China Channel background change

Dear customer:

hello! First of all, I would like to thank you for your concern and support for the China channel. In order to provide a more efficient and stable management platform for the new and old customers, we will open a new background management site in March 18, 2007, in order to manage all your Chinese channel products. Http:// address of the original management platform will no longer face the use of domestic membership account.

, please contact our agents attention: if you have to use our API interface, please in Beijing time 2007-03-18 11:00 before the completion of the following operations to ensure the stable use of the agent platform. read more

Mobile micro shop model people that channel

fans micro shop selling mobile phones, the formation of a new long tail market, the integration of emotion and interests, reshaping the word of mouth marketing. This is a kind of people that channel concept, it will bring to the industry what impact?

recently, ZTE announced the launch of micro products, through the WeChat platform, allowing users to open a micro store to sell mobile phones. Mobile micro shop mode operates as follows:

vendors, ZTE provides systems, logistics, product support. After the user application to join, to provide users with standardized micro shop. Micro shop style simple, show a few products. Can be purchased directly, in the end Alipay mobile phone payment, SF delivery. Micro shop first open for ZTE employees, and then extended to ordinary consumers. read more

Tmall tax This is to the business of life

Tmall tax has become a reality, Shanghai Minhang District has several interviews in Shandong, Heze, the city of Guilin has started, still not sure before we go last week about tax bureau is really determined, so my parents continue to doubt your doubts, continue your innocence, to the illusion of Kazakhstan ~

It is said that the

tax bureau to pull in Tmall to today’s Alipay water, Tmall settled in time, selling, scalping, Tmall from the shop to now tens of millions of sales should be a lot more sellers, sellers billion sales, that want to repay it, it only apply directly for the collapse of… It can’t apply for the closure of jail? Jumping? read more

Create a bastion of multi point put relentless Beijing egg milk the cheapest

fortress, it is self-evident solid. What is an electricity supplier fortress, goods or services in the electricity supplier has been killed into a red sea, want to form their own fortress is probably not easy.

at this time, a more "must buy" list is Beijing circle of friends circulated inside be in full swing, egg, milk, vegetables and meat, 20 a variety of commodities, the main products at the lowest price in Beijing, forming a group of essential commodities table fortress.

day before, more formally issued the "good goods good price afraid than afternoon, please user supervision" must buy "list price. Today, are you read more

n the face of black derivative we can not see his circle of friends

now, open the circle of friends of WeChat, can always meet a few to sell products, do sales of friends". With the expansion of this micro business groups, many people have expressed their circle of friends has become a marketing circle. Previously, many people always despise friends love of self, love the feeling, estimates now, would rather see friends such feelings expression, also don’t want to see them every day is cold advertising. Originally cooked to share the circle of life, gradually become a product sales platform. In addition to not see his circle of friends ", we really have no choice? read more

3D mall New Model online shopping shopping Entertainment


online shopping has become popular in people’s daily lives, and the ordinary online shopping is a single page click, with all the Internet operations no difference, there is no new idea. Online shopping generally only suitable for individual purchase, usually between friends will choose the real partner shopping shopping, so you can freely exchange ideas in the purchase of products, but also more practical, life. Hommization。

and 3D mall in the new model, you can join the shopping element, entertainment elements, etc., is a combination of the convenience of online shopping features and physical shopping sexy features. Consumers can stay at home to go shopping with friends, new experience the fun of online shopping. In this new model, the friends can choose between the edge of the exchange, which is more scientific and technological, user-friendly, more practical, to bring more convenient services to users. read more

The 7 ways of medium and small enterprises to use social media marketing

in today’s society, with the rapid development of the network, social media occupy a very important position in people’s daily life, and many businesses have begun to products and services and social media combination, through micro-blog, WeChat, Facebook and twitter for marketing. We can not ignore the impact of social media on business, social media has become an important part of corporate marketing strategy.

is not only in foreign countries, but also has been paid more and more attention in china. Social media is playing a more and more important role in marketing. 81% of North American companies use social media to promote the development of their companies. In China, the company is also open to micro-blog WeChat. But few people know how to use it, this article will lead you to learn 7 ways to use social media. read more

At the end of a surge in business express delivery industry must break the chronic variable temper

Spring Festival is approaching, the courier is undoubtedly another spring of the battlefield. With the full warehouse express have served the owner hands, courier companies began to leave. Those consumers are accustomed to express service convenience, in the Spring Festival can still safely sit in front of the computer, click the mouse, the love items in the bag? Recently, the reporter visited the major courier companies in Nanning city.

