The website articles published and the number of pseudo original original analysis

we need to adjust the spider crawling time.

B. which made the best

, the original is not good. Love is what Shanghai needs for the benefit of the user original and pseudo original. >

many people say, as long as the fine, one or two to. Because the spiders crawl frequency will adjust itself, thus saving spider resources, put more resources to send high-quality website. So if the light of refinement, not quantity, will affect the grab and included in the course of time. On the contrary if the light quantity, not refinement, your page may be repeated too much, so as not to build the index, so the spider with a few times, might determine whether you are a low quality site. So the amount of fine and equally important to both. The amount is fine is included to grab incentive motivation. Update stable volume can increase the capture frequency, but does not guarantee the included, included on the fine. So how to judge this fine, someone may say that the original. But according to love Shanghai love Shanghai white paper, do not think the original is good, love Shanghai more owners hope to send content or pseudo original content to allow the user to more love, more beneficial to the user, such as an article, pseudo original add pictures, even with Excel image data analysis etc. also, or form a lot of relevant summary. Like this is obviously to improve the user experience of the operation, even if you are pseudo original will get very good included. read more

understand from the search engine is essentially a say Shanghai dragon why


why Shanghai dragon core theory of knowledge: "five golden rules":

1, whether you are important? The weight of URL is high;

is the most worrying to me, love will not be because of Shanghai, Shanghai and Shanghai dragon industry has love PPC constitute a competitive relationship, love Shanghai want to take the whole industry leading operation, make corrections, let more people believe that love Shanghai PPC, desalination trust in the Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, and make more people believe in love love Shanghai Shanghai PPC, pulled the bidding results. And the best operation, is the industry leader! I hope my worry is redundant, not really read more

Love Shanghai search results only show the influence of home

(1) in the URL of the page optimization: before we always stressed, the inside pages. The shorter the better, to be meaningful, so that users can judge from their will arrive in the search results page. This argument is not

(3): after the optimization of the page title in the page URL cannot affect the user choice, write the title of the page, there is a greater impact on the user clicks, webmaster should pay more attention to the idea of the site title.

According to the Shanghai

love the search results only show page URL, do some of these boats conjecture, hoping to attract. There is no identity webmaster, welcome paizhuan. The editor: agricultural products 贵族宝贝, please indicate the source. read more

Using anchor text layout Links let Shanghai dragon ranking promotion

target 1: target 2 key words: target 3 key words: target keywords =1:2:3:4

three, the word mass website optimization Links anchor text distribution

anchor textThe word

optimized website often links the anchor text is the target keywords, this will help to quickly improve website rankings? From the single word website optimization, can really enhance the effect of the keywords ranking, but if you want to increase the keyword of the website, the anchor text problem you need to adjust Links not only need to find links, links, but also to consider the increase in chain word distribution and Links anchor text number arrangement, so what is the best way to solve the optimization strategy? Early words out of long tail keywords anchor text and brand keywords of the anchor text, usually, the ratio can be distribution. read more

How to make a home page to show more keywords

first, we must know what is our most important keywords? What is the worst to do what customers will search keywords, keywords, knowing that we can go to the distribution of key words how to place.

is generally the most important words and the worst to do keyword can be analyzed from the peer’s website, I do Internet company, then I’ll take the keywords network company that Internet companies do not make sure key words followed by Harbin website design Harbin website, Harbin website production, this. The three is definitely the main keywords, optional title must have the three, but three of them may not be so placed position, we must make the keywords of the three best done in the first place the most difficult to do in the second, the general on the last one to do so, is to let the search engine rankings to us as soon as possible, bring traffic and confidence, the flow may also have the business, then we will be able to survive, confidence in the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix is very important, if we always do not go up certainly tired, is it, this is in order to better stick to it, then we will see a little fire keywords point, is the general words of the three main keywords of the company, such as the Harbin website construction company, so in the title of the site in a certain the company must have the words, I is the company’s full name or abbreviation with the company put up, I should be in Harbin the actual web design company, this title, these symbols can be separated from the basic. Say if you want to do the brand, not temporary keyword, then put the company in the first place, so that visitors can well enhance company image. read more

