Parkour group was not deported but was granted residential permission: Storror statement

first_imgInternationally renowned parkour group said that they were detained by Mumbai Police for 15 hours without arrest. In an official statement parkour group Storror said they were not deported, but granted residential permission.After reaching the UK, Storror released statement saying they were not aware parkour can be perceived as ‘act of endangering their own life’.Below is Storror’s statement:”Sadly, the team is back in the UK following a misunderstanding, however, I would like to clarify that they were not deported from the country.”On Tuesday [November 27] evening, following a meet-up at Bandra Fort with local fans and Indian NGO partners, all seven members were called in for questioning regarding footage captured by passersby as they practiced on a rooftop. It is untrue that the team entered the property without any residential consent.”Indian authorities physically restrained and detained the team without arrest for over 15 hours after they perceived the footage to be an ‘act of endangering their own lives’.”The group was unaware of the existence of such a law, and given the fact they were in Mumbai on an invitation to speak and perform at Asia’s biggest conference this coming Sunday, December 2, did not know that sport of parkour would fall under this.”No prosecution was made against any of the members involved in the short clip and the team left Mumbai on Wednesday [November 28] morning.Storror are professional athletes and experts in the field of parkour. They have been doing what they love together for the last 12 years without any problems, travelling the world and inspiring millions. The events that transpired on Tuesday night were unfortunate and we believe pressure from Indian media heavily influenced the situation resulting in an outcome far greater than anyone had expected.advertisement”Please note a correction to information circulating – They were not arrested, prosecuted, or deported. They were granted residential permission.”Also Read | Young foreigners jump from one high rise to another in Mumbai, cops start probe after video goes viralAlso Watch | Young foreigners jump from one high rise to another in Mumbailast_img

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