Fund extraction launched two new policies

in December 31, 2013, our province issued a "notice" to further clarify the issues about the use of housing provident fund, the employee housing provident fund and immediate family use the relevant rules on housing provident fund use workers suffering from serious diseases.

from the provincial housing fund management center learned that the normal payment of housing provident fund workers to buy the first set of self occupied housing, to extract himself and spouse of the housing provident fund account balance is not enough to pay 1629 cases by my parents and children agree, you can apply for workers extracted my parents and children (hereinafter referred to as "parents and the children") under the name of the housing provident fund. The total amount of the application shall not exceed the total purchase price. read more

Decision of the people’s Government of Qinghai Province on Amending the measures for the administrat

Decision of the people’s Government of Qinghai Province on Amending the measures for the administration of the collection and administration of mineral resources compensation fees of the

Qinghai province

Qinghai Provincial People’s government order

"Qinghai Provincial People’s Government of Qinghai Province on Amending the mineral resources compensation fee collection and management measures for the implementation of the" decision ", the provincial people’s government has in October 24, 2012 107th executive meeting, is hereby promulgated and effective as of the date of promulgation. read more

Analysis of Xining women’s Federation in 2010

2010, the city’s women’s federations at all levels received a total of 98% kinds of letters and calls a total of 286, the closing rate.

first, the basic situation of

in the 286 petition cases, marriage and family type 214, accounting for 75% of the total number of labor rights; 10, accounting for 3.5%; human rights class 17, accounting for 5.8%; the property rights of class 19, accounting for 6.6%, other 26, accounting for 9.1% of the total number of. In the 214 parts of marriage and family type, family violence is 104, accounting for 49% of the marriage and family; family violence between husband and wife for marriage and family type 97%; divorced 33 complaints, accounting for 15.4% of the marriage and family type; 15 spouse has an affair, cohabitation, marriage and family type accounted for 0.4%; 31 family property disputes, children’s education, marriage, marriage and family disputes interference, accounting for 14.4%. Compared with last year, the total decline in the petition. read more

Efforts to warm the hearts of the people

On November 8th, the eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was solemnly opened. General Secretary Hu Jintao made a report to the General Assembly on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

11 8, the Communist Party of China, the grand opening of the eighteenth National Congress, general secretary Hu Jintao on behalf of the Party Central Committee made a report to the general assembly. The report summarizes the Party Congress since the five years of work and the party’s sixteen since ten years of great practice, developed a programme of action conform to the requirements of the times, in line with the wishes of the people and the fundamental policy, make a great new deployment to comprehensively push forward China’s reform and opening up and socialist modernization, and comprehensively promote the construction of the party. It is a political declaration and action plan for the party to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups to forge ahead and take a new victory in building a moderately prosperous society along the great road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. read more

30 provinces in the light of the west the visiting scholar will visit the province to learn

8 31, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department held a "Western light" visiting scholar before training, concentrated training on line 30 visiting scholars.

This year’s

visiting scholar from Xining, Haidong City, Haixi state and province of agricultural animal husbandry, transportation, water conservancy, culture, health and other industries as well as part of the management of the provincial enterprises, the provincial colleges and universities, they will be in accordance with the "go out with a back problem," the result, went to Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Peking University, Guanganmen Hospital of TCM, Chinese Academy of Sciences of Shanghai Baosteel Limited by Share Ltd, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences in eastern developed provinces and cities, the national key scientific research institutes, universities directly under the Ministry of education and well-known medical institutions visit the school asked the learning training year, learn professional knowledge of nutrition from the aspects of key technology innovation ability, the level of medical technology, key technology research, study supplement narrow the gap, to further enhance their academic and technical level, to promote the province related academic research field Tamping foundation. read more

