4000 Argentinians watched the Experts

Argentina handball ← Previous Story Daniel Chernov has to leave Ademar Leon Next Story → The RNL Manager criticizes Nielsen The best national handball team ever, France are visiting Argentina, where Onesta’s boys playing two friendly matches with the biggest surprise of the WC 2011 in Sweden, home NT. In the first match in front of 4.000 spectator, France won 35:30, even they lost first half time – 16:14.

Velux EHF CL TOP 16 begins First battle in Plock

Velux EHF Champions League TOP 26 begins tonight with the openning match between Polish champion, Wisla Plock and German THW Kiel. Huge advantage is on German side, but it will be interesting to see how much can offer experienced players of Polish team.Today:20.00 Wisla Plock – KielThursday19.30 Kadetten Schaffhausen – Atletico MadridSaturday17.00 Reale Ademar Leon – VeszpremSunday16.00 Füchse Berlin – Hamburg16.30 Sävehof – Kobenhavn17.00 Montpellier – Barcelona17.00 Metalurg – Zagreb20.30 Vive Targi Kielce – Cimos Koper THW KielVelux EHF Champions LeagueWisla Plock ← Previous Story Women’s Eurocups (Draw, 1/2 finals): FTC against Volgograd! Next Story → Kiel Express to the Velux EHF CL TOP 8! read more

VIDEO Alilovics fingers for big celebration in Veszprem

VELUX EHF CL Round 2 derby match was played in Hungarian Veszprem, where domestic team beat Rhein Neckar Lowen 30:29. The winner was decided in the last seconds of the clash, when Andy Schmidt didn’t score against Mirko Alilovic. Croatian goalkeeper hooked the ball with his fingers before she hit the post. That was the beginning of big celebration in “Veszprem Arena”… EHFMirko Alilović ← Previous Story Hungarians win EHF CL derby: Veszprem beat RNL! Next Story → EHF TV: VELUX EHF CL Round 2 “BEST 7” read more

Kiel beat PSG for TOP spot – RK Metalurg celebrate last second

4. HC Prvo plinarsko drustvo …5203111:117(-6)4 6. HC Metalurg6105146:175(-29)2 1. THW Kiel6501186:164(22)10 3. Naturhouse La Rioja6303177:174(3)6 la riojaTHW Kiel 4. HC Meshkov Brest5203137:139(-2)4 2. Paris Saint-Germain Handba…6402169:157(12)8 THW Kiel are on the way to secure the TOP spot in the EHF Champions League Group A. German champions beat, once again, PSG Handball 32:29 in the derby match of the Group, only six days after the triumph in France. Guests, led by former „Zebra“ Thierry Omeyer, showed fighting spirit in sold-out Sparkassen Arena, where 10.250 cheered for their idols in „white-black“ t-shirts, but that wasn’t enough for the revenge.Canellas (9), Vujin (8) and fantastic Duvnjak in attack, but more in defense, put their team in the leading role during the most of the match. The finish was only a chance for THW fans to stand on their feet and make a noise…In the second match of the Group A, RK Metalurg took the first two points by last second goal of Naumce Mojsovski (11 in total) over Spanish side La Rioja 29:28. Macedonians have been goal down 90 seconds before the final whistle, but two saves of Nikola Mitrevski have turnover whole story to one with happy end…STANDINGS: ← Previous Story Ortega: Mikler was the difference Next Story → VIDEO: New face of Jeffrey M’tima read more

