GoPro cam shows amazing hunting dogseye view

first_imgWe’ve seen GoPro cameras used in all sorts of extreme sports videos. They are usually worn on a helmet, or are placed on a car or surfboard, for example. They’re the gadgets responsible for making you feel like you’re the one doing the surfing, snowboarding, or skydiving. Field and Stream’s Chad Love started thinking that it’d be pretty neat to attach one of the cameras to a hunting dog. Lo and behold, there was already a YouTube video from the perspective of Sugar the hunting dog swimming through water to retrieve his owner’s game.This Golden Retriever is seriously impressive. She swims great distances and at incredibly fast speeds to snag the floating duck her master just shot from the air. The lightweight camera captures the video clearly, and besides a few splashes of water on the lens, you can really get a feel for what the pup is experiencing. The sound of Sugar’s swimming, and her shaking the water out of her fur afterwards is also pretty clear and adds to the feel of the video.Some YouTube commenters were concerned that the dog would be freezing in that cold water, but it turns out her owner also designs the Sugar Coat, a wind-and-waterproof doggie jacket made to protect Retrievers while they’re hunting in the water.Though I’m not necessarily promoting hunting, this video does show true sportsmanship, or sportsdogship if you will.Read more at Field and Streamlast_img read more