Hop The suitcase that follows you everywhere

first_imgOne of the worst things about being a travelling businessperson or going on holiday is the suitcase you have to lug around. Spanish designer, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, has created a prototype of a carry-on suitcase that follows its owner, provided they don’t go up or down any stairs.Inside the suitcase are three receivers that triangulate Bluetooth signals coming from the owner’s cell phone. A micro controller uses the signals to calculate where the phone is so it can follow the signal around. A caterpillar track system moves the suitcase and keeps it going in a set distance. And if the signal is ever lost, the suitcase automatically locks itself and the phone vibrates, letting the owner know the his travel companion is stuck.Apparently Hop! suitcases can even be programmed to follow each other, so all your families carry-on luggage can be kept together. The video above shows the bag movement is a little jerky at the moment but this could easily be rectified as it is only a prototype. Many companies are already showing interest in making Hop! a reality, although I think the name many have to change. Rodrigo wants to make sure it’s not just seen as a “geek toy”, he wants Hop! to actually be useful to others.Hop! is definitely a great idea but I can’t help but sense a great amount of flaws. Without you holding onto your bag, it could be easy to steal which isn’t great for airport security. It seems to move quite slowly too, although that’s something that could easily be improved. It might also be easy to lose, personally I can barely feel my phone vibrating in my pocket when I’m walking so I’m not sure that would be enough to alert me. Although, there does seem to be a tracking system on the iPhone app so at least if Hop! was stolen or lost, you could hunt it down and the suitcase is locked, making it hard for a thief to break into. There would also need to be some sort of collision prevention system built in too.It would certainly be interesting to see if this ever became a reality though, it’s quite a clever concept.More at Rodrigo’s site, via Wiredlast_img

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