Toronto carding activist Desmond Cole stopped by police in Vancouver

first_imgVANCOUVER — A Toronto activist who was stopped by Vancouver police a day after arriving in the city says his experience reveals what everyday life is like for black and Indigenous residents.Desmond Cole has worked for years to end street checks or “carding” in Toronto, and says he was the subject of a street check by a Vancouver police officer on Tuesday.Street checks involve officers stopping a person and recording their information, even though no offence has occurred, and opponents say they disproportionately target people of colour.Cole is visiting Vancouver and says he was smoking a cigarette on a sidewalk near Stanley Park when an officer stopped him and said he was breaking a bylaw against smoking in parks.He says he replied that he was not in a park and he refused the officer’s repeated requests to give his name or show identification, before the officer left without giving him a ticket.Vancouver police say a street check was not conducted, no information was recorded, that the officer approached Cole about a bylaw infraction and chose not to give him a ticket.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Postal union challenges constitutionality of governments backtowork bill

first_imgOTTAWA — The union representing Canada Post employees is taking the Trudeau government to court over the legislation that ended rotating strikes by its members.The Canadian Union of Postal Workers says it will file a constitutional challenge today in Ontario Superior Court, arguing Bill C-89 violated the rights of workers to collective bargaining.The move comes one day after the government appointed a mediator to bring the labour dispute to an end.CUPW national president Mike Palecek says the government can’t legislate labour peace.The union’s lawyer says the back-to-work legislation was passed after Canada Post created a “false emergency” over a backlog of parcels at the Crown corporation’s sorting plants.Canada Post said yesterday that, while letter mail is moving well, parcel deliveries are sporadic and delivery delays are expected through January as a result of the rotating walkouts that ended Nov. 27.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Quebec LGBTQ activist Laurent McCutcheon dies after long cancer battle

first_imgMONTREAL — Laurent McCutcheon, a leading figure in the fight for LGBTQ rights in Quebec, died Thursday after receiving medical assistance in dying, his spouse said on Friday.McCutcheon had battled cancer since December 2016.A prominent voice for gay rights for more than 35 years, McCutcheon had recently taken on a role as vice-president of l’Association quebecoise pour le droit de mourir dans la dignite — a group that advocates for the right to medically assisted death.Born in 1942, McCutcheon, a civil servant, publicly committed himself in the early 1970s to the gay rights cause in Montreal following the 1969 Stonewall riots.Even as homosexuality remained taboo and potentially perilous in other parts of the province, McCutcheon actively engaged in the Association for the Defence of Gay and Lesbian Rights in Quebec.Between 1982 and 2013, he presided over “Gai Ecoute,” a telephone help line, and in 2000 set up a the Fondation Emergence, an organization that educates and raises awareness about the realities of LGBTQ people.McCutcheon was behind the Quebec Coalition for the Recognition of Same-Sex Couples, and was vocal in the fight to have same-sex marriage recognized, which it was in Quebec in 2004 and in the rest of Canada in 2005.McCutcheon’s spouse, Pierre Sheridan, with whom he’s lived since 1972, took to Facebook to thank the palliative home care team for their care and administration of medical aid in dying, “allowing Laurent to live an end of life in dignity, serenely and without suffering.”Numerous tributes were shared online at McCutcheon’s death, including by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.“We’ve lost a great Quebecer. Our country is a better, more inclusive place because of Laurent McCutcheon and his tireless work to advocate for LGBTQ2 rights and fight homophobia. We’ll miss you,” Trudeau wrote.Funeral details weren’t immediately available.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Meet the Next Big Things of the Baroness Von Sketch Show Did

first_img Facebook Advertisement Two years ago, just before the Baroness Von Sketch Show premiered on the Canadian broadcaster CBC, the series released its first sketch segment online, a preview of the series its four co-creators (the Baronesses) had spent the previous year developing. The reaction to “Locker Room,” which depicts a utopian gym locker room of body positivity for post-40-year-olds, was swift and overwhelmingly positive: The next day, Meredith MacNeill, one of the Baronesses, was taken aback by the comments rolling in, the friends tagging each other on Facebook.“As a person in comedy, once you’re creating, you have to put blinders on and just work on the thing you’re working on and not even look at the outside world,” Aurora Browne, a fellow Baroness, said recently. “All of the sudden, we came out of the creative hole and we were like, ‘Wait a minute…’” MacNeill added. The response confirmed they were onto something with their relatable, gently absurd humor—and for the four Baronesses, relatability is tantamount.Baroness Von Sketch Show, the Canadian sketch comedy series that was picked up by IFC earlier this year, is the collective brainchild of the comedians and actors MacNeill, Browne, Carolyn Taylor, and Jennifer Whalen. They were in the midst of pre-production for the series’ third season when we connected over the phone, just a week after it had debuted on IFC. (Frazzled by the process, MacNeill said she had just told a Virgin Mobile sales clerk, “Lots of love, bye!”) Photo by Gemma Warren for W Magazine. Login/Register With: Advertisementcenter_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment The four performers had observed a dearth of comedy they found relatable, and a deficit of jobs available to women actors beyond a certain age: “Women that I knew really hit a wall at 40, and it became harder to get jobs and harder to get seen,” Whalen said. “The frustrating thing is, you hit 40, and you’re like, ‘Oh, I actually have some things to say now. I have a worldview. I think I’m a more interesting person than I was at 25, but suddenly, I have nowhere to put this.’”READ MORE Twitter Advertisementlast_img read more

