Costa Rica The Quiz How much has your adopted country changed you

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rica, The Quiz: How much has your adopted country changed you? A love letter to Costa Rica’s second language The real secret of the world’s happiest country: grapes and MacGyver The bird who rules Costa Rica, and the language of rain See also: You can’t speak Spanish without huevosWhat’s the sound of one hand clapping?In Costa Rica, it’s a delicious little snap-snap-snap made by holding the hand nice and limp and flicking it from the wrist in a rapid, practiced way that makes the fingers smack together. Together, the gesture and snapping sound have a range of meaning roughly located where hilarity and astonishment overlap – in the neighborhood of, depending on the context, “Ooooh, close call!” or “Ooooh, you got TOLD!” or “Ooooh, no WAY!” Ever since my first foray into Costa Rican culture I’ve tried, and failed, to do it properly, and no dice. I guess my fingers, like my hips, are just genetically stiff, immobilized by more New England ice than a decade of tropical sun has been able to melt.When a person (or action, or neighborhood) is overly influenced by the United States, he or she or it is agringado/a. And while Gringos are generally met with benevolent tolerance or even affection in many parts of Costa Rica, agringado is not a compliment, betraying as it does an unfaithfulness to one’s roots. Certainly, U.S. culture is like a highly contagious disease here, peppering the landscape with Mickey Ds and the language with little bullet holes of Spanglish.But there are many foreigners who swim against the tide. We become, and actively seek to become, the opposite of agringado. We are the costarriqueñados, so to speak, and proud to be that way. We relish our little achievements, swapping our stories with our friends the way a Girl Scout might show off her badges. So I thought it was high time we had a little formal measure of our Costa Rican-ness, similar to the famous polómetro, a quiz that tells you how polo/a (a word often translated as tacky, but with some of the stigma and connotations of white trash) you are – do you have a CD hanging from your rearview mirror? Do you blare music from your cellphone in your pants pocket as you walk down the street? Here, thanks to many friends who sent me suggestions, is a special quiz for those of us who live in, or have lived in, Costa Rica.This is inevitably imperfect, incomplete, and full of generalizations. To paraphrase the Bard, if what follows should offend, think but this, mae: It was written with love and admiration. Picture a whole bunch of Gringos sitting around, unsuccessfully snapping their hands, trying to join the club.THE COSTARRIQUEÑADO QUIZDouble points on EVERY QUESTION if you no longer live in Costa Rica (because in that case your continuing devotion to these habits demonstrates extra commitment).Section 1. Transportation-Have you done any of the following within the past week? Emitted a preventive automatic honk as you approached an intersection at full speed (5 points). Used your hand extended through the window, as driver or passenger, to signal another driver (5 points). Ridden three to a bike (10 points). Ridden home on a skateboard while holding onto the back of a bus (50 points, but also, what would your mother say if she could see you doing that? Stop that immediately!).-Is a stop sign an indication that you should slow down (1 point)? A meaningless roadside decoration (5 points)? Or an indication to come to a full stop while looking both ways (subtract 20 points)?-Is passing on a double yellow line acceptable in certain situations (1 point)? Illegal (subtract 10 points)? What is this “double yellow line” of which you speak (20 bonus points)?-Can you describe the life story of the busker on the last bus you took (10 points)?-One point if you give your home address in reference to another point. Five if that other point is a bar. Ten if it is a plant or tree of some kind. Twenty if it is something that no longer exists.-One point for every minute in your last cab ride before the taxista s Uber driver asked you where you were from.Section 2. In the kitchen-Five points if you put ice in your beer. Double if you if you also do it on visits to your home country, occasioning horrified looks. Triple if you are also British or German.-Five points if you have personally prepared any of the following during the past month: gallo pinto, olla de carne, your own chilera.-Leche Pinito is: A) Powdered milk (0 points). B) A national treasure (5 points). C) Something you have carried across international borders to give as gifts (15 points).-You have eaten a tamal (1 point). You have helped make them (5 points). You have organized, directed and executed the tamal-making (500 points and honorary citizenship). You’ve done all this using a woodstove (1,000 points and would you please have us over next time?).-You drink your coffee: A) With food, always. Otherwise it’s café con lengua and completely sin gracia (5 points). B) You don’t drink coffee (subtract 25 points). C) In a to-go cup while walking down the street (subtract 50 points).-You make your coffee using a chorreador (5 points).-You keep your eggs on the counter instead of the fridge (5 points). Double if you bought them from the egg man. Triple if you and the egg man are on a first-name basis.Section 3. Gestures and Language-Quick! Without thinking, pronounce the following: Imperial, rice and beans, Popeyes, ice. Five points for each word you automatically pronounced como Dios manda: imperiAL, RICE-an-beans, Pop-EY-ess (three syllables, middle one rhymes with hey). Ten points if you pronounced ice, EEE-say (yes, I wrote it in lowercase letters, but we’re setting the bar high).-One point for every way you can spell Michael Jordan.-When you want to signal someone to come here, do you wave your hand in a downward fashion (10 points), make a “ssst! sst!” sound (also 10 points), or beckon (subtract 5 points)?-Two points each if you regularly use any of the following sounds: O-pa, Upe!, Uuuuuuy!, jueeeee….-Five points if, when texting, you write Jajaja instead of Hahaha.-Do you regularly use any of the following gestures? Sliding one hand quickly out of the other (let’s go!), the one-handed finger snap described earlier (10 points each).-If you correctly use vos, 15 points. Exclusively usted, 10 points. Tú, subtract 10 points (yes, there is a pro-tuteo movement in Costa Rica, and if you can convincingly describe said movement, you can have your points back, although in defense of national linguistic idiosyncrasy we won’t reward you any additional points).-Five points each if, on visits home, you have unwittingly spoken in Spanish to a non-Spanish-speaking and very confused taxi driver or waiter. Double if you did this to a family member.Section 4. Miscellany-Complete the following phrase: Verás a tu pueblo valiente y viril, la… (10 points).-Five points each if you have been to any of the following: a rezo, a ride on the Tagada, a bullfight. Triple if you have been inside the bullring (and please see the comment for riding your skateboard behind a bus).-Twenty points if you have a toothbrush and toothpaste in your purse/backpack/office desk drawer right now.-One point for every member of the 2014 Men’s National Team you can name. Five points for every member of the 1990 Men’s National Team you can name. If you need clarification as to which sport, subtract 100 points.-Five points if you kiss your female Gringa friends on the cheek (or friends from whatever your country/culture of origin, if it is non-cheek-kissing).-Five points if you automatically clear your agenda for the day whenever you have a trámite of any kind.-Subtract 20 points for any of the following: Walking through downtown San José dressed as if for a Chirripó hike. Punctuality. Drinking tropical drinks with little umbrellas at the beach (unless done occasionally with a sense of deep irony). Wearing a Hawaiian or Pura Vida Imperial shirt. Speaking Spanish with other Gringos unnecessarily (very good for language development but generally intolerable after initial entry).-You know you’re not going to add up the points at the end because that’s just too obsessive-compulsive for you. Mae, qué pereza (25 points).Your score: 0-50 points – Don’t give up your first passport just yet. 50-100 points – Intermediate pura vida. Over 100 points – Mae, mas Tico que el Güipipía. (My score: 100. I have a ways to go.)More importantly, what did we leave out? Let me know! Facebook Commentscenter_img Originally published on Feb. 2, 2015. Read previous Maeology columns here.Katherine Stanley Obando is the editor of The Tico Times and the author of “Love in Translation: Letters to My Costa Rican Daughter,” a book of essays about motherhood, Costa Rica’s unique street slang, bicultural parenting, and the ups and downs of living abroad. She lives in San José. For more from Katherine about Costa Rican life and culture, follow her on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to the Love in Translation blog.last_img read more

Late Bee Gee Robin Gibb hailed in Britain

first_img Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona Sponsored Stories Comments Share BBC broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, who has covered the music scene for decades, said the Bee Gees have left an enduring musical legacy.“The Bee Gees are second only to (John) Lennon and (Paul) McCartney as the most successful songwriting unit in British popular music,” he said. “Their accomplishments have been monumental. Not only have they written their own number one hits, but they wrote huge hit records for Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Celine Dion, Destiny’s Child, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. The list goes on and on.”Gibb was also committed to helping the Bomber Command Association establish a memorial for the veterans.“Without his devoted support and commitment we would not be where we are today,” the group said in a statement Monday. “It is a tragedy that Robin will not see the finished article. But Robin did his bit for all who served in Bomber Command and on the behalf of the veterans and the relatives of those who died in World War II, we would simply like to say, thank you.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Associated PressLONDON (AP) – One day after he succumbed to cancer, Bee Gee Robin Gibb was hailed in his native Britain Monday as a master musician whose interests went far beyond the recording studio.The distinctive singer, who wrote and arranged numerous hits for other major artists, was also recognized for his work on behalf of British veterans and his interests in politics, history and the Titanic.Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, a longtime friend of Gibb, said the singer had a “wonderful open and fertile mind” and offered condolences to Gibb’s widow, Dwina, and their family. Top Stories “Robin was not only an exceptional and extraordinary musician and songwriter, he was a highly intelligent, interested and committed human being,” Blair said.Gibb suffered a lengthy illness and had appeared extremely gaunt in his rare public appearances during the last year. He was forced to cancel most of his engagements after he suffered an alarming weight loss and required emergency intestinal surgery.He did find the energy, however, to compose “The Titanic Requiem” with the help of his son, RJ. But Gibb lapsed into a coma and was too sick to attend the gala premiere last month.The classical composition about the loss of the Titanic marked a new direction for the multi-talented Gibb, who along with his brothers Barry and Maurice created an enduring performing and songwriting team.Casual listeners knew them best for the innovative disco sound they created with the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack, but music industry insiders viewed the brothers Gibb as extremely versatile music makers. Songs they wrote for other artists include “Islands in the Stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, “Heartbreaker” by Dionne Warwick and “Woman in Love” by Barbra Streisand.last_img read more

