US-Somalia to rebuild diplomatic relations

first_imgJohn Kerry with officials of the Somali government including the president The United States is expected to begin the process of reestablishing a diplomatic mission in Somalia after a more than 20 year break.This is according to the US secretary of State John Kerry who made a historic visit to Somalia.Western nations have poured aid into Somalia to help reconstruction and prevent it from sliding back into the hands of Al Shabaab.An African Union Force AMISON, supported by US drone strikes has pushed Al Shabaab from its former strongholds but it uses territory inside the country still under its control to launch attacks there and in Kenya and other neighboring countries.Kerry slo said that the US government will increase its support for support efforts made by the Horn of Africa country, following a brutal civil war which ravaged the country for over two decades, U.S Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday.In a brief impromptu visit to Mogadishu, Kerry hailed Somalia for its resilience and determination to forge a peaceful country after emerging from a difficult past.“More than 20 years ago, the U.S. was forced to pull back from your country,” said Kerry, adding that now the “country is turning around.”“Now we are returning in collaboration with the international community and bearing high hopes but also mixed with ongoing concerns,” he added.The U.S. top diplomat expressed optimism about Somalia noting that the next time he visits the country he will be able to walk down the streets, an indication of improved security situation in Somalia.During his visit, Kerry held short discussions with Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Prime Minister Abdirashid Ali Sharmake and civil society leaders where they discussed among other support for the Somali National Army and bolstering efforts on the fight against terror.Kerry also thanked the troops contributing countries to the African Union backed force, AMISOM, which include Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.Kerry’s visit is billed one of a kind in U.S.-Somalia history as it is the first visit by a top American official to the Horn of Africa nation.State department said Washington will continue supporting the Somali National Army and the African Union backed force AMISOM in its efforts on fight against the militant group Al-Shabaab.The senior State Department also said once the U.S. embassy in Mogadishu is in fully operation, the U.S. will increase its presence in Somalia. At the moment the ambassador largely operates from Nairobi. Enditemlast_img

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