Standard of Living Improved for One-Third of Moroccan Households in 2017

Rabat – The index of household confidence (ICM) for the third quarter of 2017 stood at 85.5 points, instead of 85.8 points a quarter earlier, revealed the High Commission of Planning in a recent report. In the third quarter of 2017, 36.4 percent of households reported a decline in their standard of living over the last 12 months.Meanwhile, 30.4 percent of households saw that their standard of living remained stable, and 33.2 percent reported an improvement. Overall, the standard of living remained negative, at -3.1 points. Nevertheless, it has improved compared to the previous quarter of the same year, which recorded -8.1 points.Over the next 12 months, 24.1 percent of households expect a decline in standard of living, 41.3 percent foresee that it will remain in the same level, and 34.6 percent expect an improvement.In terms of employment, 73.6 percent of households expect a rise in unemployment over the next 12 months compared to13.7 percent in the third quarter of 2017.The balance of opinion thus remained negative, at -59.9 points, down from the previous quarter when it recorded -54.3 points.In the third quarter of 2017, 54.7 percent against 23.3 percent of households consider that the time is not appropriate to purchase durable goods.The balance of opinion for this indicator remained negative, falling to -31.5 points compared with -28.2 points in the previous quarter.During the same period, 63 percent of households estimate that their incomes cover their expenses, 29.8 percent say that they rely on debt, while only 7.2 percent say they save a part of their income.The balance of opinion to the current financial situation of households remained negative at -22.6 points, an improvement compared to the previous quarter when it was at -25.3 points.Speaking on the future of their financial situation over the next 12 months, 32.1 percent of households expect an improvement in their financial situation, 12.5 percent who do not.The balance of opinion remained positive at 19.6 points, down from the previous quarter when it was 22.1 points. read more

Africa, South-South at Heart of 6th Annual Casablanca Insurance Meeting

Casablanca – The 2019 Casablanca Insurance Rendezvous convened insurance professionals and government representatives on April 3-4 to discuss the new challenges and opportunities emerging in the age of a digitized global economy.As has become the unspoken norm for most high-profile forums in Morocco, the African continent was one of the major talking points at the sixth annual Casablanca Insurance Rendezvous, a meeting of global trailblazers in insurance and reinsurance.Exporting Moroccan expertiseThe Casablanca-held event has, in the space of five years, become a significant gathering of insurance and reinsurance experts, market risks practitioners, governments, and multinational companies driving the global insurance and reinsurance conversation. At this year’s event, over 1,000 representatives from more than 30 countries are meeting to discuss the new disruptions of the digital age in the field.Of the countries present at the gathering, more than 20 were from Africa, showcasing Morocco’s “genuine interest in playing a greater role in the much-needed Africa-Africa turn to rise to continental challenges,” according to Mohamed Hassan Bensalah, chairman of the Moroccan Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies (FMSAR).Squarely addressing the event’s theme, “The New Borders of Insurance,” Bensalah’s keynote speech spoke in effusive terms of the Moroccan reissuance market’s ability to face a relentlessly globalizing and digitizing world.Despite the number and the difficulty of the emerging challenges, he stressed, Morocco has invested in new infrastructures that have “boosted its resilience and adaptability.”This optimism in the face of “emerging and intensifying known and unknown risks,” Bensalah explained, springs from the collaborative efforts which FMSAR and the Moroccan finance ministry have made recently to limit the damaging impacts of new risks.“As far as the Moroccan [insurance] market is concerned, we have intelligently worked with the Ministry of Finance to establish a protection mechanism against catastrophic events.”The “catastrophic events,” the FMSAR chair went on to explain, include natural disasters and systemic fluctuations within national and international markets. The goal of the collaboration with the ministry is to create more appropriate conditions for insurance in Morocco.The vision is to enable Morocco to protect Moroccans from market shocks and fluctuations, while also exporting its expertise internationally, especially to fellow African countries with similar challenges but fewer resources.Other participants, including panelists and speakers, nodded at Bensalah’s observations, despite the wide-ranging perspectives from which they looked at the conference’s theme. Some mentioned geographic, economic, geopolitical, structural, and climatic risks as the “new delimitations of the coming frontiers of insurability.”Expanding insurabilityMorocco’s economy minister Mohamed Benchaaboun, who was also a keynote speaker on the inaugural day, echoed Bensalah’s sentiments. Benchaaboun spoke about Morocco’s efforts to meet the needs of less fortunate Moroccans with insurance and reinsurance coverage.“Faced with new and more complex risks,” Benchaaboun said, Morocco has worked on “improving its creativity and adaptability” to “expand the borders of insurability” in Morocco.In doing so, Morocco is striving to further improve its investment markets and “fully enter into the digital age.”The goal of such an effective entry in the age of digitization, Benchaaboun suggested, is to ensure the success of a planned policy of “inclusive insurance” by including children, women, and rural Morocco in the country’s new insurance equation.At the same time, the minister argued, in line with its continental leadership, Morocco seeks to exploit “Africa’s double economic and demographic dynamics” to bring insurability to a new level in the continent.The minister called for the “moralization” of public actions, saying that Morocco wants to keep investing in expanding continental cooperation and solidarity.The objective of such continental actions, he suggested, would be to realize “financial inclusion” by sustaining profitability in Morocco and expanding the country’s presence in as many African insurance markets as possible.Mali, guest of honorBeyond panels and keynote speeches that highlighted the critical importance of continental solidarity for Morocco’s emerging vision of South-South actions, the empathic presence of a delegation from Mali was one of the culminating points of the event’s first day.The West African country is the 2019 event’s guest country.FMSAR’s Bensalah and CCAM’s N’doye after signing the technical cooperation agreement convention.Moroccan insurance companies expect to strengthen collaboration with Mali. The cooperation seeks to “limit the risks and maximize the opportunities” of the new disruptive digital age of new insurance-related technologies.In his keynote speech, Oumar N’doye, chairman of the Insurance Companies Committees of Mali (CCAM), reiterated his country’s gratitude to Morocco, which he said has been an important partner over the past 5-10 years.“Morocco’s presence in Mali in various sectors is a statement to the strong friendship and quasi-parental ties binding our two countries,” N’doye said. He added that bolstering Morocco-Mali relations is part of the “imperative South-South cooperation to dare cross the new frontiers of insurability.”The inaugural ceremony’s plenary session ended with a signature of agreement framework between Morocco’s FMSAR and Mali’s CCAM. The agreement is a convention of technical cooperation to “make South-South more fruitful,” according to FMSAR’s Hassan Bensalah.“For us, cooperating with the rest of Africa is not a desire; it is a priority,” he said. read more