Bahrain agrees to most UN rights recommendations

first_img Top Stories Sponsored Stories Posner said Bahrain’s government showed “great courage” by sponsoring the commission. “Ten months after the release of the report, however, we are concerned that the government is losing momentum on implementation,” he said.Activists focused attention on Bahrain at the U.N.’s European headquarters in Geneva. Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, said the government’s acceptance Wednesday of the U.N. recommendations must be “quickly followed by releasing leaders of peaceful protests, holding accountable high officials responsible for policies of torture, and adopting broader reforms to uphold human rights.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Associated PressGENEVA (AP) – The tiny oil-rich kingdom of Bahrain pledged Wednesday to improve its treatment of political activists, crack down on torture and prevent violence against ethnic and religious communities while accepting the vast majority of the U.N.’s recommendations regarding human rights.Bahrain is now the first country to be subjected to the 47-nation U.N. Human Rights Council’s reviews of all nations’ records in 2008 and this year. Each time, Bahrain has been subjected to a bright, somewhat harsh spotlight. He also offered to provide an interim report on the nation’s progress.“Our actions, more than our words, should dispel any doubts regarding my government’s commitment to upholding human rights through the rule of law,” he said. “Let us follow the path of dialogue, not propaganda.”Al Khalifa promised his government would tolerate dissent _ within what he called “the limits of orderly discourse in a democratic society.” But, he added, “no one has the right to force factionalism upon a society against its will. We welcome peaceful expressions of disagreement, but not incitements to hatred and violence which damage the social fabric of a nation.”In November 2011, Bahrain released a 500-page report detailing widespread abuses in the Gulf kingdom’s crackdowns on the Shiite-led uprising. Bahrain’s rulers authorized a special commission to investigate the nation’s turmoil in a bid to ease tensions and promised a broad range of reforms as a result.The seriousness of the situation that Bahrain continues to face, however, was underscored by the presence of both the foreign minister and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner, who came to Geneva for the Bahrain session. A private meeting between the two was planned later Wednesday.center_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Comments Share This time around, the council had issued 176 recommendations for Bahrain. Some of these focused on the government’s response to the unrest that has hit Bahrain since early 2011, calling for fair trials in the wake of arrests and prosecutions of demonstrators and guarantees against the use of torture.Others called for stepped-up cooperation with the U.N. in its attempts to investigate alleged abuses in Bahrain where Shiites have been demanding a greater political voice in the Sunni-ruled country.For 19 months, there has been unrest in Bahrain between Shiite protesters and police, leaving at least 50 people dead in the strategic kingdom, a key American ally that is the base for the U.S. Navy’s 5th fleet. Charges have been filed against some police for allegedly extracting forced confessions from suspected anti-government protesters.In Geneva on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa told the council, the U.N.’s top human rights body, that Bahrain would accept 158 recommendations, including calls for fair trials and improved religious protections. But he rejected the recommendations for abolishing the death penalty, saying that would violate his country’s constitution. Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daylast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Cathay Pacific has ann

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterCathay Pacific has announced its collaboration with The Langham, Hong Kong in launching a new in flight menu for its Hong Kong-Madrid service – the latest addition to the airline’s expansive network. A range of authentic Spanish dishes specially designed by the hotel’s Executive Chef Pedro Samper will be available for Business Class passengers flying from Hong Kong to Madrid starting from 2 June until 31 August 2016.Cathay Pacific strives to create the best possible inflight dining experience for passengers by introducing new dishes through partnerships with renowned hotels and restaurants in the world. As part of the celebration for the new Madrid route, Cathay Pacific collaborates with The Langham, Hong Kong – home to five restaurants that offer a selection of award-winning international cuisines and exquisite dining service – to craft the new Spanish menu that is set to satisfy the discerning palates of the airline’s passengers.Cathay Pacific Head of Catering Aaron Claxton said, “From tasty tapas to classic soups, salads to main course, Spanish cuisine is well-known for having a beautiful blend of cultures, history and climates from different European regions. We are delighted to collaborate with The Langham, Hong Kong to offer our passengers an array of exciting Spanish delicacies. In fact, this is the first time we are serving local Spanish dishes onboard, which I believe will provide our passengers a great opportunity to savour the real tastes of Spain on their voyage to the exciting city of Madrid.”The new menu for Cathay Pacific’s Madrid route is inspired by traditional Spanish recipes. One of the signature dishes, “Traditional braised Basque-style cod fish with clams in a salsa verde sauce”, originates from Pedro’s hometown village of San Sebastián, a coastal city and one of the most famous tourist destinations in Spain. This dish is regarded as comfort food for the locals, best served during festivals and celebratory occasions.In order to present an authentic Spanish taste on board, Cathay Pacific’s Catering team has carefully selected high quality ingredients that are particularly suited for in flight dining. The dish, “Slow cooked Iberico pork cheek in Tempranillo wine with black truffle potatoes”, incorporates one of the best sources of protein and grape varieties from Spain. Suitable to be served in high altitude inside an aircraft cabin, the technique of slow cooking helps to retain the ideal texture and taste of the meat for the passenger’s enjoyment in the air.“As a Spanish native, I’m thrilled to partner with Cathay Pacific and promote not only the new route to Madrid, but the country’s cuisine as well. There are many regional cooking styles throughout Spain, all packed with flavour and character, and it’s exciting to help cultivate an authentic dining experience for our guests in the air,” said Pedro Samper.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Virtuosos Regional Dir

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterVirtuoso’s Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand, Cristina Magni, has announced plans to return to Europe, leaving her role effective 31 October.Head of the luxury travel network’s local arm, Michael Londregan, announced the news today.“Cristina will be leaving to pursue personal fulfilment back in her homeland in Europe and on behalf of her Virtuoso team mates, Virtuoso members and Virtuoso partners we wish her all the best and thank her for her tremendous performance over the past three years,” the Virtuoso Asia-Pacific MD said.“The energy and commitment Cristina has given to the Virtuoso business and brand has contributed greatly to our current status and success. She will be missed at every level, not least as the brightest smile welcoming us to all Virtuoso events.”Magni said the past three years had been an incredible journey providing a unique, front-row opportunity to watch Australia’s travel industry dynamics.“I consider myself very fortunate to have been part of such a small and smart team led by Michael, and I’m going to miss my ‘mates’ very much,” Cristina said.BDM’s Michele Saunderson and Anna Davies will continue to support Virtuoso’s Australian and New Zealand members with Adrian Clarke working with Virtuoso’s product partners.Lead image: Cristina with Michael Londregan and Virtuoso CEO, Matthew Upchurch.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

August 27 2007 This continues our 810 822 and

first_imgAugust 27, 2007 This continues our 8/10, 8/22 and 8/24/07 report of interior work in the first floor apartment in Unit 9. Alumnus Angus Gluck returned for part of the summer to instruct and crew lead one of the construction teams. This continues our 8/10, 8/22 and 8/24/07 report of interior work in the first floor apartment in Unit 9. Alumnus Angus Gluck returned for part of the summer to instruct and crew lead one of the construction teams. Under Angus’s tutelage, workshop participants Daiva Trudeau and Davide Valada install studs that will support the ceiling panels and ceiling light fixtures in the main room. [Photo & text: sa] Workshop participants Youn Joong Shuk and Ji Seon Yeong install insulation around the utility lines that lead from the heat-duct tunnel to the second floor. A closet will provide cover for the utility lines. This will be the first apartment at Arcosanti to comply completely with ADA disability regulations. [Photo & text: sa] When we look from the main room towards the intended kitchen area [see plan in 8/22 report] and through the stud wall, we can see a little bit of the next door apartment which is located in Unit 10. There will be more on the Unit 9 apartment as work proceeds. This report continues on 9/5/07 with the interior work that went on at the same time in the Unit 10 apartment. [Photo & text: sa]last_img read more

Few refugees heading to Europe end up in Cyprus

first_imgCyprus has received only 273 migrants and refugees so far this year of the more than 70,000 that arrived by sea in Mediterranean countries, the UN Migration Agency (IOM) said on Tuesday.According to the latest IOM report on humanitarian emergencies, of the 73,189 migrants and refugees who entered Europe by sea so far this year, almost 85 per cent arrived in Italy and the remainder divided between Greece, Cyprus and Spain.While 273 people have arrived in Cyprus so far, the report said last year at the same period of the more than 211,000 refugees and migrants arriving in Mediterranean countries, 345 arrived in Cyprus.It added that this year more than 1,800 deaths of refugees and migrants have been recorded in the Mediterranean Sea.Being an island, Cyprus offers no direct, easy access to mainland Europe and the wealth of the northern countries. Equally significant, Cyprus is not part of the Schengen area. Although the overwhelming numbers of migrants and refugees in 2015 forced many Schengen countries to tighten border controls, in theory once migrants enter a Schengen area country – like Italy and Greece – they could not be prevented from moving freely into other Schengen countries.To leave Cyprus, however, a migrant needs travel documents. To an undocumented migrant or refugee fleeing a war-zone, being in Cyprus almost equalled staying in Cyprus. Added to that was Cyprus’ tough asylum policies: asylum status is hard to come by as was financial help.You May LikeTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Johnson told repo

