Another Milan?

first_imgAs a group of sports fans sit around discussing Indiana basketball, it is likely the discussion will get around to “will there be another Milan?” There answer I give is a pretty emphatic “no”.The first reason is very obvious. The IHSAA is not going back to single class basketball any time soon, if ever. This is what made the Milan victory so special–beating the giant teams. The second reason takes a little more explaining.In 1954 if there were 10 good athletes in a school Milan’s size they likely played every sport. This meant this group of athletes played basketball in the winter but also played the other sports in their seasons. Today, kids’ seldom play more than one sport because they have been convinced that they must concentrate on one sport to be successful. For this reason, if you have less than 300 students in a school, you are not likely to find a group of athletes as good as the Milan boys were in 1954. Some schools this size today have trouble fielding even a reserve team.last_img

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