The website Links how to play the ultimate

(4) love Shanghai search site: other website domain name, home is no longer the first not to exchange links, because this site is likely to be punished, is down right;

1. Links when we want to study the exchange links to other websites, so we ask the site to certain conditions can be exchanged with our website:

(5) link using nofollow tags or links using JS code is not exchange, because such links cannot deliver value.

Shanghai dragon knows to do Links, but look, most of the Links do not good, there is no real use of the column to improve the weights of the site, I briefly talk about how to do Links system, said: read more

The interpretation of the application logic of vertical search engine and personalized recommendatio

vertical search engine is to provide the search window website /APP, allows users to search keywords to target content. For example, Taobao search "bag man shoulders", the search results show almost the same with the search words. In the APP class information in the search "Hongkong" will be a lot of news related.

vertical search and personalized recommendation are the characteristics of what? In practical application, the two have to do? The article interpret for you.

vertical search engine read more

How do see half a month to do keywords

Shanghai dragon is a craft, you know more, if not used to practice is not enough. I do Shanghai dragon fast four months I’ve pursued by Shanghai dragon on the principle, I have found problems in practice. Nonsense not say how I look in just half a month to a new 90% keywords to do on my website home page, www.ahjiekuan贵族宝贝, key words are Hefei microfinance loan companies in Hefei. The keyword index is not high but the competition is very fierce in general are home ten is for the web site. read more

Google search results and punctuation symbols can be returned as a result of the current

; (semicolon)

_ (underlined)


(percent) !

| (

Google has updated its search results, punctuation and other symbols of the search results will be displayed. Search for symbols includes a comma, full stop, question mark, sign and so on symbols, these results will return search results, although they are not always very relevant, is shown as below.

is still a symbol cannot return a result, that is an asterisk (*), as shown in figure

$(dollar sign)


~ (tilde)


# (digital symbol) read more

Love Shanghai statistics six functions quickly help you find a better targeted visitors

The main function of


The 3. page analysis of

through this function can know where visitors from visiting your site, use what browser, and what is the new and old customers. Visitors can know is what age and visitor loyalty.

analysis of 4. visitors

5. custom analysis

this function roughly with the function of trend analysis are similar, see visitors visited your website which pages. But there is a page analysis of the function of the downstream page, I think we can use. It can show visitors what page, then through your access to these pages which pages, real-time tracking and monitoring data. read more

Love Shanghai how to judge whether a site has a black hat Shanghai dragon behavior

in order to more direct and detailed understanding of the black hat Shanghai dragon, first we see the black hat Shanghai Longfeng definition: all cheating or suspicious means to optimize the site known as the black hat Shanghai dragon. First, this definition expression is very ambiguous, and did not analyze an authoritative position of cheating way, so many webmaster friends are not sure whether their optimization technique belongs to the category of black hat Shanghai dragon. For those suspected of cheating, whether or not it is in love with the sea that black hat Shanghai Longfeng technique, we also need to know the practice. read more

The reason on site links not included experimental summary


1. select link.

2. team communication.

in some links for leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 need to send the chain, the chain to repeat the contents of the original and not included in the link, outside chain platform leads to higher weight, the search engine might think the same information not included. Which directly influence the experimental results.


not included content included, and explore the search engines on the web content, the influence of the chain is affected by this content.

experiment for the site link not included inquiry, because the experimental results did not reach the expected goal, there are many factors that influence the target is not completed, the summary for the future related work experience or test leave. read more

Website optimization long tail keywords skills


analysis of Web site statistics, statistical data now can see the search engine keyword, antecedents, and flow. You will find some unexpected words but to bring good traffic. For example, the "Shanghai love game", this keyword brings to me every day about 100 of the traffic, or Yahoo. Just do something, I came to the YAHOO second. If the love can also come to Shanghai, at least 100 2-3 to believe. This keyword is still a lot of digging.


love Shanghai. You search for a word, love will give you a list of Shanghai. For example, you search Shanghai Longfeng, will get the relevant search? Shanghai Longfeng education, Shanghai dragon training, Shanghai dragon optimization, Shanghai dragon information dissemination. You can see the top 100 in the search for more, this is basically popular ranking row. You can find some popular, and not what the word of the competition. You can go to check his love inside the Shanghai index that his lively. read more

The site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to start from the three base

website is like layout of the room, need to pay attention to many details. Some even have rich experience in website optimization Division will often ignore this because of factors that influence the quality of website. Now, I give you a summary of these three points, I hope we can bring some reference.


: the first customer is God, should pay attention to the views of users, to beautify the site according to their needs.

optimization, is to speed, weight and service. What is the speed, shorten the loading time, improve access speed. Page loading time is short, the user experience satisfaction will be greatly increased; the weight is of great importance to product quality, from product production to the entire process to the hands of customers not products, not defective, should attach great importance to their reputation; the service is to pay attention to delivery and feedback speed. Delivery time, when the world single best on the day of delivery, timely feedback to the customer feedback to do have problems immediately, to achieve zero time feedback, often some good service website, its core competitiveness will be greatly improved, because they grasp honest business, customer first principle. read more

The novice webmaster misunderstanding of pseudo original

recently found that most novice webmaster have great misunderstanding and understanding of pseudo original. The original content of a website is search engine on the site quality evaluation standard. I think we all know. A website original content on the site itself is very important. Of course, an original article is the need to spend a lot of time and experience to complete the. Can not casually on the line. So what is the pseudo original? In fact, very simple, is a pseudo original article, minor changes to do processing again. Then let the search engine think this is an original article. To increase website updates. Can also increase the chain site and included. And increase the weight of the website. This is the pseudo original. read more

The reasons and solutions of website drop right

When you have a

2, the release of the chain site is down right? This question is obvious, if the chain site is down right, then we send out a chain is also very easy to fall right. The author of the "Shanghai dragon Er outside the chain should pay attention to important matters" is a detailed account of the chain operation method.