UNbacked events to celebrate bird migration and highlight conservation

7 May 2010Thousands of people in more than 40 countries across the globe will this weekend participate in United Nations-backed events organized to celebrate the beauty of bird migration and draw attention to the threat of extinction that some species of migratory birds face as a result of human activity. Events to mark World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) on Saturday and Sunday will include bird festivals, educational programmes, presentations and bird-watching trips organized by hundreds of groups and organizations around the world.An international photo competition on the world’s most threatened birds is also part of this year’s WMBD, a global initiative organized by the Secretariats of the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) and the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) – two international wildlife treaties administered by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).“The threat of extinction faced by individual bird species is a reflection of the larger extinction crisis threatening other species and the natural diversity that underpins all life on Earth,” said Bert Lenten, AEWA’s Executive Secretary and initiator of the World Migratory Bird Day campaign.“By focusing on migratory birds in crisis during the International Year of Biodiversity, World Migratory Bird Day 2010 is highlighting the role played by birds as indicators, enabling us to see the negative effects our current way of life is having on the planet and its biodiversity,” Mr. Lenten added.An estimated 1,227 or 12.4 per cent of the total 9,865 extant bird species in the world are classified as globally threatened, and 192 of these are considered critically endangered.Nineteen per cent of all known birds are considered to be migratory, of which 11 per cent are globally threatened or near threatened, and 31 are classified as critically endangered, according to BirdLife International.“World Migratory Bird Day is an opportunity to draw international attention to migratory birds around a central theme each year. The focus on the most threatened migratory birds in 2010 acts as yet another reminder to governments that more needs to be done internationally to conserve these species across their migratory ranges,” said CMS’s Executive Secretary, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema.The theme of this year’s WMBD is “Save migratory birds in crisis – every species counts.”Some prominent examples of migratory birds in crisis include the slender-billed curlew, the northern bald ibis, the sociable lapwing, the waved albatross and the orange-bellied parrot – all of which are migratory and listed as critically endangered.The birds face a range of mainly human-driven threats, of which agriculture and invasive alien species are the most important. Hunting and trapping, logging, urbanization, pollution and fisheries are also significant threats, with climate change increasingly becoming a factor. read more

Modi accused of failing in foreign policy towards Sri Lanka

“The new Government in Nepal is not tilted towards India, China’s involvement in Sri Lanka is a matter of concern for India, Maldives signed a free-trade agreement with China without informing India, in Doklam China has set up permanent structures,” he said, adding that India “has been isolated because of the wrong policies of the Modi Government,” IANS quoted Tewari as saying. (Colombo Gazette) India’s Congress party says the Narendra Modi Government has failed in its foreign policy towards Sri Lanka.Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said that China’s involvement in Sri Lanka is a matter of concern for India. read more