PSG Handball beat Zagreb in front of 15200 fans

4. THW Kiel10514284:271(13)11 6. Orlen Wisla Plock10325275:286(-11)8 8. Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu10109264:334(-70)2 3. MVM Veszprém10712281:252(29)15 ← Previous Story Easter Handball Party – Koper Handball Cup! Next Story → THW Kiel beat Gummersbach in 2016 opener 1. Paris Saint-Germain Handba…11902340:307(33)18 5. HC Prvo plinarsko drustvo …11416280:286(-6)9 2. SG Flensburg-Handewitt10802302:263(39)16 7. RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko10118262:289(-27)3 EHF Champions Leagueppd zagrebPSG Handball PSG Handball going strong for the first place in EHF Champions League Preliminary Group which lead straight to the quarter-final. The French champions beat PPD Zagreb 25:23 (15:10) in front of 15.200 fans at “Arena Zagreb”. Mikkel Hansen netted seven goals for the winners, while Thierry Omeyer had a good first period with 12 saves in total. The Croatian champions managed to come-back in the match led by inspired Ivan Stevanovic (13 saves) between the posts, but that wasn’t enough for a complete turnover…PPD ZAGREB – PSG 23:25 (10:15)PPD ZAGREB: Ivić (7 saves, 1.p), Stevanović (13 saves, 2.p); Vujić 2, Kontrec 1, Šebetić 4, Marković, Raković, Horvat 4 (2), Šušnja, J. Valčić 1, T. Valčić, Mandalinić 5, Obranović 2, Markovski, Kovačević, Pavlović 4; coach: Veselin VujovićPSG: Omeyer (12 saves), Annonay; Melić 1 (1), Molgaard 1, Vori 3, Kounkoud 1, Gunnarsson, Abalo 3, L. Karabatić 1, Hansen 7 (3), Narcisse 3, Onufriyenko, Honrubia 2, N. Karabatić 3; coach: Zvonimir SerdarušićRESULT:3:0 (6′), 3:4 (12′), 5:6 (14′), 6:9 (19′), 6:11 (22′), 8:13 (26′), 10:15 (30′), 13:17 (37′), 15:21 (42′), 17:23 (49′), 19:24 (52′), 21:24 (54′), 21:25 (59′), 23:25 (60′)Man of the Match: Mikkel HansenSTANDINGS: read more

DEFEATED AGAIN MT Melsungen beat THW Kiel

THW Kiel struggling to find a form at the start of the season. The DKB Bundesliga title is in danger after only four matches in which “Zebras” suffered two defeats! After Hannover at home, MT Melsungen took scalp of Alfred Gislason team in Kassel – 29:25 (15:10).Domestic team were pushed forward with amazing saves of their goalkeeper Nebojsa Simic (14 saves).Michael Allendorf netted seven goals for the winners.Niclas Ekberg scored six for Kiel. ← Previous Story Celje PL conquer Tatran’s fortress – Powerful RK Vardar smash Meshkov Brest Next Story → Vipers and Thuringer HC reach Women’s EHF Champions League 2017/18 read more

Central Bank fines Citibank €550000 for inaccurate liquidity reporting

first_imgCITIBANK IS TO pay a monetary penalty of €550,000 to the Central Bank for failing to ensure the accuracy of its reporting.The settlement was reached after the regulator found the financial institution to be in breach of five rules related to liquidity reporting between January 2009 and July 2012.The bank was found to have failed to apply haircuts (discounts on cash-flows) to retail and corporate deposits to reflect the perceived risk associated with holding such deposits before including them in liquidity returns.Director of Enforcement Derville Rowland said the settlement is the fourth to be completed by the Central Bank in the past four years.The high penalty imposed reflects the importance placed on compliance with regulatory reporting obligations, according to the Central Bank.“The failure by regulated financial services providers to ensure the accuracy of regulatory reporting to the Central Bank undermines the ability of the Central Bank to supervise such institutions and is viewed as a serious matter,” Rowland said in a statement.The Central Bank noted that the bank’s liquidity position remained in excess of required rations at all times. The firm also noticed the contraventions itself and made the Central Bank aware. It has also taken the necessary remedial steps to rectify the internal issues.Read: Former Anglo loans worth €2.5bn to be sold as part of ‘Project Evergreen’More: Iceland jails bank officials for Kaupthing fraudlast_img read more

Company in business over 75 years to close with 47 job losses

first_imgTHE WEXFORD BASED company Irish Driver-Harris is to close its doors after 75 years in business, resulting in 47 people losing their jobs.The company manufactures electric cables in New Ross, supplying the construction industry around the world.Worldwide suppliersIrish Driver-Harris supplied cable in Ireland, UK, Northern and Central Europe, Middle East, Far East and North America and has supplied cable to various high profile landmarks all over the world, such as the Titanic Quarter in Belfast.Some workers have been working with the company for more than 40 years. It is believed that unions representing some of the employees are due to meet today to discuss the situation.Read: The Liberties chosen as site for new €10 million whiskey distillery>Read: More jobs for Cork as digital research firm opens European HQ>last_img read more

