Helping agents kids and drunk Irish travelers

first_imgroomsXML connect today here Helping agents, kids and drunk Irish travelersAs “Webjet” ads persist on TV, the fallout and feedback continues.I didn’t expect Chris Hill, from “dreary Belgium” to validate travel agents. Through a lengthy (enlightening, saddening and amazing) email it became obvious that Chris was a person whose work should be celebrated.Chris is helping us. Read a little about him. It’s an excerpt from an epic travel tale.How we “met” “I received ETB from a friend in South Africa. It’s easy to “scan”…. allows me to spot new hotel builds/takeovers/info faster than they “trickle down” from the “God Floors”. “In ETB I noticed your article “Webjet. Agents Can Do Better Than This.”What Chris had to say about Agents“Travel Agents ARE the human link with all your “In-One Place” travel arrangements. For 8 years I was doing RTW trip covering every continent 6 – 8 times a year – not including regional and national trips.“My Travel Agent saved me time and my company a lot of money. He also found it was cheaper to travel First Class on RTWs because we never paid excess baggage and the Frequent Flyer mileage produced a free trip every 5 trips. He even managed to book me on Concorde a few times with no extra cost“I had an accident in LAX and was hospitalised. The doctor estimated 5 days in hospital and 3 days rest. My Travel Agent re-booked all the flights and hotels .“Imagine if you had made all your air and hotel bookings direct on the Internet ?” Sounds like you are a busy man – how do you fit in health line? “I am now retired (I must be – my wife says I am – so now I have time….).“HelpLine was originally a charitable service offered by my Church in Pattaya where I helped foreigners who had fallen foul of the Law and were in jail.“At first we just provided fresh water (there was none) and friendship. The prisons were terrible. So I started Helpline because the numbers of children in jail (arrested with Mothers, some only a few days old) was heartbreaking. The Police don’t provide the disgusting accommodation with no fresh water , yet they receive all the blame which is unfair.“The churches and the Orphanages couldn’t help “Such people” so I decided to start a Children’s Shelter and did this with the pastor of my own Church.“The jail visiting service expanded to family contact. “Good morning Mr XYZ … sorry to call you at 03:00 but I have just met your son who has been arrested and is in Jail in Pattaya. Have a very quick hello with your son and then call me back on this number…. “Where there were health complications or documents lost the best source was the Travel Agent and many I had to pull out of bed in the ‘wee sma’ hours’. Some groaned, most didn’t and I was never refused.So help line is still running?“Bad health forced me to Europe. HelpLine faded away and was never replaced.“Some years ago we started a free school for slum kids inspired by the dedication of an Australian teacher.“For the first two years we funded literally from our own pocket. Then we started getting donations – usually small amounts. One of the prisoners made porn movies. … He was a rogue, but a very funny and positive person.“He offered to film the projects, visit the slums, see how they live and show the alternative provided by the Shelter. I refused with thanks and he said – “It’s because of what I do isn’t it?” Yes I told him – porn film making and Helpline simply do not mix well.“Along with other prisoners and bought me a Canon XH A1 camera, lights and a book on how to make a documentary and told me “Make a documentary on the slum kids and their solution.”I never heard from him again and that was close on 10 years ago.You must have some incredible storiesChris listed literally half a dozen great tales. But this one is my fave.“One Sunday morning I found a very bleary eyed young man from Ireland in the “Visiting Cell”. I checked the night log and he had been found on the street, drunk, and was in custody for his own protection.“His first comment to me was, “Are you the Manager here?” “This is not my hotel is it?”“I told him that he would be released as soon as he provided the Police with proof of identity and address.“He said his passport was in his room. I told him that one of our helpers would go to his hotel with a note from him and collect his passport.“He could not remember the name of his hotel, but did remember it was in Thailand.“I asked how he had paid for his ticket …. He did remember the Travel Agent’s name. I telephoned the Irish Police in the small town, they knew the Travel Agent and had an emergency contact number of the Manager .“Within half an hour the Agent was on the phone (It was just after 04:00 in Ireland) and told me the name of the hotel our prisoner was staying. The prisoner was released two hours later and rejoined his companions who had not missed him as they were drunk to the World. roomsXML.comlearn more hereSource = roomsXMLlast_img read more