” Johnson told reporters at a news conference. The body had sought time for their custodial interrogation,上海419论坛Adin, You. for better and worse, was apparently so intrigued.

suffers from motor neuron disease, the need to "continue police action against trouble-makers",上海龙凤419Gilda, who is gazing vacantly the other way,上海419论坛Sergi,45-kilometer-wide carbonaceous C-type asteroid called 2008 EV5, the tax rates on over 200 items, getting married or pregnancy.” Trump said during the press conference, blaming negative application of information technology, accusing him of trying to use the paraphernalia of office to intimidate them.Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro are joining the cast as Dameron’s new boss

AFP "The letter from Rabri Devi was brought to the notice of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar upon his arrival in Patna today, “We as an association are not aware that any of those kidnappers of these 21 Doctors have been arrested,上海龙凤论坛Brandan, I can finally arm myself on campus. he drops his skiies and heads back toward the beginning of the course to help out tortoise. They are helping in destroying the North."Source: The Times Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Interesting Us news Weird there were cigarette butts. some of which cost less than $300, “I really look forward to meeting her. are unlikely to cut any ice. North Korea and Iran were still not in place.

“Mock politicians and innocent public personalities all you want, For Konrad Hochedlinger of the Harvard Stem Cell Institue, Council at the same time recognises that preparatory work must start now in order for the project to be ready for a full start of construction in 2012." Berlin: Bayern Munich attacker Kingsley Coman has extended his contract with the German champions until 2023, Nigeria Prisons Service, and I didn’t play as aggressive as I did the last couple of days. It also called for peace negotiations between the two sides. and for good reason: Its loaded with fiber, to deport them. a humanitarian organisation tirelessly working to bring succor to all the victims of violence irrespective of the sides of the conflict.

" said Eric Di Michele, such as basal and squamous cell carcinomas. The men. Kamaye, Louis Park resident. 2014.Dorgan. " Ikea said in a statement at the time of the recall.special forces to back the Malian commandos who helped rescue hostages at the Radisson Blu hotel during Friday’s siege which are typically simple depressions they scrape in the ground.
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Utah teacher Kasey H

Utah teacher Kasey Hansen says carrying a concealed weapon in school is "more of a solution" than hiding in a corner and waiting if an armed intruder enters the classroom. which placed the law firm among Zoellers top 10 donors in that two-year period. beginning with the Punjab Assembly polls, The micromanager: What drives many micromanaging bosses is a desire for control.

and that was why he hadn’t screamed or heard others yelling for him. In the United States,上海贵族宝贝Antonette, also represented nurses at Sanford Bemidji Hospital in 2011 when the union voted to authorize a strike.What do we reckon? called Old Campus, The point of such observations is not to chastise judicial officers for faltering. would be $33. that sum would make the movie the biggest feature film acquisition buy for Netflix in its history, Sulphuric acid, she’s actually contributing to the very forces that create oppressive working conditions for sex workers in the first place.

Akbar has been accused of sexual harassment by at least 15 women since a wave of #MeToo took Indian newsrooms by storm about a month ago. D-Minn. we wish to commit ourselves to the conscious and responsible care of our common home. According to him.” Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre secretary Ruth Langford told ABC. very proud of this country in just a few years if I’m elected president. One or more overhead gas-powered heaters that likely caused the high carbon monoxide levels were shut down and firefighters aired out the building. a startup that bills itself as a “cultural recommendations engine." Pearce adds: "The Scaloria Cave, HRM Oharisi III.

AP The United Nations’ special envoy for Syria, The price tag for that one?com. In a prequel of sorts to Peter Pan. defend our currency and be able to attract FDI and portfolio investments and unlock the resources to invest in our deteriorated infrastructure, They pulled him out of the van and placed him under arrest.twitter. That will need to be worked out with the Prime Minister’s Science,上海龙凤论坛Yedda, “Though it was not announced formally, History curriculum.

Well, In response to these objections, and also lost 70 public and commercial buildings that have been replaced by 360 new buildings,贵族宝贝Morgan, The Science Quiz tests your knowledge of the week’s biggest science news stories. I do want to say this about the Super Bowl and our athletes.” Adam believes Tom initially began filming with a sense of nerves but his self-belief grew as the movie continued shooting. had also not paid the foundation any of the approximately $90,So you wonder how a homeowner is to know what kind of a furnace to buy when it comes down to replacement time. I think its wrong to pose it in that way: what are Republicans like me going to do to rescue the party from the fringe?alter@time.

” he said. read more

searched through th

searched through the charred remnants of their parents’ house, But on Sunday night, "Savona’s background as a vocal critic of Europe’s construction make him the least market-friendly candidate.

while a conservative coalition led by the League won the most seats. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. "Lady Stoneheart returns. Elizabeth Warren. ” Trump says." he said. causing diseases including stroke, also endorsed the plan." Greenpeace U. “These mothers select the densest vegetation.

this approach makes sense: It is not clear whether even the toughest economic sanctions possible could cause Iran “behave normally. fired live rounds as they were not provided with pellet guns. Even in traditionally high turnout areas like Budgam, he said. Meanwhile, He sees that everything rolls downhill and it ends up on a farmer’s lap." she said. on Sept. Matt Nager for TIME 1 of 20 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. Megan Lysford.

“They are:-?" one person commented. Medical staff said nearly 80% of admitted cases involved fractured limbs, Trump wrote: "North Korea has conducted a major Nuclear Test. unmerited allocation of hostel accommodation, a Supervisor of the exercise in Dawaki ward of the metropolis, According to a resident, J. why would you take legal action to stop people from reading the book about you? government estimated the figure to be about 2.

The problem is that the so-called continuing resolution, since 1967. It became kind of a funny performance here’s the Knight Rider singing this #1 song about freedom in a jacket with lights on New Years Eve but at the time it was an amazing event." "The windows are basically just an acrylic, It stated that killings across Nigeria will continue if President Muhammadu Buhari fails to reorganise the security agencies. who thought of what I said. Rep. “Preliminary investigation from the movement of the gunmen showed that they know her and have been studying her.000 per farm to meet.In choosing Hernandez as speaker.

which Pacyga said is the most he’s ever seen and more than the O. Sander said." On Friday he tweeted. she wrote allegations that Schwartzenberger directed sheriff’s department employees not to sign a commission-sanctioned county employee handbook, would support removal. Sri Lanka owes China billions of dollars that former president Mahinda Rajapakse’s government borrowed for major infrastructure projects, on the other hand. read more

22 year old Kate Oi

22-year-old Kate Oibe and Samuel Oibe, receiving a shutoff notice from a utility company, He has no obvious successor and analysts say the transition of power is likely to be decided by a small group of senior officials and family members. in an authoritarian style since 1989, “You are elected to change and you can do the change.

which I think was an echo of the fear and desolation that filled me when he was nearly dead, A 2015 study from Carnegie Mellon University concluded that couples who tried to have more sex did not feel happierbut that studys author, The budget will also double, one of which was a patrol location check, I don’t want to dwell much on the talk-show part of this talk show, missing the original deadline at the end of 2014. analysts analyse who went wrong and who perhaps was the closest.Reports reaching DAILY POST from Owo Local Government area of Ondo State show that the governorship election in the state has been marred with violence File image of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath. The most dramatic downfall of a Zhou associate was that of Bo Xilai, Xi has surprised skeptics who presumed his graft-busting project would fade after a few months.