Guilty burglar repays stolen money after 30 years with interest

first_imgAnyways, I did a very bad thing that I am shamed of and have lived with this guilt. I can’t begin to say how sorry iam but have lived with this guilt too long. If you do find him, please tell him that I was afoolish stupid man when I did that and iam sorrie. A GUILTY THIEF who stole $800 from a supermarket three decades ago has repaid the money, plus some interest.The anonymous burglar sent a note and $1,200 in $100 bills to the sheriff’s department in Hastings, Michigan, WOOD-TV reported.The writer admitted breaking into a local store, the Middle Mart, about 30 years ago.In a letter packed with emotion and spelling errors, the writer asks for “help in locating a man” to whom he owes the money. He wrote: The letter was unsigned and had no return address.The $1,200, while it includes some interest, falls short of making up for the loss in the dollar’s purchasing power over the intervening years. The stolen $800 would be worth about $1,800 today, based on changes in the consumer price index.WOOD-TV said the former owner of the store, now called Greg’s Get-N-Go, confirmed it was broken into in the 1980s. The store was sold in 1988.Undersheriff Bob Baker said the letter and cash came as quite a surprise.“This doesn’t happen every day,” Baker said. He said the department isn’t interested in reopening the case because of the time that has passed.PIC: Amazing note from a dad to his gay son>Marriage Proposal Billboard of the Day>last_img read more

VIDEO News anchor reads own marriage proposal on her autocue

first_imghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpVPLO_KtRMYouTube/deersciNEWS ANCHOR JILLIAN Pavlica was having a perfectly normal day. Until her producer told her a breaking story was coming in on the Huntsville, Alabama broadcast.She was instructed to just read off the autocue, verbatim.Here’s what happened next…VIDEO: The best wedding flower girl of all time, ever>Weatherman falls for name prank live on air… and loses it>last_img

Twitter is 7 heres why we love and loathe it

first_imgCharmerMindblowingWe love… very Irish Twitter accounts@IrishMammies@YourRTEGuide @AmyHuberman We loathe… pitchfork mobsTake the case of Irish footballer Darren Gibson who left Twitter after just two hours following a stream of abuse.We love… pictures of puppies, kittens and other squee-tastic animalsWe loathe.. selfies. Unless they also feature a kitten/puppy/pet of some descriptionThis is ok:This is not ok:We love… trending topicsLike this week’s St. Patrick’s Day inspired #TractorPorn:We loathe… the Bieber/One Direction vigilantesWe love…. celebs on TwitterLike William Shatner:We Loathe… those cryptic tweets about “some people” with the #Can’tSayMuchMoreHere hastagsThis one incorporates being cryptic AND #JustSayingThere’s even a parody account devoted to it:What do you love or loathe about Twitter? Let us know in the comments section below…8 celebrities who are surprisingly excellent on Twitter>This could only happen on Irish Twitter> We loathe… #JustSayingPutting the #JustSaying hashtag on the end of a tweet doesn’t mean you can say whatever nonsense you wantSimilarly #EndOf and #FACT.So beautiful We loathe… racism and hatredIn January a man was arrested after racist abuse was directed at a Newcastle United Player, also in January a French court ruled that Twitter must identify the authors of racist and anti-Semitic tweets.When Barack Obama was re-elected the racist tweets went into overdrive, while in July 2012 a teenager was arrested after sending a tweet to British diver Tom Daly, telling him he had let down his late father.Lewis Stickley/EMPICS SportWe love… Telly via TwitterWatching telly with your phone, tablet or laptop by your side has almost become secondary activity after the tweets themselves.#LoveHate became a national obsession, while you can pretty much follow #VinB without having to watch the programme itself.#Oscars2013 were watched and tweeted around the world, and will we every forget the grief that f0llowed THAT episode of #DowntonAbbey?center_img TWITTER FOUNDER JACK Dorsey’s first tweet seven years ago wasn’t exactly earth shattering .He wrote:just setting up my twttrMy how things have changed.Twitter has become a force for change in the world, the means by which breaking news spreads, a business tool, a way to make friends, a dating site, and so much more.So what are some of the things we love and loathe about Twitter, seven years on?We love… the part it plays in disseminating information, gathering opinions and acting an agent for change.The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Iran’s Twitter revolution, news of the Japanese Tsunami, the Anders Bering Breivik attacks.The cinema shootings in Aurora, the US presidential election, along with more localised opinions on the likes of #Budget2013 and #PromNight make Twitter an essential information source.A Syrian man uses his mobile phone to capture a child using a megaphone to lead others in chanting Free Syrian Army slogans (AP Photo/Andoni Lubaki)last_img read more