Dayasiri likely to be appointed as SLFP General Secretary

While most members of the group of 16 have been attending party meetings of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) headed by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Jayasekera has been a notable absentee at some of those meetings. The SLFP made several changes to key positions in the party last month including by appointing an acting General Secretary. Former Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera is likely to be appointed as the new General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).Jayasekera was among the group of 16 SLFP members who quit the Government and sat with the opposition in Parliament. Professor Rohana Lakshman Piyadasa was appointed as the acting General Secretary of the party while former General Secretary Duminda Dissanayake was appointed as the SLFP’s National Organiser.Report by Ashanthi Warunasuriya read more

Syria UN agencies deliver critical food aid medicines to families trapped in

According to the UN World Food Programme (WFP), on Monday night, a humanitarian convoy of 49 trucks, 41 of which carried food items, reached Eastern Ghouta in rural Damascus, one of the four de-escalated areas where almost 95 per cent of Syria’s besieged population lives. Each food ration, containing rice, bulgur wheat, vegetable oil, flour, lentils, peas, salt and sugar, aims to provide 40,000 people in Kafr Batna and Saqba areas for one month. Specialized nutrition supplies have also delivered to about 13,000 children, especially those under five years old for preventing and curing acute malnutrition. There are 420,000 people living in 10 besieged areas in Syria, with the vast majority in Eastern Ghouta and facing severe problems to receive enough food. WFP said that the only entry point to the besieged enclave, the Al-Wafideen checkpoint, was fully closed, which caused less humanitarian access and doubled food price in the area. Meanwhile, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) sent six trucks of humanitarian supplies as part of the convoy. The agency’s trucks included health supplies like oral rehydration solutions, medicines for children, vitamins, midwifery and pediatric kits. Hygiene kits, nutrition supplements and high energy biscuits were also including in the delivery. The deterioration of the humanitarian situation in East Ghouta is jeopardizing the health status of boys, girls and mothers. Fran Equiza, the UNICEF Representative in Syria, who participated in the convoy said: “Children and mothers are hit hardest by the dire living conditions in the besieged towns of East Ghouta.” read more

Geek Answers Why is all life carbonbased

first_imgIf you read any amount of science fiction, you’ll probably come up against the idea of alien life based on some element other than carbon. Almost universally, this element is silicon, but some writers have gone further afield in imagining totally novel forms of life — for instance, Carl Sagan once imagined life forms that could evolve and thrive in the gaseous sea that is Jupiter (aside from its core). Still, why do most writers consistently turn to silicon as the most likely carbon substitute? And why is carbon the basis of all life currently known?Basically, the answer is that life is complex, and more to the point that it must be complex. You can’t create an organism capable of regulating its internal state, of moving, eating and excreting, and of replicating itself to create offspring, without a wide variety of molecules. You’re going to need a central building block that can support complex branched structures while remaining strong — but not so strong that you can’t easily rearrange the whole thing later. There’s also the fact that carbon happens to be an abundant element on Earth, one available to early replicators, but for the most part we are carbon-based because carbon makes a good backbone.Probably not how silicon based life would actually look.The reason carbon has this property is somewhat complicated but can be boiled down to this: when bonding with other atoms due to its natural chemical properties, carbon will form four bonds. There are only a few elements that can do this naturally. Oxygen, for instance, will naturally form two bonds (think H2O). The four-bond structure allows a wide variety of possible chains with branches that have branches that have branches. When a bonding slot is unwanted, the carbon-hydrogen bond that usually fills the gap isn’t very reactive, so it won’t interfere with whatever else might be going on in the area.Consider the periodic table of elements, which is arranged so that elements with the same number of bonding slots (in parlance, the same number of “valence electrons”) will lie in vertical columns. This means that if you find carbon (element #6) and look directly below it, you’ll find the next most logical element to form the backbone of a living system — and ‘lo, we find silicon. This is why science fiction tends toward postulating silicon-based life: it shares the main virtue that brought carbon to power here on Earth.Looking further down the list brings us to less used elements like Germanium and Tin — these heavy elements are large and unwieldy, forming weaker bonds than their higher vertical neighbors because they hold other atoms a greater distance from their nucleus. Within the class of elements that can form complex molecules, carbon has helpful chemical properties for making and breaking chemical bonds. We already know of several thousand species that use silicon extensively in their overall biology — but none of them use silicon in DNA, so they are still considered to be carbon-based. Carbon forms strong double and triple bonds, not just allowing the branched structure of DNA but protecting that structure with strong chemical properties.The fact is that life probably could technically arise from a wide variety of molecules, but carbon seems to be by far the most likely. A species based on silicon might be funneled down roughly similar evolutionary paths as a carbon-based one, but something based on, say, phosphorus could turn out totally unrecognizable. Everything from its physical structure to its method of genetic inheritance would have to be wildly different. When imagining alien species, the most outlandish concepts would start not from a different environment, but from an totally different sort of chemistry.last_img read more

