Maximize Your Athletic Performance with Dr. Buzz Monday in OC

first_imgDr. Buzz is a recognized national speaker on topics dealing with maximizing athletic performance, as well as behavioral and emotional management. Dr. Buzz Mingin, a nationally recognized sports psychology consultant, will be conducting a training session in sports psychology and performance Monday at 11:45 a.m. at Yoga Ginger. The event will be filmed as an education and promotional tool for coaches and athletes and will be posted on social media.This free event is open to the first 25 people who register.In a conversation on Sunday, Dr. Buzz said, “I wanted to put on a free event to give back to Ocean City. It’s such a great community and so many great things are happening here.”Dr. Buzz Mingin works with pro and amateur athletes of all ages to maximize their performance.Dr. Buzz is a great resource for athletes and coaches seeking the emotional intelligence of a pro athlete. As a Brain and Behavioral Health clinician, his training in Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience allows Buzz to understand the underlying function of people’s performance and behavior.Buzz’s effective communication skills and comprehensive skill set allow him to teach others the specific tools they need to recover, improve and become a high performer.Unlike other clinicians, Buzz’s comprehensive case management allows him to navigate customized treatment plans for clients to achieve their goals. Lastly, Dr. Buzz’s tireless dedication separates him from other clinicians. His magnetic energy and enthusiasm allows him to lift the spirit and climate for all of those he supports.“We need warriors, not worriers,” he said. “Your brain is wired for you to worry. However, there are techniques to manage stress and worry to improve performance.”“It’s knowing how to perform in the moment at critical times,” he added. “Many games are lost because the athlete lost focus on what they should be doing in the moment. They have anxious moments thinking about the ultimate goal or getting caught up in things that happened in the past.”“Our attendees will leave the workshop with techniques and tools for maintaining what needs to be done in those critical moments,” he noted.Where: Yoga Ginger: 717 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City.Registration required: Call or text: 609-231-8987. Leave your name and phone number.Athletes and coaches are invitedLearn how to improve endurance strength, stress management coordination, and emotional intelligence like a pro athlete.This information applies equally to any athletic activity: Football, Crew, Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Track, Yoga, Surfing, Swimming, Biking, Weight Lifting and other sports.Dr. Buzz Mingin pictured with Hall of Fame Hockey star Ken Daneyko.The audience for this free event will include coaches and athletes, and also business people who deal with stress and anxiety in their jobs.last_img read more