VIDEO How Googles offices looked back in 1999

first_imghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRpsIsfOhAIYouTube/XooglersBACK IN 1999, a Google employee took his two sons to the office and let them try everything out… while filming what they saw.Here is the ten-minute documentary (sort of) that resulted. Free pizza! Air hockey! Giant inflatable balls! The Google offices in 1999 were a little boys’ PARADISE.Also, look at how ropey the Google logo was back then:VIDEO: This man’s nearly-naked dance wins the internet>VIDEO: The most awful ways you could be woken up tonight>last_img read more

Antiracism hotline needed to make sure complaints are taken seriously

first_imgShe said the PSNI’s figures again raise questions about the systems in place in the South.Originally published 8.24amRead: Local election candidate born in Turkey has posters defaced with pig imagery for a second time > Updated 9.11amA HOTLINE TO allow members of the public to report incidents of racism is needed to “reassure victims” that gardaí will take complaints seriously, the Immigrant Council of Ireland has said.The call for one to be set up by gardaí comes after the latest hate crime figures from the PSNI continue to show a discrepancy in the number of incidents of racism reported north and south of the border.In 2009, 1038 incidents were recorded the PSNI, compared to 128 by Gardaí.Racism incidents were up 232 to 981 last year in Northern Ireland.The Immigrant Council of Ireland’s own reporting system recorded 144 incidents last year, with another 103 since the start of this year.“We have lagged behind Northern Ireland in tackling racism for too long,” Chief Executive Denise Charlton said, noting that both a hotline and an online system to report these crimes is offered by the PSNI.It is not acceptable that victims are suffering in silence –often lying awake in bed at night fearing a brick through the window, graffiti or avoiding trips to the local shop because of the fear of abuse being shouted at them.last_img read more

Lunchtime Fix 6 things you need to know

first_imgWHAT’S THE STORY?1. ROLF Harris has been sentenced to five years and nine months in prison for 12 charges of indecent assault. A court has heard from his victims today about how their lives and childhood innocence were destroyed by the predator. Source: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire2. AN 18-month prison sentence was handed down to David Cameron’s former aide, Andy Coulson, for his participation in phone hacking when he was an editor at the News of the World.3. HILLARY Clinton said she “cares deeply” about Northern Ireland but is not going to comment on “internal Irish politics”. Her comments were made during an interesting interview with Seán O’Rourke on RTÉ One this morning. Clinton with Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness in 2009 Source: AP/Press Association Images4. A HORRIFIC incident in France to report today after a mother was arrested for stabbing her child’s teacher to death in front of her entire class. [Telegraph.co.uk] Source: Google Streetview5. IS the waiting killing you? Don’t worry, we’ll find out at about 3.30pm today who will be the new leader of the Labour party. Joan Burton says she has her “fingers still crossed”.6. YES, we’re still talking about Garth Brooks and his Croke Park gigs. Today, some of the residents indicated their wish for the cancelled concerts to be REINSTATED. Source: Killinkere GAA/PA picsRead the rest of the day’s news>The Briefcase: good news on the economy, a boom-time property market and the most hated family in Irelandlast_img read more

Man who honeymooned aboard Costa Concordia is helping to dismantle the ship

first_imgA MAN WHO spent his honeymoon on the Costa Concordia is now part of a team dismantling the cruise ship wreck, two and a half years after it was holed and sank off Italy, according to La Stampa daily.“I’ll do what I have to do. But I won’t be able to stop thinking about the cabin where we spent the best week of our lives,” Lorenzo Capizzi, who works for one of the companies called in to scrap the hulking ship in the northern Italian city of Genoa, told the daily.Capizzi and Laura Ponte celebrated their honeymoon on the luxurious liner – a floating city bigger than the Titanic with glitzy restaurants, swimming pools and casinos – five months before the ship hit rocks off the island of Giglio and capsized, killing 32 people.The cabin they used was above the waterline when the ship rolled and is likely to be in much better condition than other parts of the wrecked vessel. But Capizzi said he would still have to pluck up a lot of courage before walking in.“It’s impossible to remain objective. You can’t go into the cabins and walk along the corridors without thinking of the panic, the terror felt that night,” he said.Ponte says she does not want to know anything about the scrapping of the liner, which was righted, floated and on Sunday dragged into Genoa port at the close of the biggest salvage operation in the world.“It’s like losing a friend who you prefer to remember as dynamic and enthusiastic,” she said.“I kept all the souvenirs from that trip: a model of the ship, daily schedules, receipts, tickets, photos with Costa Concordia logos” – items eager collectors have already tried to snap up but Ponte is not selling.The couple remember joking during an emergency evacuation rehearsal on the first night of their cruise, which took them to Barcelona, Malta and Palermo.“It was as if it was impossible that anything could happen in the middle of all that luxury, that perfection, that atmosphere which made you want to never get off the ship ever again,” she said.- © AFP, 2014Read: Costa Concordia finally begins its journey to the scrapyard >last_img read more

