, Arnada’s representative on the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance. “But you don’t better a community by pulling from your neighborhoods.”The city of Vancouver requires developers to calculate the number of trips the building is expected to generate, said Ryan Lapossa, streets and transportation manager for the city. That means people going to and from work, mail delivery to the building, garbage pickup and a slew of other visits that may happen at the complex.Apartments trend lower, averaging 6.6 trips per day compared with 10 for single family homes, because garbage collection, deliveries and other services need only visit the complex once rather than visiting each individual home. And the city assumes downtown apartments generate less traffic because people are more likely to walk or bike to shopping or work, or use public transportation.last_img read more