The novice webmaster please stop you do the chain of garbage hands

this way, quietly spent about 2 months, until the last day of National Day holiday, the morning see the rankings, I could not find my site, suddenly felt a cool, don’t like this tragedy came. So to love station view, found the web site outside of the chain from the beginning of September, has steadily declined from the highest more than 10000 chain, now down to less than 7000 (below), although still insist on doing the garbage outside the chain, but ultimately not deleted speed (also remind yourself to do pay attention to the website data. I am a bit lazy, if usually observe the number of the chain, found problems in a timely manner, it will not cause the situation today), the final result is the start of this article ranking disappear. These days also stopped the chain of garbage, do some high quality the chain effect, slowly etc.. read more

love Shanghai in the second how to deal with

then he said: "you look at the www.***cn" rank was gone, I smiled and said: "we need to calm the face of love Shanghai cramp." First of all, let me introduce myself, I am venison network constant dragon heavy industry department, engaged in this industry for three or four years, should be the cause as a hobby to do it, I do e-commerce in this industry, I love computer, the more love my crusher station.

, on the website of the title made some changes (from the crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, crusher (price) change for the jaw crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, crusher manufacturer, and meta name="); description" content= is the most professional broken the domestic machine production base, Henan Yulong Heavy Industries is a company with years of experience in the production of jaw crusher, impact crusher crusher manufacturers, provide the latest prices query for you! Jaw crusher, impact crusher, crushing machine for low price change HANLOON > read more

Mobile search traffic increased after the Shanghai dragon ER decide on what path to follow

as everyone knows, we still stay at the PC end of their website optimization ranking Shanghai dragon, before most of the time is to do Google and love Shanghai two major search engines, and with Google out of the domestic market, seems to love Shanghai ranking optimization became synonymous with the Shanghai dragon optimization, because we in fact do is love Shanghai ranking optimization. In a very long period of time one thousand, love Shanghai official and private giants announced that after love Shanghai search on the PC side and mobile terminal of the search results will appear difference, and this difference will become larger with the development of mobile internet. In short, even after we love Shanghai website ranking may be in the PC end of the ranking is very good, and in the mobile terminal can not see; at the same time for the other search engines would have the same strategy, because it is inevitable for the development of the Internet, although there is competition between the search engine service providers, but also who dare to reverse the trend of read more

The latest release of high weight of the chain

such as: (1) the "implicit demand the word Hunan 2013 self Zhenti" is inevitably the "2013 Hunan self Zhenti answer";

1, Links: Links is between website and website to vote, no love Shanghai put it in the garbage outside the chain, but the chain do not too much, small and medium-sized enterprises, maintain is more appropriate in less than 30, although not a chain of garbage chain category, but it is implicated right down, friends of the chain more, the greater the risk.

The quality of the chain of read more

Papi sauce tender 10 million to buy a first new media advertising s title really worthHundred flower

actually, starting an undertaking is not an easy job

network is a kind of red attention economy, the novelty is over, what are not, Papi sauce from known to investment in less than two months, fans sticky is not enough. Not to mention the Papi sauce and the logic of thinking is not the same, people mainly rely on the content.

Internet companies will win the bid? 10 million exaggerated,

three minutes of video, an hour ad,

"investment" in the world now also talked about entrepreneurship: "only focus, continuous, not blind expansion, but their advantage, can achieve real success. " read more

Robots Meta tag and its usage

is the same with any kind of META label, Robots Meta placed within the HTML page code HEAD.

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

when content needs to contain multiple attributes need to be separated by a comma English, pay attention to two aspects of the same positive and negative attributes (e.g. index and Noindex) can appear in the content.

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

NOINDEX – read more

Robots txt search engine included banning method


Shanghai to track a particular link, love Shanghai also supports more precise control, please use this flag to write directly in a link:

search engine using spider program to automatically access the webpage on Internet and web information acquisition. Spider during a visit to a website, will be the first to check the website of the root domain of whether there is a robots.txt text file, this file is used to specify the spider on your site capture range. You can create a robots.txt on your website, in the document statement in the site do not want to be included in the search engine or part of the specified search engine only included a specific part. read more

But baby PR updated noble sentiment


why do we think that many PR most probably it did not actually happen? In fact, because we have to buy some links! In fact, buy links effect, not necessarily will soon be able to play a role, but there are many other factors. For example: the website template and the style is unique (unique)? Website content is updated in a timely manner? Whether the contents of the original site within the chain? Whether the design is reasonable and so on?. Of course, the real value of the purchase link, also has a great influence, some PR is indeed high, but outbound links too much, directly affect the output value of PR. read more

Search the title of the article only included not included the article page solution

! I believe we have seen the

the above problem in the end is what causes it, believe that the webmaster should also have encountered such a situation, but should not have to study it carefully, I will give you the reason analysis.

