Colorado city adopts 6-month delay for scooter, e-bike firms

ASPEN, Colo. — A Colorado city has enacted a waiting period for companies that provide scooter and e-bike services.The Aspen Times reports that the Aspen City Council approved a six-month delay for dockless mobility companies Monday.Officials say the city wants to work with businesses and the public to develop a management plan.Dockless mobility companies provide e-bikes, trikes and scooters that can be collected and returned at several places to allow customers to rent the devices for short periods without going to a central location.Some Aspen councillors say the city needs a plan to meet the growing transportation trend, which they say raises issues including right-of-way management, safety, vandalism, city oversight, and local business impact.Current regulations require operators to obtain an Aspen business license and a temporary encroachment license.___Information from: The Aspen Times, Associated Press

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