Greek scientist leads interstellar travel project

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Inspired by the mythology of his homeland, Greek scientist Andreas Tziolas is heading Project Icarus, a theoretical engineering study launched in 2009 by the British Interplanetary Society (BIS) and the Tau Zero Foundation (TZF) with the purpose of designing an interstellar spacecraft. It is now managed by the same people under the umbrella of the non-profit organization Icarus Interstellar and is a continuation of the work carried out by the BIS Project Daedalus, a similar study that was conducted between 1973 and 1978 by the BIS. Tziolas, a former research fellow at NASA who holds a PhD in Gravitation and Cosmology from Baylor University, worked for NASA on the Hubble Space Telescope and the Galileo Mission to Jupiter, as well as on the Mars Pathfinder and the Mars Polar Lander. He currently teaches at the University of Anchorage in Alaska, where he also works as the chief scientist for Variance Dynamical, an electronics prototyping company. “At Project Icarus we keep adding new reasons and new motivations for going interstellar, as we call it. First is obviously the survival of humankind. If humanity is capable of achieving interstellar flight but does not pursue it, does not pursue a program of seeding other planets and other solar systems, then really we risk receiving a Darwin Award as a civilization. If you can save yourself, but you don’t, for whatever reason – how can you justify that?,” Tziolas told The Atlantic’s Ross Andersen in a recent interview. “In order to achieve interstellar flight, you would have to develop very clean and renewable energy technologies, because for the crew, the ecosystem that you launch with is the ecosystem you’re going to have for at least a hundred years. With our current projections, we can’t get this kind of journey under a hundred years. So in developing the technologies that enable interstellar flight, you could serendipitously develop the technologies that could help clean up the earth, and power it with cheap energy,” Tziolas added. According to reports, Project Icarus may be in for a $500,000 cash injection in grant form from the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is said to be interested in grating the purse to the foundation set up by space traveller Dorothy Jemison, who will reportedly be teaming up with Icarus Interstellar. Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Freebox Revolution les services de catch up bloqués par TF1 et M6

first_imgFreebox Revolution : les services de “catch up” bloqués par TF1 et M6Selon un journaliste de l’Express, les chaînes françaises privées, TF1 et M6, ont l’intention de bloquer l’accès à leurs services de “catch up” de programmes sur la Freebox Revolution.A l’instar de plusieurs chaînes de télévision américaines (ABC, CBS ou encore NBC) qui s’inquiètent de voir de nouveaux contenus web s’afficher pendant leurs programmes sans leur accord grâce aux TV connectées, TF1 et M6 réagissent à l’arrivée de la Freebox Revolution, qui intègre un navigateur Internet.La nouvelle box de Free, livrée depuis hier aux nouveaux abonnés, permet ainsi de surfer sur la Toile. Il est donc possible pour les télespectateurs de voir les programmes à la demande en passant par les sites de TF1 et M6, explique Emmanuel Paquette, journaliste pour l’Express, sur son blog. Pour autant, minimise l’impact de la présence du navigateur sur le boîtier : “Les services de rattrapage de TF1 et M6 sur le web utilisent la technologie Flash, que le navigateur de la Freebox ne supportera pas, du moins à ses débuts”. Pour le site, cela ne devrait donc rien changer pour les chaînes, dans l’immédiat.Ce système effraie néanmoins TF1 et M6 qui souhaitent quand même bloquer cet accès à la Freebox Revolution. Le journaliste y voit un signal clair destiné à Google et ses TV connectées, qui doivent débarquer en Europe cette année. Il s’agit d’une plateforme logicielle animée par Android 2.1 et intègrant le navigateur Chrome. Elle est également dotée d’un moteur de recherche qui permet à l’internaute/télespectateur de retrouver des contenus sur la Toile, mais aussi dans les programmes TV des chaînes. Outre-Atlantique, les networks craignent de voir la diffusion depuis Google TV provoquer une cannibalisation de leur activité.Le 6 janvier 2011 à 16:39 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Découverte dune nouvelle galaxie en forme de rectangle

first_imgDécouverte d’une nouvelle galaxie en forme… de rectangleUne équipe internationale d’astronomes a récemment découvert la première galaxie en forme de rectangle. L’insolite nébuleuse, baptisée LEDA 074886 ressemble étonnamment à une émeraude taillée. Voilà une découverte pour le moins surprenante ! En scrutant la constellation de l’Eridan située à 700 millions d’années-lumière de la Terre, des chercheurs en astronomie ont identifié une galaxie très particulière puisqu’il s’agit de la première à être de forme rectangulaire. Baptisée LEDA 074886, la petite nébuleuse se situe aux abords d’une galaxie massive plus connue sous le nom de NGC1407. Elle a été identifiée à l’aide du télescope japonais Subaru situé à Hawaï.À lire aussiLe grand “boom” entendu par les New-Yorkais proviendrait d’une météoriteLa découverte est le fruit d’un programme de recherche indépendant mené au sein de l’Université de technologie Swinburne à Melbourne, en Australie. Alister Graham, principal auteur de l’étude, souligne dans un communiqué : “Cette galaxie fait partie de ces objets qui vous donne le sourire, car elle ne devrait pas exister, ou plutôt, on ne pensait même pas qu’elle puisse réellement exister. C’est un peu comme la précarité de la Tour de Pise ou la découverte de certaines nouvelles espèces exotiques qui, à première vue, semblent défier les lois de la nature”. La forme rectangulaire résulterait de la prise de vueLes connaissances actuelles distinguent dans l’univers trois formes de galaxies : les elliptiques, les spirales et les irrégulières. Jusqu’à présent, aucune forme rectangulaire n’avait été observée. Dans une publication parue récemment dans l’Astrophysical Journal, les chercheurs restent sceptiques quand à l’apparence de LEDA 074886. Selon eux, la galaxie en forme d’émeraude pourrait tout simplement être un disque légèrement gonflé, comme un court cylindre, dont l’image aurait été prise selon une vue de côté. “Il est possible que LEDA 074886 se soit formée par la collision de deux galaxies spirales” explique Duncan Forbes, co-auteur de l’étude.Outre son apparence surprenante, due en partie au hasard de son orientation, la galaxie en forme de rectangle offre de grandes espérances aux astronomes. Sa découverte pourrait en effet leur permettre de récolter de nouvelles informations nécessaires à la modélisation d’autres galaxies. Le 21 mars 2012 à 11:52 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