I described above, will ask, why the search time is shown in the content of the page, and then second days in time to search, it is the home page, what is the reason? The reason is very simple, because we are the number of sites, is the next day update snapshot the same day, the snapshot is not included in your latest published articles (title or title + Abstract), the next day is on the contrary. read more

Shanghai Shanghai dragon new love that launched love Shanghai Shanghai dragon advice page search

love Shanghai official on search engine optimization suggestions:

              February 15th, Shanghai love search "Shanghai dragon" prompted: "do not believe Shanghai dragon’s theory and case, improper Shanghai dragon may pose a risk to your site. The webmaster of Shanghai Longfeng recommendations on the site before reading the official guide to love Shanghai." The webmaster speculation, Shanghai dragon industry competition, many websites take formal means to brush the Shanghai dragon ranking. Therefore love Shanghai started by tips and pushing the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" means to guide the correct use of Shanghai Longfeng station. Some owners said that the fall in love with advice and tips to guide the correct sea through the Shanghai dragon is a good sign, but the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" in the first row, manual intervention is too obvious, and bidding for Shanghai Longfeng related ranking was not affected, unacceptable. Then love Shanghai cancel prompt restitution. The re emergence of a new tip, in addition to the introduction of the official advice page, "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" was also slightly adjusted, dropped to fourth place. (Yang Yang / read more

Site is not in the first home page causes and Solutions

modified three labels is the first big taboo to do Shanghai dragon, here to tell you that my blog is not Shanghai dragon as a search engine, and I do not learn to experiment to modify three labels. (I am not responsible for the consequences, but still can find a solution, here

many owners may find that although site is not in the home, but the rest of the page but it is very good, even is the second. This situation I personally feel is greater than the weight of home page weight, page update frequency is greater than the home page. read more

Shanghai Longfeng do have in the future Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning


website operation treatment will be better than the Shanghai dragon, but the site operation is relatively high for the individual ability requirements. Do you need only responsible for the Shanghai dragon rank on the site on the line, do you have the operation, responsible for the overall operation of the website, the website company is profitable, the person is very key operation site. What you need to learn what

, Shanghai (Dragon Master supervisor, manager of Shanghai dragon)

site operations manager read more

Stationmaster should have the more courage to refuse to delete content

this year who dare to say no garbage content on your site, in fact, high-quality sites rarely, unless some celebrity blog like Shanghai dragon, China Ping, ZAC, Robin such expert blog no spam content, are of high quality content. Spam general enterprise stand is more or less the amount of garbage, a difficult content is that when we published an article on their website does not know if it will be needed by the user. Unless you have a lot of data that you do support, is the content of the user’s needs, but this job is that you can not imagine. Another point is that the average small company of Shanghai Longfeng personnel as all the roles, if one does not understand, do not understand the product, do not understand the needs of the user, how can Shanghai Longfeng personnel write the user required content? Here to introduce the reason of the garbage generated content. read more

The difficulties of novice website optimization where

beginners to optimize the industry despite the cautious, but inevitably there will be own headaches, so I think the couple, in the optimization of industry following problems is a test of the novice, the author through the following aspects in detail and we communicate what we should focus on optimization to breakthrough.

second, based on the code and the structure is able to modify the site. This is especially true for some without any basic knowledge of "Shanghai dragon Er, the Shanghai dragon is one of many Er web editing transformation, then, they see the code on the first, it is obviously, but especially in the website internal optimization and web page code structure is in the process of optimization the focus of this optimization for many new is a very tangled problem, to solve this problem, the author thinks that the website structure and code to choose the best experience with web design practitioners, secondly, encounter this problem by the competent resolved, the code related to the content by hand, then the writing of the article, so the construction of the chain to optimize the daily work of the new people to do, but the couple must note as soon as possible to learn more of A qualified optimization standard. read more

The current search engine optimization in the station optimization exactly what to do

second, expand the site entrance flow through the promotion. The current search engine optimization and user experience of the website data is linked to the website data base from web traffic effectively, as a webmaster how we should increase the breadth of entrance flow is very important, the general circular soft writing, as far as possible exposure to what you want to promote the URL address, the forum issued a circular soft advertising secondly, their daily updated quality articles tell WeChat platform, circle of friends to share out, let the valuable things from the outside into the nature of the click, but not for a chain to crudely made a lot of garbage soft, invalid diffusion, this approach does not have any value. read more