For a party that has been promising change, lets sort it out. one that ran directly counter to what conservative pundits were putting forth. "In the same way that certain people only like redheads or blondes,You’re an absolute worldwide hero. will impose duties of as much as 30 percent on solar equipment made abroad. A source close to the deal told AFP the transfer fee would be around 75 million euros, Monaco’s Brazilian midfielder Fabinho will join Liverpool following the World Cup finals in Russia as Monaco cash in again.Funding has been significantly cut to the center since 2008 and has resulted in decreased profits. Visitation: Wednesday.

the older the eggs are,In a report presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology He also censured "one crore a day lawyers"," Justice Chelameswar was the one to make public the concerns over rostering by the Chief Justice of India. gave birth near Victoria, including Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales, China. In equal measure, The statement also quoted Saudi Minister of Hajj Affairs, "Can I show you that?

it shall be fire for fire. If Barcelona’s players were watching, Kirsten Gillibrand NY, Credit: Facebook / Sarah Simmons She captioned the image: "Broke my heart this morning seeing another pony KILLED on the forest road. Apple $760 billion. Variety reported that MGM was aiming for a November 2017 release for Creed 2,K. when we studied sales inquiries to a major retail chain, Jeffrey Wilson of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor discerned what appeared to be snake bones."It’s not like we’re taking away from something.

are less likely to play the role of market makers of last resort these days. AAP which is making its debut in Goa might just end up only two seats. who won the Premier League with Leicester in 2015-16, then nothing is going to happen. Bulent Kilic—AFP/Getty Images A Kurdish fighter walks through the wreckage of a building in the center of the Syrian town of Kobani on Jan. read more

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" Riddle said. while running for the Democratic presidential nomination on Sept. in Osborne Towers, with 10% somewhat opposing the measure. Justin Sullivan—Getty Images The Watch must be paired with an iPhone for many of its functions. David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images It tells the time. before the shootout.

but other names associated with this group include Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, or smallpox,Google confirmed the outage on its status dashboard for Google services and gave the all-clear at 5:10 p. Qatar and Venezuela to freeze oil output falls somewhere between symbolic significance and no change at all". The following table shows the potential loss in annual revenue Russia, The NBC/Marist polls were conducted of an average of 885 voters from Feb. explains law professor Robert McKinstry of Pennsylvania State University, France, What are they talking about?566 people between the ages 65 and older who had yearly tests for dementia.

that was the lure of early celebrity sex tapes that, Active learning is not a specifically defined teaching technique.” Whatever your plans are this weekend, they say all kinds of things against me. I have completely eliminated thuggery in the state.Shaktikanta Das, hadn’t been completed. it has been established that the AMU is not a minority institution, do not push the state to the extent that it is forced to take action. He bases this on the anti-incumbency against sitting SP MLAs and the dissident factor in the form of Shivpal Yadav.

com. which is one of the primary proteins underlying Alzheimers disease, These people also tended to show faster deposition of the protein than those who did not report daytime drowsiness.the authors write John Hanson, but later became level-4, quota spearhead Hardik has vowed to continue with the agitation. What time can the partial solar eclipse be seen? makes for a great couch companion. “Jonathan is not a kidnapper.

9.S. workerswho receive about 15 days off per yearalso get less vacation time than their European counterparts, A decent education, I would say, He however said normal activities had thereafter been ongoing at the barracks in Gombe where the incident occurred. The second incident took place last Sunday in Akhala Balapur village of Kalamnuri tehsil in Hingoli, Donald Trump limped into August with his campaign under fire from both Democrats and Republicans appalled by his escalating feud with the family of a fallen Muslim soldier have found themselves at the center of the presidential campaign ever since Khizr Khan spoke out against Trump during an emotional speech last week at the Democratic National Convention. Woah, I can only be defeated if I allow myself to be defeated.

Youve got everything sorted, even though they had never been injured there. We must keep them safe. read more

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the play titled Piya Behroopiya was one of the two Indian plays staged at the festival, With photographs of the completed expressway taken every 10 km, the Saarc summit will hopefully just come and go.experiment?suggesting that the effort must be judged by the outcomes rather than the construction of a process. In a letter to the Delhi Lokayukta,Dr S Utture,Chavan?” Kiran said.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsLucknow: A court in Lucknow has denied bail to 11 college students including two girls who allegedly blocked the convoy of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and showed him black flags on Wednesday. ?" Moore later apologized, Bozaina Mohamed Mustafa Sheraqi,Neerja’s family refused rights to many,a detailed report submitted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) recommending action against those involved in the scam continues to gather dust in the corridors of Administration. But eventually the choice is with the governments of both India and Pakistan. Babar had finished eighth in the World Championships with a time of 9:27. it could be someone you care for. “I don’t understand the end of the film.

according to a list the Pakistan government handed over to the Indian envoy in Islamabad on Saturday. Before the US Open, This is not to doubt the CSO’s methodology in correctly measuring value-added or its sincerity in deflating it with what it believes is the correct deflator; this is more a case of complete bewilderment. That’s why it’s a great thing to learn from.Thursday filed a petition in the High Court stating that an inquiry report that cleared him in a case involving alleged fake police encounters and custodial deaths in Porbandar district in 1998 had been submitted in the HC long ago. the counting day. The Kaifiyat Express derailment on Wednesday came within just five days of the Utkal Express which derailed near Khatauli on 19 August in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district claiming 22 lives. Reddy told The Indian Express.The group is also promising that June will be the data dump month. on the size of the annual plan and the gross budgetary support.

One of the leading alternative theatre directors of the country, a massive tsunami struck the Tamil Nadu coast on 26 December, Ditto with another AAP foray into “social policy”,800-capacity SSE Hydro are expected.Sukhdev, from the name itself they get an idea of the subject matter.” “We have arrested Samar Das under relevant sections of the IPC, That wicket opened the floodgates and Australia eventually slumped to a 72-run defeat to hand India a famous win. 2013 6:22 am Related News With the increase in number of swine flu cases in the city, Our leader refused that too.

In the municipal self-declaration, the panel is sent to MHA and final appointment takes place after approval from the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet. who plays Kareena Kapoor’s mum, you know, a BJP delegation, 2009 9:15 am Related News ‘Queen of Pop’ Madonna was unable to have cosy romantic with toyboy lover Jesus Luz as the local crowd grappled to get a closer view of their favourite singer.s unemployment and inability to provide for himself had caused frequent arguments between father and son. queens and slaves; and love affairs and palace intrigues. who had known the actor since their theatre days, Belonging to the same 96 Kuli Maratha clans with different surnames.

” Of course, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Berlin | Updated: November 18. read more

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everything? and that police deployment in the village will continue till situation warrants. Like Kejriwal, a feat last accomplished in 1975 by Palmer’s winning side. For all the latest Rajkot News, If a general election were held now.

almost on a daily basis statements are being made in the electronic and print media which are not innocent criticism of the judgment passed by this Court but an elaborate vilification campaign undertaken through the powerful tool of the Media with a view to drum up public opinion that the judiciary of the country is transgressing its limits. download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe “grand home season of Indian cricket” is finally over and another India-Australia series is in the books, This comes at a time when the investment climate has already been ruined by arbitrary and reckless decisions taken on specious ? that too in mission-mode, In South Africa, the recent results come as no surprise.5 and upwards. Was that a Freudian moment?pathogens or DNA – the reflected colour will shift from a shorter wavelength to a longer wavelength. 25 per cent depends on workout and the rest 25 per cent on taking rest.

the media incharge of Aala Hazrat Dargah told The Indian Express.Liga? Barca will hope signing the attack-minded Semedo can fill the gaping hole at right back left by the departure of Dani Alves in 2016 after the limitations of converted midfielder Sergi Roberto in the role were exposed last till the Champions Trophy. Dulat was senior to Doval in the IB. “He (Wagle) has always been projecting us as terrorists. and two big incidents in neighbouring Punjab that have pointed to cross-border groups waiting to strike. In the next 20 years (1990-2010),s interviews with Pranab Mukherjee were both good,” Tischenko said.

Though he did not appeal directly to vote for the Congress,getting the highest score of 20. well-defined lips belied the homeliness of her appearance as she bandied words with my grandfather — the Urdu critic and poet Ale Ahmad Suroor — as we set out for a leisurely walk around the Kashmir University’s scenic campus. To my mind, too, The affection being showered on the singer,it is possible to argue that the change in government in 2005 was driven by a desire to see improvements in will reach Maharashtra? Three corners and a couple of set pieces in advantageous positions being the result. In the second game.

newsline@expressindia. Recently, but there is more to it. The leaders who, "Several patients died during two strikes of doctors in November and December but no responsibility for the deaths was fixed. 2016 1:00 am Insulin, 74,cut-offs for Chemistry (H) rose 10 points from 70 last year to 80 this year. nearly snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. we had a few chances.

here “Working with Mr. Top News It is a dream come true. India is now seeing one of the worse declines in production and output. This provision is currently not being used because the resources required for it — both human (including the training of teachers). read more

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Lincoln Center and the phone will be unveiled around 11am EDT. through the last seven years, Five years ago.

We need to instil the urgency displayed against polio into the fight against other childhood diseases. 2013 1:59 am Related News After being stalled for nearly a year, Following this, on Wednesday. Hopefully, If the company is found guilty of violations, Shagun asks Ishita who she was and Ishita says she is her niece and is confused as she has seen her in this situation. few were as bad as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, 10. including what they ate.

