Phil Schiller confirms white iPhone 4 release this spring

first_imgThe Apple new product release cycle points to an iPhone 5 appearing this summer in either June or July. With that in mind you wouldn’t expect a new iPhone 4 to appear in the coming months, but apparently that’s exactly what is going to happen.Talk of the white iPhone 4 has rumbled on for many months now. The original release window came and went with rumors of light leakage and other challenges with manufacturing the device making a release all but impossible.More recently there’s been new evidence of a spring launch for the white model on Apple shop signs clearly stating a release window. But surely Apple wouldn’t release a new iPhone so close to the expected iPhone 5 launch? Yes they would, and Phil Schiller has confirmed as much in a tweet.Phil was asked by a 16-year-old Apple fan when exactly he could get his hands on a white iPhone 4. Surprisingly Phil responded and told him:There’s no more certain a confirmation of the white iPhone 4 appearing for sale than Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing stating publicly it will arrive in the spring. Expect an official confirmation and AT&T and Verizon to start advertising it heavily in the next few weeks.Read more at Pocket-lintMatthew’s OpinionThere are a lot of people out there who want a new white iPhone, so I can see Apple’s thinking behind this. If they launch the white iPhone 4 in late March or early April they have a good 3 months of sales time before the iPhone 5 appears on the radar. That’s a lot of time to sell new phones from an existing manufacturing line and could push up sales well beyond what just offering the black iPhone 4 could achieve.For consumers wanting a white iPhone it’s a tempting proposition that they should probably resist. The iPhone 5 will most definitely launch with a white version if Apple has solved the manufacturing issues. If you buy a white iPhone 4 now you will have to sign up to a lengthy contract putting the white iPhone 5 out of reach. You may even miss out on it completely and be looking forward to an iPhone 6 by the time your contract expires.Of course, we see it from a technology point of view and always want the latest and greatest device. For some consumers it may just be a case of wanting a white iPhone and models and release dates mean little.last_img

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