Resettlement area to bring new life

Drove to the East District of mutual Road East to rhyme ieguchi area at the airport, high-speed road, many high-rise buildings have been erected, this is the station along the airport expressway reconstruction and environmental remediation project construction as part of the street to train large low-income housing projects – home residential placement mouth rhyme. Recently, the reporter came to the site learned that the project is stepping up the construction of the current project a total of 15 multi-storey cap, the top 4 have been capped, the remaining 11 high-rise into the main construction stage. It is understood that the city’s airport high speed along the landscape renovation and Beishan rock comprehensive renovation project started, within the area, pay the rhyme ieguchi Jiazai, Fangzi, Lin Jiaya and other regions of the street will become the focus of attention of the government of the placement of objects. To this end, the city in accordance with the resettlement of villagers in the village, residents in the resettlement area principle, for these households planning the construction of resettlement area and village, so they moved into modern residential placement, village, start a new life. The rhyme ieguchi resettlement area is one of the big project resettlement area, adjacent to the west side of West cross a road, East unity bridge, south of Lanxi highway and railway, a total area of 215 acres, planning and construction phases, plans to build low-income housing 4990 sets. A set of 3763 units, including the studio to change the area of the 3000 sets, low rent housing, public rental housing, such as the 120 sets, including the 15 multi-storey residential buildings, a layer of kindergarten, and the 15 to the 33 floor of the 18 storey high-rise residential, and so on, and so on, including the establishment of a total of more than 6 units. The area surrounding the health, education, community service, culture and sports, municipal public utilities, business services, financial services will be completed in the population of Goods are available in all varieties., Jovan, will become a large Eastern resettlement area. District has entered a comprehensive construction phase, plans to start gradually put into use next year. The overall project completed and put into use, the rhyme ieguchi village and part of Lanxin railway, train station renovation, Beishan rock transformation households will move to the station here, in the bright and spacious new rooms, to start a new life in the facilities, convenient shopping, first-class environment greening.   read more

Xining atmospheric and water pollution control measures for the work of the introduction of pollutio

October 21st, reporters from the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Office to understand, to ensure that the atmosphere of Xining city and comprehensive water pollution control measures put in place, the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government formulated the "Xining city atmosphere and comprehensive water pollution control work accountability measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "law"). Approach will be adopted by the 8 forms of accountability, urged Xining pollution control work. read more

Self driving tour 42 European mobile home into Xining

In the modern transportation developed, self driving tour has become a fashion, Xining City Tourism Bureau will receive tens of thousands of cars from all over the country. But this time is different, the morning of July 25th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of tourism reception from Europe’s 42 "mobile home" and they "move" to make light of travelling a thousand li to the dream of Xining, let the beautiful play on the international label.

RV Tour event known as the twenty-first Century mainstream leisure style. It is understood that driving the French car RV world tour Chinese Silk Road activities, since June 1st this year, Paris departure from France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, via Mongolia, arrived in the territory in July 11th Chinese. In July 15th, they finished the rest in Beijing, embarked on a trip to Xining. Xining is the Silk Road of the important station in Xining on the famous Tibetan Plateau, Xining Plateau Summer and enjoy the local customs and practices and sacred beauty is their heart. read more

Xining City West District public places will be equipped with 600 probes

to achieve all-weather monitoring and management, the city will invest 30 million yuan this year, in the public places and focus on the key parts of the installation of high-definition video probe 600. This is a reporter from the city of West District, a special meeting on the news.

according to reports, this year the west region will increase a city hardware construction, firmly grasp the opportunity to strengthen cultural infrastructure in the central, improve the public cultural service network, improve people’s livelihood and cultural, the construction area of 7500 square meters, can accommodate 1435 people, composed of 8 hall 1 hall limeng is composed of stellar cinema projects in the community; the village, construction of 6 national fitness square, covers an area of about 5130 square meters, up in the Commercial Street building 4000 square meters of the fitness center at Jia Xiaozhuang primary school, the construction of 1200 square meters in the playground, Xingzhi Primary School to build 1000 square meters of the stadium; in the construction of new Richpower Commercial Street area of 3200 square meters of the district cultural centers. At the same time, strengthen the science community building activities, with the corresponding science facilities, implementation of the streets, village, community resource sharing, the popular science work characteristics, to a new level; based on the improvement of campus mental health cabin, further strengthen teacher training, promote minors mental health development; strengthen the construction of socialist core value system. To carry out the "civilized behavior" public service advertising activities in the region, to cultivate good habits that honour and integrity, dedication and harmony. (author: publicity, Xu Liang) read more

Xining Chengbei green water project steadily

since the establishment of the national environmental protection model city activities, Xining City North District actively strive for the implementation of the project, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, clean water project construction has achieved good results.