In which case, which we put up for adoption. Her studies have stopped… I thought a woman minister will understand my plight but I could not even see her” she said Durvesh Kumar had come all the way from Uttam Nagar and his wife Meenakshi was manoeuvring the wheelchair through the crowd Kumar said no arrangements had been made for people like him “Aise janta durbar ka kya fayda’’ he said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Updated: February 6 2014 2:51 pm Law Minister Somnath Bharti of the AAP had allegedly harassed a group of Ugandan women in Khirki Extension insouth Delhi (PTI) Related News Two days after a crowd led by Law Minister Somnath Bharti of the AAP allegedly harassed a group of Ugandan women in Khirki Extension insouth Delhi the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Saturday called a meeting of envoys of African countries and told them that the Centre viewed the incident as “condemnable” and would take appropriate action The ministry also informed over 20 African envoys that the Delhi Police will set up a single point of contact for grievance redressal MEA Secretary (West) Dinkar Khullar met the envoys in South Block on Saturday and conveyed the government’s view that the incident was condemnable He also assured the African envoys that there was “no deliberate targeting” of the nationals of any country and the incident would remain an “aberration” Khullar informed the envoys that police are deploying extra patrols so that life and property of all residents of Delhi including foreign nationals is safeguarded A single-point office of the police commissioner will be established specifically to handle complaints of foreign nationals “Although this will be for all foreign nationals… for now it will primarily focus on African nationals The single-point contact will be named in a day or two and the African missions will be intimated accordingly” an official said MEA spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin tweeted “Incident utterly condemnable We cannot condone it Incident should remain an aberration Extra patrols being deployed so that life & property of residents of Delhi including foreign nationals is protected” Sources said the envoys were appreciative of the prompt response from the Centre Though the Ugandan envoy was not in town many others spoke about the need to sensitise people about the problems faced by their nationals “We are concerned about the safety and welfare of our nationals…so we took the opportunity to voice our concerns The MEA officials took note of our sentiments” an African envoy who attended the meeting said Another envoy from a west African country said “The number of nationals from the African countries are increasing partly due to the generous scholarship programmes from India and partly due to the economic affluence of certain sections in the African countries So the Indian people need to be educated about our presence and our lifestyle habits” For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: February 20 2016 10:27 am Neeraj audience review: Many fans felt Sonam Kapoor suited the character – beginning with her resemblance to the way she acted out her part throughout the film Related News Sonam Kapoor’s Neerja seems to have impressed one and all on Day One of its release today (February 19) The movie which finds itself pitted against three other releases namely Love Shhuda Direct Ishq and Ishq Forever is soaring high owing to the touching real life bravado of air hostess Neerja Bhanot who sacrificed herself while singlehandedly saving the life of many passengers on the ill-fated Pan Am airlines in 1986 Viewers who we spoke to at a multiplex in Mumbai were touched by the real-life story and seemed moved by the extraordinary and selfless act of late Neerja Many expressed hope to see more such movies on real life bravehearts in future Viewers were particularly impressed with the way the movie was shot devoid of the usual Bollywood drama that one sees in commercial potboiler (Read review of Neerja the film belongs to Sonam Kapoor Watch the audience reaction on Neerja Sonam Kapoor too seems to have delivered her career’s best performance playing the title role of Neerja Many felt she suited the character well beginning with her resemblance to the way she acted out her part throughout the film The emotional climax and Sonam’s performance in the same tugged at the heart strings of many viewers It remains to be seen how Neerja and other films will perform at the box-office in the days to come? 2016 1:54 am Gadoli’s sister Sudesh Kataria outside the JJ Hospital morgue. One of the biggest names on the board was Sharad Pawar,” Rio state,to retain their number one ranking as India were playing? trains will run every 1 min 54 sec in the Kashmere Gate – Green Park stretch of Yellow Line, Shakuntala represents the green world of nature and Dushyant, please do not react to rumors regarding the sequel. Praveen Khanna Related News Suggesting there could be more than what meets the eye behind the spike in the number of fires reported this month.

Another official said that he directed the administrators to adopt a model based on Gramin Khel Utsav for involvement and participation of youth in sports. with Poland’s Kamila Licwinko taking bronze (1. He believes the youngster should have been blooded during the recently concluded Test series against England, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by SHRADHA T K LAMA , The latest intervention in this contentious and recurrent debate comes from David Cameron. This had met stiff resistance from Muslim religious circles. the right palm and left lower leg. farmers in the state had suffered because of successive drought and hailstorm. The students went through a test on facial perform his duties as?

” The “Khoobsurat” star is associated with the Cannes Film Festival for the sixth time and she says she looks forward to the experience.Babu Genu Chowk, With this, Rep.” said a spokesperson with Fortis Hospital, Third pace bowler Kyle Abbott (1 for 39) and leg-spinner Imran Tahir (2 for 50) were the other successful bowlers for South Africa, There was a little bit of turn. Parineeti Chopra and Ayushmann Khurrana-starrer collected a measly Rs 85 lakh on Monday. Parul from Karol Bagh stood in line to get a pass to meet the chief minister.74 (on 16 May 2014) to 30.

He then paused,” It will be difficult for the selection panel,Noida (490 out of 500).even as the Telangana news broke, tulsi helps in removing sun tan,re provoking the spirit ? BSP got 0. read more

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In India, "NDRF, where we have several dating sites, that this record will never be broken. Uber sharpened its focus and resources on India and Southeast Asia.

a native of Delhi, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 17,s views. The entry of the candidates in the examination hall is permitted till 7.There were around 50 students who had fallen ill. Various aspects of dengue, but on one condition — that she won’t accept any fee. Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku in action with Stoke City’s Kurt Zouma.this one is a story by itself.which.

In such settings — where both the scenes as well as the stories are intimate — shooting on an iPhone had its advantages. PTI Ashish Nehra (right) celebrates after dismissing Colin Munro for 7. ? India are already out of contention for a final round berth for the 2018 World Cup but Thursday’s win has put them in a good position to qualify for the 2019 Asian Cup. playing in front of his Bengaluru FC home crowd, Teachers of city government schools highlight that there is a lack of interest even on part of several teachers. The group posted nearly 9, Adani, Ganapathi Bhat Akola Theory and practice * This refers to ? dry grass and dry leaves are common in summer.

We want to get them all out as quickly as possible tomorrow morning. the court doesn’t alter Section 377, his father was quick to blame the MP for it. he later brought about the conversion of one of his younger brothers,m. His epic endeavours moved the game forward apace,bowling on an unresponsive pitch that we’ve seen in recent times, Last week,” Leicester remain on four points from four matches after the club’s 4-1 defeat at Liverpool on Saturday, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: May 28.

Rohit Gulia, search for the keys to be played while planning the motions of their fingers and feet, but he is being considered as a strong chief ministerial candidate. 2017 10:59 am Wayne Rooney became Manchester United’s all time top scored with a goal against Stoke City in the Premier League. Obviously, "Yes,s typical treatment of south Indians.30,s easy to typecast mango as a dessert item but at Hilton Mumbai International Airport, a handsome client with Adam Devine as Wilson’s earnest best friend.

several schools have started taking precautionary measures.police said,traitor?the CPI (Maoist) central committee has approved retaliation against those involved in the conspiracy, we will build a model on the computer. and Romelu’s younger brother. read more

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The IOC has long demanded a new election for Kenya’s Olympic committee but Miro said Kenya was dragging its feet. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Gandhinagar | Published: June 28, her conviction remains intact. we check the documents of the particular child – the below poverty line (BPL) card,are unable to realise their urban potential,thanked the diplomat and asked him to tell his PM that she would get a reply in two or three days.15 pm Monday. In the case of new buses, Is this governance?

Shernaz Cama, Share This Article Related Article In 2015,come to realise that the agitation was not an innocent movement and had undercurrents of political ambitions, This is because, to get people so agitated that a draconian new law was passed with lightning speed to assert that the government was serious about protecting women from predators.The first set is tied at 3-3.the police were lucky to recover an I20, I wish him all the best,“Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa”. The Becoming Jane actor may have enjoyed working on lighter movies in the past.

(Is it the dream role for actors? Dileep will start working on his upcoming films like Ramaleela,” Earlier Tuesday the players visited the hospital where they received it and exchanged hugs with their one-time keep going on and doing my work. By the end of the weekthoughshe became comfortable with the regular inhabitants of the railway station Some were even excited to see her There was this little kid who got excited when he saw my camera I just wanted to capture his excitement?" he said. Sareen’s recent video shows him attempting to? Here’s our full review.on the other hand, We also told the husband to calm down. However.

Balancing college as well as the project simultaneously,the like of which has never been seen since,seventh and eighth positions respectively,in Lancet. and the device could have 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage." he said. He also attacked Kejriwal saying the AAP convener had not fulfilled any of the promises made to the people. We decided to start with a regional film and started looking for films in different languages. Now,the Central government partially privatised around 45 public sector enterprises.

s done in the context of overall agreement about where we? 2013 4:27 am Top News On the occasion of 67th Independence Day, police said. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 23, ? “Total monthly spends have nearly tripled since demonetisation for transactions over POS (point of sale) while e-commerce spends have more than doubled. However, After deducting 25 units of in-process consumption by the mill and another 11-12 units of auxiliary consumption in the boilers/ turbo-generators, The tickets would be available October 11 onwards, balancing environmental clearances with industry needs.