The Gifted Season 2 Episode 12 Recap They Blew it All Up

first_img As we draw ever closer to the end of The Gifted’s second season, the Mutant Underground’s situation only feels more hopeless. This is how the season begins to make its way towards the finale: By blowing up both alliances and people. Yeah, this was an emotional episode, and nobody is in a great place by the end of it. Most of the action revolves around the big meeting. Evangeline is getting all the leaders of the Mutant Underground together to discuss a team-up to fight the Purifires and the Inner Circle. She wants the Morlocks in on it to because they’re going to need all the help they can get. Blink is the only one who isn’t sure about this plan, but the meeting is going down whether anyone likes it or not.Which is exactly the problem. Evangeline apparently wasn’t all that subtle when she rounded up the rest of the Mutant Underground leaders. Reeva Payge knew the meeting was going down, and already had a plan in place. Remember that top secret mission she recruited those assassins for? The one Polaris spent all of last episode trying to find out? Well, it takes her almost the length of this one too, meaning her warning comes in just too late. While the assassins remain cagey about what exactly they’re going to do, she appeals to the dude’s ego enough that he brags “we’re going to slay a dragon.” They plan to attack the meeting and kill Evangeline.Sean Teale, guest star Michael Luwoye and Blair Redford (Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/FOX.)Polaris delivers the news to Eclipse, who’s taken his branch of the Underground on a detour to pick up Erg. That detour probably saved their lives. Thunderbird drives as fast as he can to warn Evangeline, but it’s too late. They show up to a smoldering building and a whole lot of body bags. Erg peaces out immediately, and if losing all their allies wasn’t bad enough, there’s one more blow in store for Thunderbird. Blink realizes that he’s going to keep pushing himself no matter what, and fears that’s eventually going to get him killed. She decides she can’t watch him die, so she leaves the Underground completely to join the Morlocks. It’s a real rough day for everyone.It would have been real easy for this to feel like Blink’s actions come out of nowhere, but this episode did some work to make it land. In the second season, The Gifted’s become a lot better about incorporating the opening flashbacks in ways that matter. They don’t just set the tone of the episode, or let us know what character we’ll be focusing on. In this case, it let us know exactly why Blink would react this way to seeing the man she loves constantly run into potentially fatal situations. When she was a kid, she grew up in a foster home under a violent, abusive foster parent. One especially bad night, she made a portal for her and a friend to escape. But the friend wants to go back. She knows if they don’t, he’s just going to take out his rage on the other kids. She convinces young Blink to send her back inside the house, where her abuser kills her. That’s some heavy subject matter even for this show. It’s also totally understandable that Blink still carries that trauma with her. And why she isn’t keen on going through it again with her lover.Blair Redford and Jamie Chung (Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/FOX.)Really, everyone but Reed gets a really good, emotional story this week. Reed just freaks out over his grandparents’ music box and finds the Von Strucker letter that Lauren’s been translating. That’s it. You really wonder why they felt the need to spend screen time on it. Espcially when Lauren and Kate’s story is so entertaining. I know this is probably the thousandth time a couple characters have been sent off to gather information, but it leads to the episode’s one big action scene. Lauren and Kate go back to Kate’s brother to try and figure out the connection between the Inner Circle and Benedict Ryan. He’s a lawyer for the Department of Homeland Security. After he gets over the shock of seeing the sister he thought was dead, Lauren and Kate convince him to help.The next time they meet up with him though, he’s wearing a wire. Someone got to him. He has a change of heart, and shares what little he’s learned before Sentinel services shows up. All he was able to find out was that Benedict Ryan is the secret leader of the Purifiers. I mean, we already knew that, but the Underground didn’t, so that’s something. The bigger revelation comes when he tells them why he couldn’t find anything on Reeva Payge. As soon as he mentioned her name, he was in handcuffs. Hence the wire. Whatever Reeva and Ryan are planning, they’ve compromised multiple government agencies. That revelation made an already scary world much scarier. And that’s a feeling I’m glad to have as we gear up for the season finale. Also, that shootout with Sentinel Services was just cool. I’d watch a whole episode of Lauren energy-blading cars and Kate shooting at cops.Amy Acker, Natalie Alyn Lind and Stephen Moyer (Photo Credit: Annette Brown/FOX.)The Gifted is really moving now, and I only hope it maintains this momentum through the rest of the season. Not that that should be too difficult, considering there are only four episodes left. It kind of has to keep up this pace. Especially with Andy about to use the Frost sisters to try and control Lauren through their shared dreams. He spends most of this episode debating about whether or not he’s going to. He even seeks Polaris’ advice, who does everything she can to convince him it’s a bad idea. The Frost sisters get wind of that and Esme delivers an ominous warning in response. “With Reeva, you’re either with her or against her.” They deliver a much nicer-sounding version to Andy, who agrees to try it. We’ll have to see how that goes next week, but I’m going to guess she’s not going to take too kindly to Andy’s attempted brainwashing.This episode may have been kind of a downer, but this is the most excited I’ve been all season to see where all this goes. The Underground came out somehow even more desperate than they were before. For the first time, they’re truly alone. There’s a lot of potential in that premise. Meanwhile, I’m still interested in the mystery of what Reeva and Ryan were doing together under the bridge. I just hope we find out before too long.The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.Previously on The Gifted:The Gifted Season 2 Episode 11 RecapThe Gifted Season 2 Episode 10 RecapThe Gifted Season 2 Episode 9 Recap Stay on target ‘The Gifted’ S2 Finale Recap: Death, Destruction & Hope for Season 3’The Gifted’ Season 2, Ep 5 Recap: The Reunion We’ve Waited For last_img read more