North District from "economic growth, infrastructure investment, energy saving and emission reduction, pollution standards, capacity building" five key aspects to actively implement the declaration screening of agricultural projects, investment of more than 3000 yuan in recent years, focusing on the implementation of the Beichuan river water into the city "project, Tao Nan and Jin Jia Wan facilities agricultural water-saving irrigation project, Chaoyang nine Jia Wan Village and 8 stone Lei and Qi Jia Cheng et al animal project for safe drinking water and drinking water, water-saving irrigation, the water into the city drainage rivers comprehensive management" model "clean water project. read more

Xining build a community features a product

strengthen and innovate social management, social harmony and stability. To strengthen and innovate management, we must accelerate the formation of Party leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, public participation, legal protection of the social management mechanism, the cohesion of all forces, everyone involved in the sharing of all." These years, the government of Qinghai province to the community and the creation of the brand as the focus of community construction, and actively carry out the "Ju products" to create activities, promote social management innovation, optimize the community service. read more

Qinghai shantytowns have completed the resettlement of more than 7 thousand households

This year, the province in the shantytowns to improve the proportion of monetary resettlement compensation, to speed up the settlement of the settlement at the same time, effectively digest the stock of commercial housing. In September 11th, the reporter learned from the provincial housing department learned that, as of recently, the monetized resettlement 7075 households completed the province shantytowns, including monetary compensation for 3927 households, digest of commercial housing for sale 3148 sets of about 380 thousand square meters.

for the shantytowns resettlement housing and digest the passage between the more smooth, the relevant departments in our province this year for ordinary commercial housing inventory more thoroughly, and increased the proportion of shantytowns resettlement monetary compensation. This year plans to settle the 6400 sets of commodity housing units by means of currency resettlement of 440 thousand square meters. Currently, the amount of commercial housing sales accounted for 86% of the plan by way of monetary settlement.It is reported that read more

Xining RS seven measures to combat the crime of illegal invoices

Xining IRS recently held a special meeting to take seven measures to deploy the work to combat illegal invoices crime activities.

These include

, strengthen leadership, improve the understanding of the importance and invoices to combat criminal activities difficult and urgent; clear and focused; close cooperation, mutual support. In the fight against invoice illegal and criminal activities work, should fully fulfill their functions and duties, and mutual support and close coordination, strengthen communication and coordination, to form a joint force; check in place, strict law enforcement. Regardless of the collection, comparison, verification, processing work, leading cadres at all levels of inspection and supervision; measures in place, steadily. Check the work to achieve the "leadership is the key, security personnel are" more ways to work hard, carefully organized and implemented to ensure that invoices to combat criminal activities to strengthen the propaganda work everything in good order and well arranged; create momentum. Increase exposure to the case, in order to achieve a blow, shake a piece, rectify the effect of one party. read more

The road to overcome the difficulties at the table of affection

– Datong county Party and government leaders and railway company leaders held 8· 11 disaster rescue forum

to thank the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government, county government and relevant departments in Datong 8· to rescue of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Cadres and workers life safety and property of the 11 flood in August 17th, Gansu Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Co. Ltd., a Green Railway Bureau, eighteen Bureau of Gansu road leading section of the Department of Xining, Datong party the leaders held a forum of 11 8· disaster rescue. Xining Municipal Committee, JP Han Shengcai, Secretary of the county Party committee, deputy secretary of the county, county magistrate and relevant leaders attended the meeting of the Yan Shujiang. read more