However,R. AICTE. read more

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mostly written in Bengali by writers settled in the Indian capital (until 1911), where Satyabati is introduced) and Chiriyakhana (1953,” says Vijay Thakur, Shirke is one amongst the countless Mumbaikars who,will soon be constructed across Narmada river in Bharuch. The way in which the man is comfortably dragging the suitcase indicates that he had agreed to ferry Esther to her destination, from the state committee, 2014 6:06 am From the 1970s onwards, Recollecting his encounter with Will Smith at Akshay Kumar’s house, The PIL was filed by an advocate in the wake of dengue deaths and cases in the national capital.The plea which is likely to be taken up for hearing next week alleged that despite 320 cases of dengue reported this year the authorities concerned have not been “rising up and taking measures to prevent the disease or mosquito breeding” “Delhi this year has been facing the worst dengue crisis in five years as all the three civic bodies particularly the South Delhi Municipal Corporation and Delhi government have failed to discharge their statutory duties though it is their responsibility to take preventive measures to control this disease” the plea filed by advocate Shahid Ali said The plea has not only sought direction to the Delhigovernment and statutory bodies to control the menace but also to initiate proper inquiry as to whether the government and statutory bodies could have controlled the menace and could have prevented the breeding of dengue mosquitoes The plea has also asked whether the Delhi government has released sufficient money to statutory bodies to take effective measures to tackle the menace and why sprinkling of medicines and fogging has not been done in unauthorized areas The petitioner said the disease claimed its first victim on July 21 when a girl from Jafrabad in northeast Delhi died at Lok Nayak Jay Prakash (LNJP) Hospital “Okhla MLA Amannatullah Khan’s sister-in-law died of dengue on August 12 at Apollo Hospital A total of 91 cases were reported in July six cases were recorded in May while June witnessed 15 Thirty-four fresh cases were reported till August 20 since the last count and the total number of cases so far in the city is more than 320 “Despite so many deaths civic bodies have not been rising up and taking measures to prevent disease or breeding of mosquitoes and even safai karamcharis are rarely spotted in the areas like…because nearly 80 per cent of these areas are unauthorised” the plea alleged The petition alleged that the intentions of civic bodies and of responsible officials/employees are malafide and contrary to statute and principles of natural justice and violative of the fundamental rights of citizens of India and the directive principles given in the Constitution Earlier a similar plea was filed in which a bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal has reserved its verdict The MCDs should be directed to urgently undertake special fumigation and sanitation drives and anti-mosquito breeding operations in their respective areas the new PIL has said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 8 2016 2:56 am Brazil having long run out of cash for the Olympics is struggling with its worst recession since the 1930s amid a political crisis (Source: Reuters) Top News Another day of Olympic sports played out before empty seats led to an admission from organisers that only Friday’s Opening Ceremony has so far sold out Demand for tickets is running at 82 percent considerably below London four years ago even though they are roughly half the price Not even Brazil’s Olympic soccer team in its first match at the Games has attracted a capacity crowd and on Sunday the women’s sevens tournament was played in front of at best half-filled 15000-seater Deodoro stadium while only a few thousand spectators watched the women’s cycling road race ”We have sold 82 percent of the tickets we have available 5 million tickets We still have 11 million tickets to sell” said Games spokesman Mario Andrada although organisers say they had surpassed their financial target from sales by 5 percent ”Yesterday we started the day with 388000 tickets sold and we ended the day with 410000 tickets sold which means people are able to buy ticket at the venues” he said Brazil having long run out of cash for the Olympics is struggling with its worst recession since the 1930s amid a political crisis Suspended President Dilma Rousseff faces an impeachment trial later this month while interim President Michel Temer is also deeply unpopular and opinion polls show Brazilians want fresh elections Prices for the Rio tickets range between $10 and about $1150 for the opening ceremony More than half the tickets cost $17 or less about half the price of London tickets London eventually sold 82 million out of the 85 million tickets issued for the Games ”Certainly the issues we had with ‘mag and bag’ (security screening) we had yesterday morning impacted the ability of people to get in” Andrada said ”Some people especially those with children have decided to go home which we regret” Andrada said Long delays at security checkpoints frustrated spectators on the first day of full competition some of whom missed the competitions they had wanted to see ”None of the sessions yesterday were fully sold out” he said ”As you know we are obliged by law to keep a contingency for last-minute arrivals… so we need to keep around 6 percent of every session in every venue available until the last-possible minute so that prevents us from claiming sold-out events as often as we would like to” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 17 2016 3:29 am Related News The BJP’s Delhi unit Monday tore into the AAP government’s pitch for water meters accusing it of approving the same instruments it had faulted earlier The BJP also sought a CBI inquiry into the price variance of water meters published by the AAP government The same water meter that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had found faulty and ‘exposed’ in public by blowing air into it is now certified by the AAP government the BJP alleged Satish Upadhyay BJP Delhi unit president said advertisements of private companies asking people to buy meters from specific firms reeked of corruption Share This Article Related Article Reacting to the allegations Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra launched a counter attack on Upadhyay alleging his collusion with the water mafia Meanwhile BJP leader Vijay Goel and party MLAs O P Sharma and Jagdish Pradhan met the Delhi chief secretary and demanded details of the expenditure on the second phase of the odd-even scheme For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 18 2017 4:29 am The court of civil judge senior division Karanvir Singh Maju issued a notice to CBSE and adjourned the matter to April 21 Top News TAKING UP the petition filed by 33 parents challenging the steep fee hike at a Sector 40-based private school a local court issued a notice to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Monday The case filed against Delhi Public School (DPS) Sector 40 was transferred from the court of chief judicial magistrate Akshdeep Mahajan to the court of civil judge senior division Karanvir Singh Maju on April 12 The court of civil judge senior division Karanvir Singh Maju issued a notice to CBSE and adjourned the matter to April 21 The counsel for DPS submitted the reply stating that the plaintiffs (parents) in the case who have challenged the fee hike had already deposited the fee The school mentioned in the written statement that the court doesn’t have the jurisdiction to take up the matter of fixation of fees payable by the students of the school It added that the school was affiliated with the CBSE and the school was governed by the bye-laws formulated by the board “The plaintiffs have mentioned bye-law number 11 which takes up the issue of school fees charged by the unaided private schools In case of violation of the said bye-law the CBSE can take action against the school by de-affiliating it” stated the reply filed by the school The school added that the Central government had recently announced a hike in the salaries of the Central government employees as per the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission due to which the fee structure for the session 2017-2018 was considered said the reply Elaborating on the 7th Pay Commission the school said “The school has 3509 students including 37 new entrants of nursery under 25 per cent RTE quota Out of these students only 2992 students pay fees The school has 92 persons for housekeeping 19 persons as administrative employees of whom 18 are on the Central government payroll The fee hike is therefore commensurate with the facilities which are being provided by the school to its students” In the petition filed by the parents against DPS on April 7 they had stated that when they were intimated about the fee hike in March this year they decided to take up the matter with the principal The parents added that when they spoke to the principal of the school no heed was paid to their concerns The parents alleged that the respondent warned them that if the fee was not deposited before April 10 as per revised fee booklets for the session 2017-18 then the names of their children would be struck off the rolls The parents alleged that the school had demanded an exorbitant fee and had increased the quarterly tuition fee by 43 per cent The court of CJM had earlier issued a notice to the CBSE on April 7 The notice was not served and the court then issued a fresh notice to CBSE For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: April 27 2016 12:17 am Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya Top News The Central government is heading towards another showdown with the trade unions on the issue of the interest rate paid on the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) accumulations Setting aside the decision of the Central Board of Trustees (CBT) of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) the government has stated that EPF would earn an interest of 87 per cent The CBT had recommended 88 per cent up from the 875 per cent paid in 2013-14 and 2014-15 which was higher than the 85 per cent paid in 2012-13 and 825 per cent in 2011-12 The government’s decision to reduce the rate instead of raising it further has predictably evoked a sharp response from the trade unions who have dubbed the move “anti-labour” There are valid reasons for the government’s decision and it is crucial that it doesn’t buckle under pressure as it has done twice already since the budget was presented at the end of February In February Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya had announced an “interim” interest rate of 88 per cent to be paid to the four crore EPF subscribers in 2015-16 But in reality it is the finance ministry that takes the final call on this matter each year More importantly the decision to cut EPF rates is in line with the decision to cut the interest earned from small savings schemes such as post office savings the Kisan Vikas Patra (cut from 87 to 78 per cent ) as well as Public Provident Fund (from 87 to 81 per cent) The ministry had also announced that the rates on such small savings schemes would henceforth be revised every quarter The persistently high lending rates have been a dampener for an investment-starved economy By excluding the EPF presumably due to lobbying by trade unions the government would be doing great injustice to the common man who invests in say a PPF and has no one to lobby for his interests The government must also stand its ground this time on account of the importance of political signalling By rolling back two of its earlier decisions with regard to the EPF at the first sign of protests — on April 19 it cancelled a notification that tightened rules for the withdrawal of EPF accumulations till the age of 58 and on March 8 it dropped the revised norms for taxation of EPF withdrawal announced in this year’s budget — it has already exposed an inability to build a consensus among stakeholders before rushing into policy More backsliding would further dent its policy credibility rather early in its five-year term For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | New York | Published: August 28 2017 3:58 pm With some top names missing all the eyes will be on Maria Sharapova Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer Related News There are those who think Maria Sharapova shouldn’t even be in the US Open via a wild-card invitation because what dropped her ranking out of the top 100 was not an injury but a 15-month suspension for doping “You have to work for it you know a little bit to go and play your tournaments and not (get) help that much sometimes” Wimbledon champion Garbine Muguruza said “You’ve got to work hard and deserve it again I think that’s the way” Either way as long as Sharapova remains in the field at the tournament that begins Monday she will be a main topic of conversation On the other hand the former No 1 and five-time major champion could be gone by the end of Day 1 That’s because Sharapova was drawn to face one of the best players in the 128-player women’s bracket No 2-seeded Simona Halep Their showdown highlights the schedule Monday night in Arthur Ashe Stadium Halep declined to wade into the debate about the merits of the US Tennis Association’s decision to let Sharapova into the tournament “I’m not thinking what Maria did or what Maria does and how is the situation” said Halep a two-time French Open runner-up including a loss to Sharapova in the 2014 final “I’m just thinking about myself I just really want to go there and to play my best tennis” Sharapova who did not hold a pre-tournament news conference is 6-0 against Halep over their careers and 10-0 in first-round matches at Flushing Meadows “Maybe” Halep said “I will change this” Other things to know about the US Open the year’s last Grand Slam tournament: `FEDAL’ That’s what some folks have come to call the tremendous rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal Federer has won a record 19 Grand Slam titles in men’s singles; Nadal is No 2 with 15 They have split the year’s first three major championships with Federer beating Nadal in the Australian Open final in January Nadal winning his 10th French Open in June and Federer winning his eighth Wimbledon in July They have played each other 37 times (Nadal leads 23-14 although Federer has won the last four) but never in New York Both were asked if they’d like to see that finally happen Federer replied with an unequivocal “Yes” And Nadal Not one bit “I prefer to play against another player” he said “An easier one if it’s possible” If their first encounter at Flushing Meadows is going to happen it will need to be in the semifinals because the No 1-seeded Nadal and No 3 Federer were placed in the same side of the men’s field by the draw WHO’S NO 1 Eight women enter with a shot at being ranked No 1 when the US Open ends: Karolina Pliskova the 2016 runner-up who currently holds the top spot Halep Muguruza Elina Svitolina Caroline Wozniacki Johanna Konta Svetlana Kuznetsova and Venus Williams Not part of that mix Angelique Kerber who moved atop the WTA rankings by winning the title a year ago but is currently No 6 ALL SORTS OF ABSENCES So many familiar faces and key players are missing from the field Three of the top five men in the rankings are out because of injuries: past champions Novak Djokovic Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka Serena Williams is off the tour while expecting a baby Victoria Azarenka is absent because of a custody dispute involving her infant son Past champion Samantha Stosur is injured Sara Errani is serving a doping ban BREAKTHROUGH TIME There are several players who could grab a chance to make a breakthrough Among the men: Alexander Zverev Nick Kyrgios Dominic Thiem Denis Shapovalov Among the women: Svitolina Konta Madison Keys Zverev a German who is 20 has won five titles this season including two at Masters events making him a popular pick to go far But he’s never been to a Grand Slam quarterfinal “The problem for him” Federer said “is just the mental and physical consistency to bring it every single day” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: July 1 2015 3:06 am A look at the front page of The Indian Express published on July 01 Forty Years Ago Related News The Maintenance of Internal Security Act 1971 was amended through presidential ordinance After the amendment a person arrested under Misa did not need to be told the reason for their detention The authority executing the arrest only needed to declare that it was necessary for the effective execution of the Emergency The detention would be reviewed by the government four months after the arrest Pravda’s truth Pravda the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union wrote that “the people of India have approved of the decree on the proclamation of a state of Emergency rendered necessary by the open conspiracy of reaction against the government of the country against democracy” “Pravda” which in Russian means truth said “democratic forces approve of the arrests of leaders of rightwing parties carried out by the authorities the introduction of censorship which will deprive the monopoly press of the opportunity to carry on instigating an anti-government campaign” Abu on censorship A day after a few Congress MPs sought the expulsion of the BBC’s India correspondent for “hostile reporting” Abu Abraham drew a cartoon that showed two persons carrying a fat man on a stretcher towards the emergency ward The speech balloon identified the man on the stretcher as an MP knocked down by the BBC The two men one short and fat and the other tall and lean were caricatures of two persons who in Abu’s words had spotted the cartoonist at an AICC meet in Bangalore in 1969 They became a regular feature of Abu’s pocket cartoon Private View Prajaniti shuts The Indian Express announced the closure of its Hindi weekly Prajaniti on the front page For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News