years ago to express variable chronic

Ms. Chen

the people of Nanning are aware from the Spring Festival this year began to change. She is a frequent visitor to Taobao, in the past in the online shopping, the city is basically the day of delivery or order can be sent to second days, usually received in different places for third days. However, near the Spring Festival, she bought a coat on the Internet, shipped from Wuhan in January 20th, 3 days later, she learned that the coat has not sent Hubei. After she found on the Internet can not query the state of the express, call customer service phone has been busy. As for the whereabouts of her coat concerns, Taobao online bulletin to make her understand the reason: in view of "critical", at the end of the courier service 3 days express about the seller after delivery, express needs 6 ~ 10 days, the buyers please take care. It was not until January 31st that she received her coat. Ms. Chen said, had wanted to wear new clothes during the new year, and now it seems that I can only wait years later, this time online shopping is a mistake". read more

Foreign registrar says CNNC is crazy

  [CN domain name registration of fire to the world

              March 7, 2007, CN domain name 1 yuan registered in china:

            current position: home page > CNNIC dynamic and announcement > > text      

        "CNNIC start the national domain name takeoff action" (

                March 7, 2007, national authorities in the Ministry of information industry, the State Council Information Office and the Information Office of the State Council and Chinese Academy of Sciences and other guidance support, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) held a press conference in Beijing, the official launch of the national domain off action, announced that from now until May 31st, the first year of the new CN domain name registration will enjoy 1 yuan registered price.

              the CN domain name one yuan experience and national domain off action "is Chinese Internet Network Information Center launched to promote the universal application of CN domain name, the domain name to achieve national development, and promote China’s Internet economy by major action.

              in 2007, the development of China’s Internet industry has ushered in rapid new inflection point of network economy, the scale of the urgent need to break the bottleneck, as the basic resources of the country domain name.CN is also at a critical point. The Internet has domain and the proportion of Internet application is proportional to the degree, the activity will be 1 yuan to experience CN release of many Internet users on the Internet domain name applications, greatly enhance the network application level in China and the scale of network economy.

              national domain name.CN growth, is conducive to the protection of our right to maintain China’s Internet, information security, and promote the prosperity and development of Internet application, to occupy the beneficial position of Internet information competition. For users, due to the CN domain name is managed by China’s institutions, the occurrence of disputes applicable to China’s law, so the registration and use of CN domain name is more secure, more vulnerable to security interests. The one yuan to reduce the user experience threshold, will attract more users to try to register e read more

Open shop to sell what good Taobao shop how to open shop how to find sources

news June 23rd, chairman of the board Ma in an Alibaba, said in an interview, 6/100000 or seven is now offline and online fake fake proportion, the proportion is as low as 1/860000, but due to the large amount of Internet transactions, such as trading in Taobao this year will be close to or even more than WAL-MART, although the proportion is so fake from low, but the absolute number of many.

Ma Yun said at the same time, the Alibaba of the online selling fake zero tolerance, a number of measures the effect is significant, but the fake remains to be completely destroyed. read more

WAL MART two day how horrible Amazon can’t sit still

in recent years, WAL-MART and Amazon’s "tear force" has been stopped, in view of the Amazon in the retail business in a strong position, "copycat king" WAL-MART "let go", no less — all kinds of copycat Amazon but this time, Amazon turn to carry.

2016, WAL-MART came to build a system similar to the Amazon gold member (Prime) subscription system (Subscription Model), but at that time, WAL-MART’s main emphasis is on an annual fee of $49 for $99 on amazon. read more

618 see China business a few happy tears

electricity supplier in the year to promote, not only sales, but also the pattern of each platform. This year, in order to meet the "618" Festival is coming, businessmen are out of sincerity: in May 18th the Jingdong held 2016 quality carnival, then in May 25th the United States online press conference, Ali launched the first 618 Tmall fans Carnival activities, 3C, automotive, clothing and other brand this year is also enthusiastic. However, in the face of increasingly rational business market, in addition to the discount of the finishing touches, only crossed the giants, pattern, quality and service level of four, to occupy the initiative at the China upgrading of consumption. read more

Star password providers from the Wei open shop of the Zexi event on the self cultivation

51 small holiday brush circle of friends is the explosion Wei Wei event. College student Wei Zexi was suffering from an incurable disease, through the search engine to find a hospital, the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to save life, instead of being drained the last drop of blood, hanhen. We are forwarding from vicarious outrage, when the network has become an important channel of information sources, each helpless individuals are likely to turn to the web search, and will be into a trap of read more

