PSA Amazon will not help you if your Kindle is stolen

first_imgAmazon’s behavior is strange for mobile device manufacturers (iOS and Android have built in device tracking). Of course it’s difficult to prove that an item is stolen in a world where a dishonest person simply can sell a piece of hardware via Craigslist and report it stolen when they want it back. Additionally, it’s not surprising that Amazon is hesitant to give out personal information on any of it’s users, even though that information may be obtained from a login to your device.What makes the Kindle different from most tablets and smartphones is how it operates — Amazon’s centralized control means the company can easily provide users with everything they need to protect themselves, just like Android and iOS users have the ability to do now. Even so, they’ve refused, rather deciding to treat the high-tech, 3G-enabled Kindle like a dumb device (like a book even). Until that Amazon’s policy changes, keep a close eye on those Kindles. We’ve become so connected that few things feel as good to us as being able to recover a lost or stolen smartphone. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and if you have a Kindle you can forget Amazon being at all helpful in recovering a missing e-reader.Android and iOS devices have no shortage of tools that will help you locate a piece of hardware once it has gone missing. In many cases, as long as you catch it fast enough, you can use GPS to track your device down to a few feet from its current location. You provide that information to the police, and in many cases your phone or tablet is returned to you unharmed. Because the majority of Amazon’s Kindle line don’t come with GPS, recovery like this is significantly less likely, but if the person who stole your Kindle does something silly (like log into the reader with their personal Amazon account), you’d think that recovery would be simple given how much information we give the online retailer. Unfortunately, Amazon isn’t as willing to cooperate as we’d like them to be.So what happens if your Kindle is stolen and you want to track it down?If you attempt to reach out to Amazon directly, you will be told that you have to first file a report with the police and have them contact Amazon. They will help you to get the stolen Kindle locked down, but otherwise you will need to reach out to the police.At that point your Amazon account will provide you with the serial number and any other information necessary for the police to confirm that it is your Kindle.From there, the police will have to contact Amazon, which is only done via email.If you live in the US, Amazon can choose to provide the police with the necessary information or they can demand a court order.If you live outside the US, the police will need to email the Amazon domain that matches the country where you purchased the Kindle. Then they will also choose to either respond with personal information or demand a court order.last_img

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