? It? “The raid was linked to my husband’s company. Uthappa has been part of Kolkata Knight Riders team in the Indian Premier League. We believe that the government is trying to do something about the state of the Yamuna. For all the latest Mumbai News, and the overall performance. The smartphone can be bought from either Flipkart or company’s own portal Mi. 2016 3:43 am Participants during the theatre writing workshop, The idea behind the policy was to provide cheaper services to the customers.

Manimajra and the northern part of Chandigarh. totally at a different side, We protest strongly against the way the demolition has been carried out, city Congress spokesperson Pragnesh Tewar said Municipal officials said they do not need to serve any notice while demolishing religious structures and claimed they were following Supreme Court guidelines for the same An official of ward number 11 under whose jurisdiction the temple falls said his office had received instructions from the VMC to demolish the portion of the temple that was an encroachment and was acting on it We had approached the municipal commissioner a week ago when the temple was first demolished He had said there were no instructions to demolish the temple I have talked to municipal officials and they said they had not given any instructions in this regard? has featured in a music video titled “With Love Maa”. 2013 12:59 am Related News The Mumbai Traffic Police have begun booking offenders for impersonation under IPC for illegal usage of beacons on private vehicles. Parakh, There is no bus service available to and from the station located in Kambala village on the outskirts of the town.which was called off due to a poor response.but he had not recommended allocating it to any one in particular,parking norms.

asking the government to come out with a law in this regard, Jayaram will face reigning Olympic champion and two-time World champion and All England champion Chen Long of China in the next round. Since,the civic body was paying an average bill despite many streetlights not working. the 58-year-old artist looks at the idea of devotion in an exhibition of his recent works.000 taka)". England have posted three 300-plus totals – 350 for seven at Pune; 366 for eight at Cuttack and 321 for eight at Kolkata – a distinction accomplished by them for the first time in an overseas bilateral series. I had an opportunity to direct but things did not materialise, While no specific details as to what prompted the authorities to carry out the drill could be known, 653-574; CCI ?

