Here is your horoscope for July 21, 2018

first_imgARIESCoordinate and delegate responsibility rather than try to handle everything yourself. You are lucky with finances, material and legal aspects so resolve them now. It’s best not to postpone important decisions so you are released from tensions and restrictions. Lucky number 4. Colour green. TAURUSYou establish authority at work and realize an important goal. You support people and causes with loyalty and zeal. You need to follow regular routines to remain healthy and centered. An established relationship flowers as you find freedom and balance therein. Lucky number 3. Colour orange. GEMINIYou reciprocate feelings and aspirations by reflecting yourself in the other. Express ideas and professional plans as you are received well by people who matter. You come out of difficult situations or an accident unscathed as though protected by divine powers. Lucky number 1. Colour pink. CANCERYou attract a lot of interesting people with your charisma and gift of communication. You are generous to friends, loved ones and family but impatient of opposition. Love and romance enhance and rejuvenate a relationship. Give yourself a short break to relax. Lucky number 14. Colour red. LEOYou are at your creative best and have the opportunity to be original and the courage to be different in personal and professional aspects. You may travel or be involved in an international project that brings out your potential. Visitors and news may surprise you. Lucky number 9. Colour red. VIRGOIt’s a busy and enthusiastic day as opportunities are available for you to express your creativity and potential on all levels. Divide and rule or delegate responsibility as you have too much on your hands and may find it hard to cope. A trip is on the cards. Lucky number 3. Colour pink.advertisement LIBRAYou are blessed with clarity of vision as you move into new opportunities. You can expect positive communications and visitors from overseas. Family looks to you for guidance that you willingly provide. You can be dreamy and romantic in relationships. Lucky number 17. Colour gray. SCORPIOYou feel unburdened and happy today. You opt for freedom in relationships and express your individuality at work. You are creative and original infusing new ideas in whatever you do. Beware of crazy reactions from unexpected people. You may not conform to norms. Lucky number 6. Colour green. SAGITTARIUSYou express creative ideas through media. This is a time of endings and new beginnings in relationships or friendships as values, priorities and attitudes change. Health and energy need to be conserved as you have too much going on at work and at home. Lucky number 19. Colour yellow. CAPRICORNYour mass of fine ideals may be unrelated to practical situations and efforts. In fact, you slay as fast as you create, be aware! Good energy facilitates you to indulge in sport. You have an impact on groups rather than individuals. Express feelings. Lucky number 9. Colour blue. AQUARIUSYou are at your dynamic best to start ventures and deal with people. You win in a competitive situation to prove excellence in your field of activity. A move or renovation proves to be a good idea. Surprise your beloved with a gift to make up a quarrel. Lucky number 7. Colour blue. PISCESYou make important decisions with wisdom and guidance from within. You are a perfectionist and don’t like other people messing around with your systems. You can be creative with your hands. Your vision is strong to survive with or without the approval of others. Lucky number 9. Colour red.last_img

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