The promotion of e commerce credit who stood on the tip

near the end of 2011, Christmas, new year’s day and then not far away from the Spring Festival, so that e-commerce circles abnormal boiling, the major electronic mall is full of horsepower for the final sprint. As the Christmas promotion curtain first opened, a new round of the promotion war like a raging fire,

triggered at any moment!

has been, with convenient logistics and price advantage, the market share of e-commerce accounted for in the traditional business, is to Liaoyuanzhishi from the sparks of fire. Ten years of development, ten years of toil, China e-commerce achieved today is not easy, but in the electricity supplier in the field of enterprise how bitter, how much blood and sweat. In a brilliant surface, e-commerce is not a peaceful, he is ultimately a business, full of competition and fighting, brutal price war was ruthlessly introduced, and at the outset to successfully promote the brand evolution of electronic commerce. read more

Ministry of Commerce to study the liberalization of foreign investors in the field of electricity su

January 9th, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce Foreign Investment Management Division Chou Guangling in the daily economic news reporter, said the study is currently open to foreign investment in the field of e-commerce business.

iResearch data show that in the third quarter of 2013 China online shopping market transactions was 454 billion 760 million yuan, compared with 2012 growth of 42.4% over the same period; from the online shopping market share, Tmall accounted for 51.1% in the B2C market, Jingdong market share of 17.5%, Amazon Chinese market share of 2.6%, shop No. 1 market share of 2.7%. read more

Ali entered the bank logistics e commerce website outlet is vertical

The BTB site of the big brother

, Alibaba in China e-commerce website toubajiaoyi. More than and 10 years of development, Alibaba has accumulated sufficient manpower, material resources, markets, channels, customers and other resources. Alibaba has entered the financial, logistics industry, and today’s e-commerce site seems to only have a vertical development will have a way out.

In fact, as early as

began very early Alibaba to the financial industry forward one foot, from Alipay to a series of online financing cooperation with the industrial and commercial bank to self-employed small loan companies, and then to the brewing in the commercial bank, can be described as logical and natural. We can think of Alipay bank and Alibaba, when your money in the Alipay platform, is put in the bank deposit interest, the bank has the right to deposit as the investment bank’s reputation, and Alipay can hide more trust, further deep into the heart, profound influence. read more

Ma Yun capital is always uncle foreign investment will not control Alibaba

Alibaba board chairman Ma

sina science and technology news on October 12th morning news, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma for the first time to control the event. In today’s China Computer Conference, Ma said that although foreign investment is a major shareholder of Alibaba control, but foreign investment will not control Alibaba, they will control the future of Alibaba.

Ma Yun said, I want to be grateful. No capital, the development of Alibaba may not be so smooth, but there is no such person’s capital, as well as his or his capital. But if we do not have the value of the system, there is no staff dribs and drabs, no grasp of the future and social gratitude, it is impossible to have our Alibaba. We will not give up, but to do anything, must be reasonable, legal, compliance, and reasonable." read more

Office part time open shop when his boss is not a dream

Taobao shop flow chart tutorials, detailed steps to open the shop, open shop to make money

a lot of friends would like to open a shop, but did not have any experience, do not know how to do that? Are you still hesitating outside, I understand your feelings now, here are some of the Taobao open shop of my heart, and share with you! Please open shop shop consulting mentor QQ:2813217134

first, thank you very much for viewing this post. This post is a full-time mother of 80 after the success of the Taobao story. Hope to help you! read more

42 million 500 thousand pieces Jingdong 3C 11 11 sales to new highs

24:00 on November 11, 2016, 11 days of Jingdong 3C eleven double ended, mobile phone communications, computer office, intelligent digital three category overall sales exceeded 42 million 500 thousand, a new record high! The complete mobile phone sales of 4 million 340 thousand units, computer office completed sales of 17 million 280 thousand, completed sales of 20 million 880 thousand intelligent digital entertainment and travel books; in addition the same life the rapid growth of

, made a lot of success! read more

Honey bud responded Betta bottle incident Disputes from the upstream brand

[Abstract] honey bud said it will communicate directly with the Japanese Betta, and investigate the previous product.

Tencent science and technology news (Sun Hongchao) September 21st news, after the news that the domestic electricity supplier website honey bud sales of Japanese Betta bottle has not been authorized in japan. In response to this rumor, the Japanese Betta official said in a statement on September 18th: the mother and child electricity supplier website honey bud ( conducted an investigation, the company and the company neither contract nor any trade relations. read more