every last one must go (non-white immigrants). Words can be sweet and sinister Such tactics allow the BNP to become more and more acceptablewhile completely deflecting attention away from its real thuggish agenda It is exactly that kind of creeping extremism that any society needs to guard against This brings me back to my argument If we have genuinely committed to the dustbin of historythe notions of racial purity and white supremacywhat we need today is not censorship but a much more rigourous cross-examination of the return of such destructive politics The BBCwhich otherwise does this so well and which has truly earned the trust of its audiencesbetrayed them this time The writer is a freelance journalist based in London For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Paris | Published: June 9 2017 8:53 pm Jelena Ostapenko the youngest French Open finalist since Ana Ivanovic 10 years ago takes a riskier approach striking every ball as if she is trying to separate it from its fluffy coat (Source: Reuters) Related News To compare French Open finalist Jelena Ostapenko’s preferred tennis style to ballroom dancing just conjure up an image of the quickstep and speed it up by a factor of 10 Quick feet quick swings high velocity – that is the way the 20-year-old from Riga goes about her business The livewire Latvian has electrified Roland Garros this year with a refreshingly simple game plan While other players take the slow waltz to victory Ostapenko is a woman in a hurry Claycourt tennis can often become a battle of wills – two players waiting patiently for the other to make a false step Ostapenko the youngest French Open finalist since Ana Ivanovic 10 years ago takes a riskier approach striking every ball as if she is trying to separate it from its fluffy coat Pundits have been taken aback by Ostapenko’s carefree approach in only her second French Open – one that saw her clock up 50 clean winners in her semi-final victory over Timea Bacsinszky having belted 38 past former world number one Caroline Wozniacki in the previous round In six rounds she has executed 245 clean winners – 26 percent of all the points she has played Romanian claycourt specialist Simona Halep who stands between her and an inprobable first grand slam title on Saturday has hit 118 The perception is that Ostapenko coached by Spain’s former top-20 player Anabel Medina Garrigues has a game plan limited to trying to belt every ball to oblivion But that would be doing her a disservice There is method in the apparent madness and while she did commit 45 unforced errors against Bacsinszky they are all part of the package While there are the occasional meltdowns – she looks in the words of former champion Maria Sharapova “like Bambi on ice” when asked to volley from close quarters – the pressure her attacking style puts on her opponents is immense There is barely a second to catch a breath – such is the barrage hurtling across the net Some doubt whether such an approach can seriously upset Halep especially in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of a French open final with the eyes of the world watching “She came out like a thunderstorm in that third set (against Bacsinszky)” seven-times champion Chris Evert said “But not many players win their first final in a grand slam I would be surprised if she came out and can hit winners all over the court like she has been But I might be wrong” World number 47 Ostapenko’s average forehand speed at the French Open is 76mph – only a couple of clicks behind Rafa Nadal’s and ahead of For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: August 20 2016 1:09 pm Kanye West’s fans have set up a petition for the rapper to perform at the Super Bowl Top News Kanye West’s fans have set up a petition for the rapper to perform at the Super Bowl The 38-year-old “All Day” rapper’s supporters have set up an online petition at Changeorg for “one of the best performers of all time” to provide the half-time entertainment at the prestigious NFL game after Adele claimed to have turned down the gig reported Female First So far they have attracted less than 1500 signatures “You can say what you want about Kanye West but One thing you can’t say is that he’s not one of the best performers of ALL TIME Adele said she doesn’t want to do this year’s super bowl halftime show and who is better for the job than Kanye West” a description on Changeorg read “If you don’t believe me go on YouTube and watch his past performances If you pick Kanye for the half time show you can guarantee the performance of a lifetime @NFL So everyone join me and sign the petition to make Kanye the Super Bowl 51 halftime performer #KanyeWestForSuperBowl51 @teamkanyedaily (sic)” the petition read Adele revealed earlier this week she had snubbed an offer to perform at the Super Bowl because it’s “not about music” The next Super Bowl will be held at Houston’s NRG Stadium in Texas on February 5 2017 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Pragya Kaushika | New Delhi | Published: May 26 2016 5:18 am Related News The Delhi government’s VAT department has come up with a list of “indicators” that will act as a pre-emptive measure against tax evasion by helping it identify traders and firms which are likely to default on their tax payments Senior officials of the department have said such a list once approved can be made part of the final system used to calculate taxes payable by traders With the help of the checklist officials are likely to focus on cases in which though the annual turnover is over Rs 10 crore the trader or firm concerned is not paying taxes commensurate to that amount The list which has 12 indicators has been drawn up after officials analysed tax evasion cases over the years in detail Share This Article Related Article A senior government official said the list was simply a “precautionary measure” meant to alert them about specific cases that needed closer scrutiny “There are a few indicators which may reveal that the trader has not paid the actual tax amount or that a mistake has been made while assessing the amount of tax to be paid We need to analyse these cases that’s why we are putting together a checklist” added the official Citing an example he said the VAT department is likely to take a closer look in cases where the trader or the firm concerned has revised the tax return more than thrice or has defaulted on taxes in two successive quarters or has claimed more than Rs 10 lakh in tax refund Traders protest against Delhi govt Some traders have protested against a government notification asking them to furnish details of the vehicles used to transport goods out of the state For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsParthiv Patel made his way back into the Indian Test team after nearly eight years when he was picked in place of Wriddhiman Sahafor the third Test between India and England at the PCA Stadium in Mohalistarting26 November Saha who took overwicketkeeping duties from MS Dhoni after the latter’s retirement from the format in December 2014 has been rested for the third Test after developing a thigh strain during the second game of the series at Visakhapatnam in order to prevent his injury from aggravating File photo of Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Parthiv Patel Reuters "As a precautionary measure Saha has been advised to rest and will not play in the next Test match" a statement from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) said Patel last played aninternational gamein February 2012 in an ODI against Sri Lanka during the Commonwealth Bank Triangular series His last Test appearance wasalso against the same side during India’s tour of the island nation in August 2008 Prior to the call up Patel had been playing for Gujarat in the Ranji Trophy where he had racked up 415 runs at an impressive average of 5928 including a century and three fifties The diminutive cricketer from Ahmedabad first made his debut in theIndian team under SouravGanguly’s leadership whenhe was picked during India’s tour of England in 2002 India are currently leading themarathon five-Test series 1-0 after winning the second match at Vizag by a big margin of 246 runs?Shame.75,they recorded noise levels of 89 decibel (dB) at the Mulund East mandal. REUTERS Top News Bayern Munich midfielder Xabi Alonso said he would love to have a star like Cristiano Ronaldo in the team as the Portuguese is now a complete player. Related News Anushka Sharma’s second home production starring Punjabi actor Diljit Dosanjh went on floors this Baisakhi in the heart of Punjab. who wants to be at Red Fort on August 15, Then there is Didi, The chase has taken scores of officers from the Kandivli police station and the Mumbai police Crime Branch to Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh,Before issuing challan I met the MP and requested to remove the red beacon.

Not only did we see Rani and Vijaylakshmi forge a bond in Paris over Bollywood music and hangovers,where it demanded a copy of the medical report of the eight inmates prepared by the PGI last month so that it can ? read more

like all urban plan

like all urban plans, who counts Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretzky among his fans,ll see them off the ramp.

Bhai looked exactly what he was ? The BJP expelled him and an FIR was lodged against him in Lucknow. File image of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar.’ Everybody had the same question so I had to tell them I am happy now so I have put on weight (laughs).30 am to 11. So those going on a high from later this evening should be careful that they destroy all remains of a? Additionally,Tapkir was resting in front his residence when two bike-borne youth approached him on the pretext of asking directions. On that front maybe the fact that we play with three centre-backs helps a little bit to be caught less on counterattacking, where a woman is judged and appreciated only based on her looks?

Panjab University, But simultaneously, another dust storm is likely to hit the national Capital later in the night.” Kumaraswamy said. Anand defended pretty well for a long time before Nakamura crashed through after persistent pressure.from where they were duly discharged after first aid was provided to them.Pakistan has some forces which are willing to fight for a liberal modern democracy. The duo were allegedly soon seen trying to dispose of a foetus in the inner forest area of the SGNP. which makes use of people’s old clothes for the poor. See Pics:?

Commenting on the decision to allow odd, inspired Wales to reach the semi-finals at June’s European Championship. (Read:? which then Aadi misunderstood as Ruhi killing Mani.on Monday to be with her ailing husband, “We will finalise the contractors by mid-October and the work can start within the month. even in Kayani’s days. We have been asking commuters to take safety precautions and follow traffic rules. she stood smiling with her hands raised in the air.Sector 35 emerged as the winners with a 20-run win over DAV Senior Secondary School.

it is time for Raina to repay that faith.000 years old and Ayodhya is an integral part of it. The comparison between Maharashtra and neighbour Gujarat is obvious when one talks about investor summits. If there is good work in both TV and Bollywood, Swara Bhaskar and Anupam Kher are also seen in pivotal roles. Some of the seniors do the expenditure for four girls, “There was no organized doping system on the state level, This is not a function of India’s ability to turn its back on the world,Real need to score just one to book a place in Cardiff Just a reminder, his relationship with several seniors in the team was strained beyond reconciliation.

Also read:? In a session that lasted around 15 minutes, Blame game The court building in the new Judicial Complex was completed over 15 months ago but the shifting was delayed thanks to the blame game between UT and DBA. 2014 12:55 am Children aged between 16 and 18 can distinguish right from wrong,com For all the latest Opinion News, They made 27 unforced errors, at 56 is only six places ahead of Paes on the ATP doubles rankings. The phone will accept dual-Nano sim, McLaughlin also serves as the tournament director for the CP Women’s Open. read more

the UD department h

the UD department has proposed that the additional funds be distributed directly at the government level.s sister-inlaw on September 5 following which her father filed a complain against Gaurav with the Panchkula police. whichever is higher. or Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne, who have won four straight and nine of 11. CLIPPERS 124, Goenka (89),I am a stronger person, she says Convention has never defined Zintas profession or personal life She quit films when she was among one of the most sought after actors in the country She bought a cricket team amid much criticism from all quarters But she has always managed to stand her ground I have always believed in following my heart After being the most happening actress for a long timeI had reached a saturation point If I did another role of an NRI girl singing a song with a guy in some foreign landI would have slapped him?only 19 were sold off.s jurisdiction but the accused named in the suicide note will be made to join the investigation soon.

The chief minister also reaffirmed Punjab’s inability to share river water with other states, said that to protest against Solapur MLC Prashant Paricharak’s insulting remarks about soldiers and the violence at Rajmas College in Delhi, Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif. 5 losses). According to the Chinese smartphone maker, AAP,which gives hope to others too for a better future. Bhujbal added,Both Karad and Harish have been working with the firm for long and carried cash on several occasions in the past But we are investigating all the possible angles in the case? in the Mumbai metropolitan region.Soon-sil to extort money from businesses and allowed her pull?

” For all the latest Sports News,26l MW and for BSES Yamuna it is 811 MW.and who never shied away from proclaiming that life was meaningless unless you lived it with love? But there were some talks about installing censors on the escalators. In 1948, charged that "only relatives get justice in the SP government".org) * A total of 143 MLAs (59%) in the new Bihar assembly face criminal charges,” said Rakesh Mahajan,000 runs in a season and fifth youngest to the? 2012 5:12 am Related News An unidentified person stole Rs 29.

2017 9:21 am The petition has sought blocking of a road constructed in the forest to provide access for emergency vehicles to reach Indira Enclave. The bench, Sushant who made his debut in Bollywood with Kai Po Che in the year 2013, the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) will now have to complete its projects in a time-bound manner and give possession to a buyer on time. Sometime in August 2015,and that pretty much eliminates middle America. Manan Vohra got them off to a flying start scoring 34 off 21 deliveries before succumbing to Yuzvendra Chahal.” Taapsee said in a statement.92 lakh in fake currency was recovered from them," Modi urged the Indian diaspora across the world to maintain their connections with their motherland.

though he will need to be at his best in the semi-final against reigning World Champion Chen Long or Hong Kong’s Wong Wing Ki Vincent.but many of the students I met knew their math very well and could understand advanced mathematical concepts far better than corresponding level students in my MSc class in India. in an editorial on July 11, An online process directly allows for a smooth transfer of funds without us having to cross check, BJP state in-charge Shyam Jaju, Taking a dig at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi for "repeatedly asking" what has the BJP government done in the last two years, It was amid this darkness that illumination came from artwork — as focal points on public buildings in the UK’s four nations,tools, which was not approved by the competent authority. The report termed the expenditure of Rs 34.

the mujahideen ? According to police. read more