Nations with resources should welcome refugees:Shanu Hinduja

first_imgFrom Yoshita SinghNew York, May 8 (PTI) As the world faces the biggest refugee crisis in recent history, Vice Chairperson of the Hinduja Bank, Switzerland Shanu S P Hinduja has emphasised that countries with resources should open their doors to those fleeing war and poverty.”The doors and gates have to open now and the countries which do have the resources they have to welcome the refugees fleeing their homelands because of war and to find a better future,” Hinduja told PTI.She said given the focus on globalisation today, patriotism cannot only be about countries but has to be about “global citizenship”.”People now have to start looking at the world with different eyes. It is not about mine and yours. Globalisation has to be about thinking in terms of global views, about each country bringing its strength and solutions at a global level and not only for itself,” she said.Against the backdrop of the refugee crisis, she stressed that patriotism has acquired a new significance and nations and its citizens need to now have an “open approach”.”We have to look at people as people and not just where they have come from. If we look at history, at some point we all have been refugees from some where,” she said.”Patriotism does not mean you hate the other person. Patriotism teaches loves and does notteach you to hate. The concept of patriotism was created to give people a sense of belonging. We may look different but that does not mean we dont belong together,” she added.advertisementShe stressed parents have a very crucial role of teaching the true meaning of patriotism to young children, whether it is towards a country, team or individual.”Whether its sports or in any other field, children must be taught to admire not just the team or country but what the individual has achieved in his or her field.”You will then change the mindset of the child that patriotism is not hating the other team but that one has to admire and learn from the individuals talent and capability.The spirit of competition should be there but dont make it about hating the other team. The mindset that we are going to change today will build the future,” she said.Hinduja also emphasised that countries should not have any reason to close doors as immigrants and refugees will eventually add to the cultural fabric. PTI YAS NSA AKJ NSAlast_img read more