first_imgEven as the rattled reporter responded with a quick “no” Even as the rattled reporter responded with a quick “no” and added that Dhoni was in fact “very fast”, the Indian captain further asked, “Do you think I can survive playing until the 2019 World?” The hapless reporter said sheepishly “Yes, sure.” “Then you have answered the question,” said Dhoni laughing as he patted the journalist and sent him back to his seat. Once the Australian reporter got off from the dais, Dhoni continued to say that he wished the question was asked by an Indian journalist. “I wish it was an Indian media guy who has asked the question because then I would have asked if he has a son who is old enough to play and who can play as wicketkeeper to. “He would have said no, then may be I would have said ok maybe a brother who can play and who is a wicketkeeper, so. You fired the wrong ammunition at the wrong time,” said Dhoni. PTI SSR CM PDS PDSlast_img

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