Sutton Foster Leaves Us With Several Questions in the Younger Season Finale

first_imgWhat Will Caitlin Think of Josh?Josh and Liza meet up, and he forgives her for hiding her real identity. The pair reconciles, and with Liza’s daughter Caitlin on the way back from India, their relationship is sure to enter a new stage in the next season. Will it survive once the age gap is out in the open? We’ll have to wait and see! Until, then, here’s some statement jewelry. Diana’s Statement Jewelry of the Week!It’s the end of an era; for the season finale, Diana Trout has forgone a statement necklace and has instead opted for a satellite on each ear. Like virtually every other Diana wardrobe choice, it’s a bold one, and it pairs well with the previously seen white cape. Here’s to another season of power jewelry. Diana will of course have to up the ante, so start those neck workouts, Miriam Shor. Can Martha Get Away with Blackmailing?The big drama at Empirical is that Ellen is writing another memoir, and a certain fictional publishing firm has the first bid. “The gays and the housewives are going to love this,” says Kelsey. It’s an absurd exclamation, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t say it about this. The Random House exec (Tony nominee Martha Plimpton) who Trout dines recognizes Liza as an old co-worker: one who would certainly no longer be 26. Random House exec Plimpton then blackmails her: share Empirical numbers for the bid, keep the secret. She makes the mistake of leaving a paper trail, and Liza strikes back. No age reveals at the office this season! Star Files We’ve made it to the end of the season, folks. From panties to necklaces, it’s been a wild ride, and after the Molly-laden confession to Josh last week, Liza has a lot of work ahead if she wants to reconcile the relationship. Spoiler: Their relationship eventually reaches a definitive status by the end, but we still have plenty of questions for her. Take a look below at just some of the questions we found ourselves asking in the final episode of the first season.EPISODE 10: The Old Ma’am and the C#TeamWho?Liza meets up with a melancholy Josh in an attempt to apologize. But it’s only the first minute of the episode, so of course it won’t resolve so easily. We’ve critiqued Josh in the past, but he’s coming from a very logical place here. “Nothing was real if it came from a lie,” he says, explaining to Liza the root of his uneasiness. However, we’re far more invested in Liza’s place at Empirical—the initial reason for the whole façade—than this Josh drama. Sorry, we’re #TeamCharles. No, not even. #TeamLiza. View Comments Sutton Foster Who’s the David Burtka Imposter?!In an effort to win back Josh, Liza leaves him with a flash drive full of photos of her real life. Sutton riding a tricycle! Sutton with a perm! Sutton at the school dance…but not with David Burtka! It’s no mystery the attempt works. What is a mystery however, is who this date is if not It Shoulda Been You’s Burtka. Was this also a Sadie Hawkins dance? Was his tie as astral as Burtka’s? These are the real questions we want answers to in season two. Can Liza Get Away with Murder Lying?Thank goodness for Season 2, because Liza’s scheme is not unraveled in the office. Don’t get us wrong; we want things to work out for Liza. However, this whole “pretending to be younger” bit has always been more fun to watch as a dating ploy than as a felony. Liza the Boss is upstaged this week by a scare that could compromise all that. But first, let’s imagine a world in which Diana also knows Liza’s secret. Would Trout still scold her for being on her cell? Would she take credit for her accomplishments? Would Liza put up with any of it? Would she make a salary that would afford her some statement jewelry?last_img

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