Man in court over womens locker room incident

first_imgA 19-year-old man accused of entering the women’s locker room at Firstenburg Community Center and possibly pulling a towel off a woman who was changing appeared Thursday in Clark County Superior Court.Johnathan R. Hollis of Vancouver was in court on suspicion of second-degree burglary in connection with the April 22 incident. However, the prosecution said it’s possible additional charges will be filed. The Vancouver Police Department referred charges of voyeurism and third-degree theft.Police said the incident wasn’t reported until Monday.Within a 40-minute span, surveillance cameras captured a man, later identified as Hollis, repeatedly enter the women’s locker room at the center, 700 N.E. 136th Ave., according to an affidavit of probable cause included in court filings.The victim said that at about 3:30 p.m. she went into the locker room to change into swimwear when she noticed a man near the locker room doors. While disrobing, she saw movement near some mirrors and saw what she thought was a person with a cellphone stepping back into the shadows. She said it happened several times, the affidavit states.She returned to the locker room at about 4 p.m. to change out of her swimwear, she said, and was bent over with a towel draped around her waist when she felt her towel be yanked away. She looked and saw the same man running away with a cellphone in his hand, court records said. Surveillance cameras captured him running out the back, side door of the center, police said.last_img read more

Wests Wild words Stir Again Kanye Calls Slavery A Choice

first_img Share flickrKanye WestBefore the last one had a chance to simmer down, Kanye West caused another stir, calling American slavery a “choice” in an interview Tuesday.“When you hear about slavery for 400 years, for 400 years, that sounds like choice,” West said on “TMZ Live” after questions on his pro-President Donald Trump posts and pictures that caused a dust-up last week. “You was there for 400 years, and it’s all of y’all?”“Do you feel like I’m thinking free and feeling free?” West asked the TMZ employees in the room.“I actually don’t think you’re thinking anything,” TMZ’s Van Lathan quickly cracked back at West, as many would in the ensuing hours.Lathan said while West gets to live the elite artist’s life, “the rest of us in society have to deal with these threats in our lives. We have to deal with the marginalization that has come from the 400 years of slavery that you said for our people was our choice.”Symone D. Sanders, political commentator and CNN contributor, led the anti-West chorus on Twitter.“Kanye is a dangerous caricature of a ‘free-thinking’ black person in America,” Sanders tweeted. “Frankly, I am disgusted and I’m over it. Also (I can’t believe I have to say this): Slavery was far from a choice.”Others put it more briefly.“Slavery wasn’t a choice,” Russ Bengtson tweeted, “but listening to Kanye is.”West also told TMZ that he became addicted to opioids that doctors prescribed after he had liposuction surgery in 2016. He was hospitalized for a week and had to cut short his “Pablo” tour. West said the painkillers drove him to a “breakdown,” which became a “breakthrough” when he found himself again.West also doubled down on his love of the president, which Trump has been returning in tweets.“I just love Trump,” West said, adding that most in hip-hop agreed with him before Trump became president. “Trump is one of rap’s favorite people.”last_img read more

