Sutton Foster Deals with Ana Gasteyer & All the Scarves in Younger: Episode 10

first_imgLiza Deals With All Your Damn Scarves Meanwhile, at Empirical, Liza receives dozens of packages filled with scarves and enthusiasm for (you guessed it!) The Scarf. Where’s Debra Messing when you need her? It’s great to see Liza reaping the rewards of her initiative—and Diana’s face as she tries to take control of a situation she has no hand in. At Charles’ recommendation, Liza and Kelsey contact the author, Meredith Montgomery (played by Ana Gasteyer!). It’s a very trying week for Sutton Foster on Younger. First, Liza faces a temporary evacuation from Maggie’s after a bedbug scare. Then she gets hit with a painful blow at work (which, whether it be from dodgeballs or rolled up manuscripts, is a common thread, apparently.) Through it all, Liza remains on top as she gets that much closer to revealing her big secret to Josh. Well, she tries. She has a lot on her plate. Here’s everything Liza had to deal with on Younger: Episode 10.EPISODE 10: The Boy with the Dragon TattooLiza Deals With BedbugsAfter a bedbug infestation across the hall, Liza and Maggie bag up their mattresses and go their separate ways for a few days. Maggie stays with her cousin, who apparently steals her kids’ Ritalin. (We’re waiting for that backdoor pilot about Maggie and her lesbian artist adventures.) Liza stays with Josh, who, when pressured by his video game-playing, pot-vaping friends to comment on their relationship status, says they’re “hanging out.” Just what every 40-year-old-passing-as-a-26-year-old wants to hear. Diana’s Statement Jewelry of the Week!Another week, another spectacular statement piece from Miriam Shor. Diana’s paying tribute to our favorite Wicked witches this week with an emerald brooch necklace. Fixate on that verdigris! Oh, to spend one short day in Miriam Shor’s armoire… Liza Deals With (OMG) Kathy NajimyFor the tail end of her bedbug-induced exodus, Liza stays with Kelsey and Lauren at their place, which is incidentally Lauren’s parents’ place. Lauren’s mother is fabulous (of course she is; Kathy Najimy plays her.) In one conversation, she 1) Kinda-sorta offers to get The Scarf featured on The Real Housewives of New York; 2) Subtly asks to see a junk-shot of Josh; 3) Lays down the law when it comes to playing games: “’Hanging out’ is not a thing…the world is not one big booty call.” Which is exactly what we think Liza should be telling herself. Liza Deals With The BabushkaDiana calls Meredith into Empirical to discuss The Scarf. The scene starts as another satisfying sequence in which the assistant (Liza) takes the reins from her ill-equipped boss. But that gratification crashes and burns as Diana reveals that The Scarf is in fact a near verbatim rip-off of The Babushka. Sorry, Liza, all that hard work was for naught. Well, you got Ana Gasteyer some screen time. That counts for something. Star Files View Comments Liza Deals With Josh’s…DragonLiza goes out to drink her feelings with Josh, Kelsey and her himbo Thad. Thad buys them all 14 different kinds of tequila, so, uh, we hate him less. It’s particularly heartbreaking when Josh greets her by saying “I’m sorry you got lied to,” considering she’s about to confess her whole younger plot. It’s even worse, though, when Josh shows off his latest tat: the Dragon, based on the Chinese zodiac sign for Liza. The 26-year-old Liza. Which is unfortunately not the same year as 40-year-old Liza. Oh boy. Hold that confession, girl. Sutton Fosterlast_img

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