Fancy a cuppa Dublin council are opening tearooms in a park near

first_imgDUBLIN CITY COUNCIL is opening a series of tearooms in parks around the city.The first in the series is officially opening today in Harold’s Cross Park and is being operated by Noshington Café.The council plans to provide tearooms in parks where there is a demand, with plans to open a new café in St. Patrick’s Park this autumn and in Herbert Park in spring 2015.Old spaces redesignedThe café in Harold’s Cross Park occupies a disused public toilet block which was originally constructed in 1943, which has been redesigned by Dublin City Council.Councillor Mary Freehill, said the new café is a great addition to the facilities in Harold’s Cross Park. “As it is very conveniently located near the playground I am sure that it will be a big hit for parents and guardians of children in particular. I congratulate Dublin City Council on their creative reimagining of a disused building and wish Noshington Café every success in operating it.”Noshington in Harold’s Cross Park will officially open today at 11.30am. Opening hours will be from 10am-6pm, Monday to Sunday during the summer and 7.30am-4.30pm during the winter.Read: Forget Grey, here’s the trailer for 50 Shades of Tay>Read: Here are the worst mistakes Irish people make when brewing a cup of tea>last_img read more

Rosetta spacecraft reaches comet its been chasing for ten years

first_img Source: ESA Operations/Twitter Updated 11.08 Source: ESAEUROPEAN SCIENTISTS WERE on tenterhooks this morning as they prepared for a historic rendezvous between a comet and a space probe after a 10-year, six billion-kilometre chase through the Solar System.The scout Rosetta finally arrived at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in deep space at around 10am GMT, and has become the first envoy of Man to orbit one of these wanderers of the Solar System, they said. The spacecraft’s final approach to the comet… Source: ESAIf all goes well, the mission in November will carry out the first landing on a comet. Rosetta will send a robot chemistry lab to the surface to delve into a theory that comets hold the key to understanding how our star system formed.Orbital entry was triggered at around 10am by a small firing of Rosetta’s thrusters, lasting just six minutes and 26 seconds. Orbit entry thruster burn programmed start 11:00:01CEST. Waiting telemetry confirmation #67P #Rosetta— ESA Operations (@esaoperations) August 6, 2014 The “pyramidal” orbits will put the craft at a height of about 100 kilometres above the comet, said Sylvain Lodiot, Rosetta’s flight operations manager. Each leg of the triangle will be around 100 kilometres and take Rosetta between three and four days to complete.This arrival marks a key moment of the boldest project ever undertaken by ESA – a 1.3-billion-euro investigation into one of enigmas of the Solar System.Comets are believed by astrophysicists to be ancient ice and dust left from the building of the Solar System around 4.6 billion years ago. This cosmic rubble is the oldest, least touched material in our stellar neighbourhood.Understanding its chemical ID and physical composition will give insights into how the planets coalesced after the Sun flared into light, it is hoped.It could also determine the fate of a theory called “pan-spermia,” which suggests comets, by smashing into the infant Earth, sowed our home with water and precious organic molecules, providing us with a kickstart for life.Navigational feat Getting there has been an unprecedented navigational exploit. Source: European Space Agency, ESA/YouTubeLaunched in March 2004, the three-tonne craft has had to make four flybys of Mars and Earth, using their gravitational force as a slingshot to build up speed.It then entered a 31-month hibernation as light from the distant Sun became too weak for its solar panels. That period ended in January with a wake-up call sent from Earth.The spacecraft is named after the famous stone, now in the British Museum, that explained Egyptian hieroglyphics, while its payload Philae is named after an obelisk that in turn helped decipher the Rosetta stone.The four-kilometre comet is named after two Ukrainian astronomers who first spotted it in 1969.- © AFP 2014 with additional reporting by Michelle Hennessy.Related: ‘World Cup final’ event as 6 billion km comet-chaser nears its target> First signal received upon @ESA_Rosetta ‘s arrival at #Comet #67P as seen in #ESOC’s Main Control Room pic.twitter.com/wIuO4mEKCT— ESA Operations (@esaoperations) August 6, 2014 “This burn will tip Rosetta into the first leg of a series of three-legged triangular paths about the comet,” the ESA said.For today, Rosetta will travel alongside the comet but will later start its orbits. Source: ESA Operations/Twitterlast_img read more

