Homeless Man Builds Car From Scrap

first_imgAs any regular Car Talk listener will tell you, old Fiats aren’t exactly known for being the most durable cars in the world. A homeless man in Brazil took advantage of the discarded shells of these junkers and threw together a brand new car, built entirely from scrap. Starting with a 125cc motorcycle engine, Orismar de Souza was able to put together a working vehicle, capable of hitting 50mph on the highway and featuring such luxuries as a reverse gear and an actual car starter to replace the kickstarter of the 125cc engine. It also sports an in-dash stereo. After panhandling in the streets for months to raise the $270 he needed for the car’s metal plating, de Souza built the body panels by hand, borrowing a chisel and hammer as tools for the job. Most of the other parts used in making the car came from old discarded Fiats. His previous experience with metalworking led him to be confident in his automotive creation, but that didn’t stop others from telling him that his project was just a joke. The looks on their faces after the car hit 50 must have been priceless. The finished machine was able to help de Souza land both a home and a job, a fitting end to this inspiring how-to story. And I have a feeling his car is even more reliable than the ones he built it from. At least if it breaks down, no one will tell him he can’t fix it.AdChoices广告[via Hack-A-Day, Jalopnik]last_img read more