4, the release of the

website, the emergence of such a situation, ranking from forty to eighty, ranking after suddenly no ranking? During the day at night without ranking ranking. This is what will appear? The love Shanghai why are right down to the website, actually any action search engine is a standard of judgment, put this standard into numerical comparison, high standing in the front row at the back lower score score. read more

The search engine optimization is execution

! !

for key words, my understanding is that subjects do not think that the pursuit of ranking, we can break through the method of subject in rural areas surrounding the city to one by one, the website optimization stage, we must focus on the long tail word based, supplemented by the way of promotion subject. The word up, the subject also increases with the weights of the website promotion! Relevant keywords for search engines to provide search, we must not give up, collected and used as the optimization of the long tail keywords! A few days ago to have a webmaster article said that if more than one site traffic to rely on 50% main keywords introduced. Then this site is very dangerous! For SEO, I quite agree with the webmaster said, this is indeed a dangerous signal, love Shanghai update are likely to make your subject plummeted, but if the deployment of a large number of long tail keywords, even if the subject was dropped, too the Bureau website will not lead to face No one shows any interest in. read more

The website is Tencent computer housekeeper intercept how to do To solve the site was false steps

security web site! ! In

there are several problems all the more confused with everyone following instructions:


website right down topics:



complaints? solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

special chain optimization:

secondsWebsite optimization

Huang Kun told you today is probably the old webmaster have encountered the URL of the website by malicious peer report, leading to their website is false website into a dangerous thing! So we encountered this situation. How to restore read more

Xenu detailed station dead link checker


Xenu the use of tools flow (Figure):

The results show the

Xenu the final detection result of

Xenu the initial interface

screenshot is when I click on the "state", because "click >

FTP input

suddenly someone asked me today, I check with the Chinaz chain chain detection is not very full, I have asked the Shanghai dragon tools, this of course, Xenu so powerful station chain inspection tools and people do not know, so I was in the group carried out a survey and asked more than 20 people actually, there are 20 do not know, I think I should put this Xenu dead link checking tools in detail and we talk about the read more

Zhou Hongyi layout of the mobile search client Li again a good fight

in fact in the layout of the mobile Internet, Zhou Hongyi himself admitted that "360 will continue in the PC terminal mode in the field of mobile Internet, security is the base of the 360 core service, it will continue to increase in the field of security products and technology research and development".

The Is different

technology in the mobile phone search and display of the PC display is not the same, need adaptation and adjustment of a lot of, any search companies need to have a special team to follow up in time into the mobile search, mobile search in which more of this requires a separate support. At present, 360 search and did not set up a special team in the mobile search client, search engine is one of the mobile search and PC search, but in the development of products and terminal which has independent, bold speculation, before the Lunar New Year 360 will not be too focused on mobile phone search. read more

Website optimization keywords choice is really key

four, mining problems, identify problems

in website optimization, we first consider is the choice of keywords. Because most users are the key words in the search engine search to get the information they want. So, we choose the appropriate keywords according to user search habits, is to do site optimization is very necessary. Website optimization brings good rankings to give us information, let us benefit, so we should attach importance to it, choosing the right keywords to do site optimization. Methods and skills of the importance and select the following topcell beauty Shanghai dragon Er illustrates the choice of keywords under the. read more

The status quo of China’s online advertising marketAnalysis of the value of nternet users

China’s major online media market share of Internet marketing

China primary network media accumulated income accounted for the entire network marketing market share of nearly 60%; it is worth noting that sh419 PPC get extraordinary development in 2006, the network marketing revenue faster than Sohu, sina approximation.

search engines, instant messaging and a variety of new Internet services portal is a traditional Internet service and, as the number of users has billions of dollars, to provide a comprehensive portal, including search engines, e-mail and other 50 segments of 16 Internet services. read more

Storypanda allows children and parents to create their own children’s storiesA case study of 32 comp

Baines went to the University of California at Los Angeles UCLA, has long been engaged in a startup company and related financial and marketing work, accumulated rich experience from which. The charter from Vancouver in Canada, the original digital content is a freelance writer, served as creative director positions in a number of Canadian media company, also served as the Canadian film board National Film Board of>

we thought we could use the hours after work to develop and operate our Internet service. Yes, that’s true. If we’re lucky enough, the server doesn’t make a mistake at all. When our infrastructure problems arise, things don’t start as well as we thought they would. Our team does not have a full-time staff, and then the emergence of institutional server hang up is in our work time, the problem can not be solved in time, hang up several times. You can imagine this for brand and user experience > read more

Some tips on shlf1314 AdSense and web advertisingXiongan passionate entrepreneurs need but need Bo

about GG and online advertising some attention want to open the bank original works

I do early

here with GG for everyone to talk about some matters needing attention, willing to listen to listen to don’t listen casually paizhuan.

1 do not open opposite operation terms and advertisers.

2 do not use other information, such as a certain keyword jar a few days ago that the valuable problem of cheating itself is a serious violation of keywords.

Compared with other services of read more

This site focuses on Website Advertising Federation Daquan channel U admin5On the importance of decl

p lan Si Group venture Chamberlain show chief expert, male new investment and Entrepreneurship Research Institute researcher Chen Peifeng paper

one day, when the state has introduced a series of preferential policies, you are the new male of life and entrepreneurship.

if you have all of these, then there’s a good chance that

has announced the establishment of the new male, ground thunder,


houses, rent, admission, employment, car buying, medical treatment, and so on, enjoy a lot of concessions. read more