France Celebrates Soccer World Cup Triumph

first_imgLes Champs Élysées ! 😮😮😮#FRA #CM2018— Coupe du Monde 🏆 (@fifaworldcup_fr) July 15, 2018Although the country is still under a high terror threat, the heavy security has not dampened the festive spirit on the streets. Some news outlets also noted the diversity of the French team, which boasted a majority of first-generation French citizens, most of them of African heritage. In France, thousands of people from all walks of life have been thronging the streets, flooding iconic sites of Paris, from the Champs Elysees to the Place de la Republique. The World Cup victory has also fueled French patriotism, with people waving flags and singing “La Marseillaise.” Popular on Variety Jubilant French residents poured out in force on the streets Sunday in celebration of France’s World Cup triumph, which returned the champion’s trophy to France 20 years after its 1998 win.The French team, which beat Croatia by a score of 4-2, went into the tournament as an underdog but ramped up its game as play wore on. The unexpected nature of this World Cup victory boosted French people’s enthusiasm and fueled their emotional reaction to the outcome.French President Emmanuel Macron, who traveled to Russia to watch the final, seemed overcome with joy. He was photographed jumping and shouting in his viewing box, which prompted comments on social media that he might expect his popularity, which has taken a hit recently, to rise, as did Jacques Chirac’s in 1998. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more

Youll Stay Firmly Planted And Scared in the World the Poser Team

first_imgThe comics world has been shaking up lately. Higher-ups in companies moving on, new people taking over, and new publishers popping up. The latest comics publisher to enter the fray is Waxwork Comics. While they may be fairly new to comics, they have a long history of putting out premium horror soundtracks under Waxwork Records. If you haven’t guessed it yet, Waxwork Comics is going to focus on horror genre comics. The debut full-length story title, Poser, is out today with issue #1. I got a chance to check it out so I can tell you all how this new comics publisher is shaping up.Poser is a creator-owned slasher comic by music and horror comics veteran Matt Miner, artist Clay McCormack, colorist Doug Garbark, letterer Taylor Esposito, and Hannah Means-Shannon editing. The story takes place in Redondo Beach, CA where decades ago a man brutally murders some punks on the beach. A resulting alteration with those punks’ friends results in them dispatching the killer, but his body is never found. We cut to the present to the still vibrant punk scene in Redondo Beach where it seems that the killer is back, or perhaps a copycat killer. I’m going to start with the writing. Matt Miner approaches this story with a high level of authenticity. The man has clearly been a horror junky and a part of the punk scene for a long time. Reading Poser feels like you’re dealing with Freddy in the dream world; he’s a master of his domain. The beat of this issue plays out like the first twenty minutes of a slasher flick in a way that I’ve rarely seen the comics medium accomplish. It’s also filled with tender moments between characters, friends being dicks to each other, and all with real bands and real songs in the background to really suck you in. It’s so easy to get sucked out of a story when you see knock-off bands, songs, and posters. That is not a problem here. Clay McCormack is the perfect artist for this book. He has the slasher mood down pat and uses his inking skills to masterfully dictate the story. Combined with Doug Garbark on colors, the two set up a genuinely creepy mood right from the start with the flashback, then switch things up in the middle giving it a lighter tone as we get to know our principle characters before the darkness creeps back up in the story.Letterer Taylor Esposito brings his A game to this book as always. He seamlessly tackles the panels that get crammed with words here, which does pop up a few times, and he handles changing things up to show music playing, shouting, and other effects in a way that always enhances and never slows down the story. He’s pretty much this generation’s John Workman and elevates any book he’s attached to.What’s really most important about this comic is it honestly feels like a legit slasher film in comic form. What helps add to that is each copy comes with a 7” EP soundtrack by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust. While only the first issue is out, I’m already hoping this book gets optioned. Though I will say, my biggest critique is that there was no reference to the Patti Smith song “Redondo Beach.” I mean, the story is begging for it!I can’t recommend Poser enough. It’s everything a horror comic should be. I’ve been reading Matt Miner’s writing for years and this is easily one of the best comics he’s put out. If you’re a fan of slashers, you don’t want to miss this. Poser #1 is available to order March 9th through Waxwork Comics. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Why the TSA Now Wants You to Turn On Your Cell Phone

first_img After U.S. intelligence officials discovered earlier this year that al Qaeda was fashioning new bomb varieties, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced today that some travelers flying to America from overseas will have to power up their phones prior to takeoff.“During the security examination, officers may ask that owners power up some devices, including cell phones,” the TSA said in a press release. “Powerless devices will not be permitted onboard the aircraft.”While travelers may be familiar with shuttering their phones prior to takeoff, this new measure aims to thwart bombs potentially concealed within electronic devices, reports ABC News.Related: British Airways Testing ‘Happiness Blanket’ to Make First-Class More ComfortableIt is unclear which airports overseas will be impacted by the new processes.Sources told ABC that officials are taking precautions against Syrian terrorist groups working alongside al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen. The fear is that terrorists might ultimately corroborate with “one of the thousands of Americans and other foreign fighters carrying U.S. and European passports” in order to carry out an attack, the outlet reports.“Aviation security includes a number of measures, both seen and unseen, informed by an evolving environment,” stated U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson in an announcement preceding the enhanced security procedures.Related: Surprising Tricks: How to Sleep on a Plane 2 min read Listen Now July 7, 2014center_img Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. How Success Happenslast_img read more