Windows 8 has a highend PC user interface called Wind

first_imgBefore the dust has even settled on Windows 7, Winrumours, via the Italian Windows8italia site, has discovered that Microsoft’s next-gen OS will be 32-bit and 64-bit with two separate interfaces. The main interface will be codenamed “Wind” and will initially only support high-end notebooks and desktop PCs with dedicated video cards with at least 170MB of video memory. Wind’s interface will only activate on 64-bit copies of Windows 8 and will be fully 3D compatible.The report also revealed that the OS will be dynamic meaning that it can adapt to user’s habits, so icons and shortcuts will adapt to what you are doing and help speed up operation of daily tasks. Additionally Window 8 will feature deep cloud integration and deploy a fast hibernation system which takes around three to six seconds to save all open documents and running tasks.Of course these are all rumors at the moment, but the speculation followed due to a recent release of one of NVIDIA’s Quadro 265 drivers which referenced a new kernel that mentions Windows 8:NVIDIA Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (64 bit) Display INF fileDiskID1 = NVIDIA Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (64 bit) Driver Library Installation Disk 1 NVIDIA_WIN8 = NVIDIA Next year should reveal more news on when the beta version of the operating system will appear, with our initial predictions of a 2012 release date for the finished product.Read more at Winrumourslast_img read more

Laser Etched Veggie Labels Feature Embedded Seeds

first_imgA new packaging design for vegetables has two major benefits: it reduces waste and encourages people to do some gardening themselves.Designed by a student named Ben Huttly from the United Kingdom, the packaging consists of 100 percent biodegradable twine to wrap the produce, combined with a similarly biodegradable tag. But there’s more to it than that. The tag is also laser etched in order to eliminate the use of inks and dyes and, even better, it has seeds embedded in it so that you can grow your own vegetables as well. You can literally plant the tag.AdChoices广告Of course, as cool as the idea is, and as important as growing your own food is, chances are most supermarkets wouldn’t go for packaging that inspires consumers to by less.Via GOODlast_img read more

Phil Schiller confirms white iPhone 4 release this spring

first_imgThe Apple new product release cycle points to an iPhone 5 appearing this summer in either June or July. With that in mind you wouldn’t expect a new iPhone 4 to appear in the coming months, but apparently that’s exactly what is going to happen.Talk of the white iPhone 4 has rumbled on for many months now. The original release window came and went with rumors of light leakage and other challenges with manufacturing the device making a release all but impossible.More recently there’s been new evidence of a spring launch for the white model on Apple shop signs clearly stating a release window. But surely Apple wouldn’t release a new iPhone so close to the expected iPhone 5 launch? Yes they would, and Phil Schiller has confirmed as much in a tweet.Phil was asked by a 16-year-old Apple fan when exactly he could get his hands on a white iPhone 4. Surprisingly Phil responded and told him:There’s no more certain a confirmation of the white iPhone 4 appearing for sale than Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing stating publicly it will arrive in the spring. Expect an official confirmation and AT&T and Verizon to start advertising it heavily in the next few weeks.Read more at Pocket-lintMatthew’s OpinionThere are a lot of people out there who want a new white iPhone, so I can see Apple’s thinking behind this. If they launch the white iPhone 4 in late March or early April they have a good 3 months of sales time before the iPhone 5 appears on the radar. That’s a lot of time to sell new phones from an existing manufacturing line and could push up sales well beyond what just offering the black iPhone 4 could achieve.For consumers wanting a white iPhone it’s a tempting proposition that they should probably resist. The iPhone 5 will most definitely launch with a white version if Apple has solved the manufacturing issues. If you buy a white iPhone 4 now you will have to sign up to a lengthy contract putting the white iPhone 5 out of reach. You may even miss out on it completely and be looking forward to an iPhone 6 by the time your contract expires.Of course, we see it from a technology point of view and always want the latest and greatest device. For some consumers it may just be a case of wanting a white iPhone and models and release dates mean little.last_img read more